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Last Row Racing presents GT3 Season 2 & GT4 Season 1

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by De Breuk, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. De Breuk

    De Breuk Gamer

    Hello ACC Racers!

    With only 3 races to go in Season 1 of the LRR GT3 League we are getting ready for the next challenge.
    We will have 2 championships running next to one another so there is an option to participate in both the GT4 and GT3 championship if you prefer. Read below to find the details and how to sign up.

    Both seasons hosted by Last Row Racing will feature a mix of Sprint, Endurance and Super Endurance races. All races will have a full formation lap and will have dynamic weather. In-game session start times will be shared when the events pages are updated on RaceApp.eu. The SA requirement for the first race of this season at Mount Panorama will be set to 71 and will slowly go up as the season progresses and will be 85 for the season finisher at Kyalami.

    Sprint (6 races)

    Sprint races will be 45 minutes without a mandatory pitstop. As a lot of these "short" races will be held on short and narrow tracks your result in qualifying will be really important. These races will have a 20 minute qualifying session for drivers to do multiple runs and drive around traffic. Sprint races will not have a pitstop. The time multiplier for these "short" races will be set to 1x.

    Endurance (5 races)

    Endurance races are 60 minutes in length and require a mandatory pitstop to change tyres. Refuelling is not allowed so make sure you bring enough fuel to finish the race. With more emphasis on endurance qualifying will be less important and driver will get 10 minutes to get in a lap. A pitstop for tyres is mandatory but refuelling is not allowed. There is no designated pit window to complete the mandatory pitstop. To create that endurance feeling the time multiplier for these races will be set to 3x.

    Super Endurance (4 races)

    The Super Endurance races are 90 minutes and do not require a mandatory pitstop. Drivers need to think about what strategy will get them through the race. Qualifying is only 10 minutes so drivers will get less track time to secure their grid position. Refuelling is allowed but there is no requirement to chance tyres. Super Endurance races will have the time multiplier set to 6x.

    Calendar & Tracks

    The calendar for this season will include all current 2019 versions of the ACC tracks including the Intercontinental GT pack DLC tracks. The calendars are displayed below.


    All (11) cars that are included in the GT4 pack are eligible to participate in the GT4 League and for the GT3 League all GT3 cars from the 2019 season are eligible to compete. While booking you will select your car for this season and you choose your number you will be racing with. Please check the list of drivers that have already booked their slot to see which numbers are already taken.

    Drivers & Teams

    24 drivers slots are available for booking but we are considering getting an increase in server capacity. This season will have teams added to add an extra element of competition. Teams will be created by the league administrator and will be set to hold a maximum of 3-4 drivers each. For each event the 2 best performing drivers will contribute to the team championship.


    All races will count towards the championship total and for each of the 3 types of races the points rewarded will meet the challenge. Points will only be awarded to all drivers finishing the race. For details on scoring please see the Settings > Scoring section on the RaceApp.eu league page.

    Participation & Password

    After booking your slot you can now confirm your participation for each event. This option is available on the participants tab of the event page. When you confirm you will be able the see the password for the event. You can also cancel you participation for a single event (if you can't join that week) and this will open up a spot for a guest driver who wants to join a single event.

    Rules & Regulations

    Please make sure you visit the rules tab, read through and agree to the rules that apply before signing up.

    Want to sign up?

    Visit the community page on https://raceapp.eu/LRR/Community/151 for additional details. The league website at www.lastrowracing.com is still somewhat work in progress.
    1. Join our discord here > Last Row Racing Discord
    2. Post in the ACC NL GT3/GT4 Season 2/1 > #sign_up_here channel to obtain the password required for raceapp.eu booking.
    3. Register on RaceApp.eu to the league with the password.
    4. You will get access to all LRR Discord channels after completing steps 1-3.
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  3. De Breuk

    De Breuk Gamer

    To celebrate completing our first full GT3 season and the start of both the new GT4 (Aug 24th) and GT3 (Aug 31st) seasons Last Row Racing will host a 2 hour mixed grid race at Spa. There are only 24 slots (17 available) for this one off event there the password for booking is "preseason".

    Join us here: https://raceapp.eu/LRR/Series/902?tab=booking

    If you have any other questions feel free to join the discord (link in the post above).

  4. De Breuk

    De Breuk Gamer

    Hello ACC Racers!

    As our GT3 and GT4 Series are currently fully booked we are launching some extra stay at home winter entertainment.

    We are doing a 6 race Porsche Cup which is starting on November 19th. Information on the series and on how to join can be found here: https://raceapp.eu/LRR/Series/1101?tab=info or pop into our discord first here: https://discord.gg/5qucZUD

    Currently we have 18 driver slots open.

    We hope to see on track.

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