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Lap times glitch

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by SevenDust19, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. SevenDust19

    SevenDust19 Rookie

    So a few weeks ago I bought Assetto Corsa for the PS4. As I'm still a newbie to this game, I know it is not realistic to be the fastest on the planet. But there are some very strange things that I can't seem to figure out exactly.

    • Example 1 at Monza: Whilst driving the Nissan GTR GT3 car in a Quick Race against Alien AI, when driving against other GTR's only I can just achieve laptimes of around 1:55:000. When I race with the exact same settings and setup but against other GT3 cars, I can easily drive a low 1:49. I really don't know what the issue can be here.

    • Example 2 at Spa-Francorchamps: Driving a Quick Race against Alien AI once again with the GTR, I was the quickest on track by an absolute mile with a laptime of 2:26:400. I was thinking I did a good job as it's alien AI, but then I looked at the actual competitive lap times for the GTR around Spa and it's a 2:16-2:18. It has to be noted that I was really pushing the thing flat out and couldn't go any faster.

    Now I know some of you might say I just have to improve my driving, but the thing is I know I'm a quick driver as I'm racing karts in real life and I'm fast on any game. I will never be one of the best simracers cause I don't practice enough for that but to be a whopping 10 seconds of the pace at Spa is unacceptable. I could live with a 2 or 3 seconds deficit but this drives me insane.

    PS: I drove everything on an Optimum Grip track, clear weather, 26 degrees, low fuel (5 lap races), and SOFT slicks.

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