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Latest Xbox One update disconnects wheel

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Jezza819, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I turned on the Xbox One tonight to see that they have made a change to the way the homepage works. Now my Fanatec wheel is no longer recognized as a controller. I have to plug in the gamepad controller to allow the wheel to work. If you press the Xbox button on the wheel it will bring up the option to turn off the console or controller but you can't move the selection up or down.

    The problem having the gamepad connected at the same time is that after about 10 minutes or so it darkens the screen as it goes into power saving mode

    Anyone else having wheel issues after this update?

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  3. rich1e I

    rich1e I Simracer

    I have the TX wheel and fortunately I haven't had such issues so far.
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  4. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    My startup procedure has always been to plug in the wheel, power it up and that turns on the Xbox and everything works fine. Now powering on the wheel still turns on the Xbox but it does very little after that. You can hit A to start the game but it won't select you as the player. That's when I have to plug in the gamepad controller.
  5. Thank you for reporting this @Jezza819 ,
    I had a similar issue while I was in the 'XBox preview'.
    Update installed, Fanatec wheel out of function, sent Bugreport to MS.
    Official solution: "Plug off wheel, restart the Box and use Controller."
    Surprise, surprise I left the preview and installed an old OS.

    And now Microsoft ignores it's Users again and such a bug makes it into an official Update?
    50G - for being the most ignorant and incompetent company in the gaming business

    Thanks to your Post I did not made this XBox - 'enhancement'.
    I'll warn other Fanatec Users.
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    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    I have had no issues fortunately. V2 plugged in, power on XBONE, log in with controller, power on V2, select game and user with V2 base, race..
  7. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    But you are having to use the controller to log in right? If so I've never had to do that before this update. The wheel has totally controlled everything. Turning on the wheel turns the Xbox on. I spent nearly two hours in a chat with Xbox support last night and they had me completely reset the console and now turning on the wheel won't even turn the console on. The wheel controls only work inside the game but do not control console functions. That's why the screen goes dark into power saving mode, it's saying a controller is not connected and there has been no input. I have to keep a controller connected and keep reaching down to touch it.
  8. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Simracer

    Just a suggestion but their is a new feature in the options menus, in the Ease of access section I think, that has a new controls section option added. Something about you can now assign 2 differnent controllers to work one game or something like that. See if their is anything in that newly added section that might help you.
  9. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I don't see that option anywhere. The only thing there is under controllers is button mapping, vibration settings, and copilot settings. You might be thinking about the copilot but it's where you can combine the input from two different controllers so two people can play as one.

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    It has never worked that way for me. I have to use the controller to input my password. LB/RB do not register from the UHub for password input, otherwise I would use the wheel.

    So you are complaining about loss of your startup functions? Do you have your XB set on power save mode or instant on (I think its called)? I have not lost any functionality related to using home screen navigation.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
  11. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    Instant on.

    Are you inputting your entire password or selecting your gamertag? Are you keeping your controller hooked up the entire time you're using your wheel? You're screen is not timing out and going into power saving mode and making the screen dark?

    BTW, there is another report of the same thing over on the PCars forums so I don't think it's just me.

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    Selecting GT and password input with controller. No controller connected, sometimes the screen dims but not always. I do not use instant on though..
  13. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    No problems with thrustmaster tx wheel or g920. Both work same as before update.
  14. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I haven't heard of any issues with any other brand of wheel either.
  15. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Enlighten me, what has another controller and PCars have to do with the issue you describe with AC?
    If you're suggesting it's an issue across the board then why aren't you over at the xbox support forums?
  16. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    Because it's not just with AC. There doesn't have to be a game disc in the console. The only button that is active is the Xbox button. Since this update I have to have a wireless controller hooked up to allow me to get in the game or any game. I mentioned PCars because a player over there using a Fanatec wheel has the same problem just to illustrate that it wasn't a problem only with AC.

    And I have been on Xbox support. In fact I spent nearly 2 hours on Saturday in chat with a Xbox rep trying various things to figure it out and we couldn't.

    I posted it here just to see if anyone else with a Fanatec wheel on Xbox had run into the same issue.

    **EDIT** I stand corrected. The PCars user has a different model of Fanatec than I do and his issue is with PCars only. His works fine with AC.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2017
  17. RacerK

    RacerK Rookie

    I'm grave-digging a bit, but just curious if you're still having this problem? My setup is identical to yours, and (knock on wood) I haven't seen this problem. But I turn on my XBox by pressing the power button on the box, rather than using the Start button on the wheel. Maybe that makes a difference? (Also, I think my box is set to power off when I shut down, rather than instant-on.)
  18. RacerK

    RacerK Rookie

    Update--later in the day after I wrote this, I started up my Xbox to do some racing, and of course, immediately had the issue described in this thread. Having said that, I got it to basically work--I turned on the wheel, then signed in with the controller. I let the controller sit while I played and it eventually turned itself off, but this didn't seem to affect my game. I was playing F1 2016, though--I guess it could still be an issue in AC. When I had a separate but similar problem once before, I found that periodically pressing a button on my wheel (I mean like one of the letter buttons) kept the screen from going dark.

    Hope something in there helps!
  19. Jana86

    Jana86 Rookie

    Logitech G920 wheel misses the downshifts since the last Xbox one update. Are there anyone with the same issue? Does somebody know any solution (firmware update for the wheel or sg.)?
  20. turboadam

    turboadam Rookie

    For the record, I have exactly the same issue as Jezza819.
    (on Forza 6 - Fanatec wheel and pedal set up.)

    Searches in google return very few results. This thread is the most informative one out there.

    Lets hope that MS remedy it asap.
  21. turboadam

    turboadam Rookie

    Hey all, for all of you with Fanatec equipment that has the issue described above about needing a normal xbox hand controller turned on with the steering wheel (and also the screen going dark) re my post above, DO A FIRMWARE UPDATE ON YOUR FANATEC WHEEL BASE TO SOLVE all THESE ISSUES !! Cheers guys.
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