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League Proposal

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Joe Kelley, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Does anyone have an interest in starting a 1960s fantasy Championship Formula One League?

    I found MODS for 8 cars and 17 Tracks including MODS and Official Tracks.

    Australian GP
    1. Longford - History: 1965 [Joe SD Ferrari 2:17.700]
    2. Sundown - History: 1964, 68

    Austrian GP
    3. Österreichring - History: 1970

    Belgian GP
    4. Spa - History: 1960, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70

    British GP
    5. Silverstone - History: 1960, 63, 65, 67, 69 [rge75 1.27][Joe = 1:32.014]
    6. Brands Hatch - History: 1964, 66, 70

    Canadian GP
    7. Mosport - History: 1961, 67, 69
    8. Mont Tremblant - History: 1968, 70

    Dutch GP
    9. Zandvoort - History: 1960, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

    French GP
    10. Rouen - History: 1962, 64, 68
    11. Bugatti (Le Mans) - History: 1967

    German GP
    12. Nordschleife - History: 1961, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69

    Indianapolis 500
    13. Indianapolis - History: 1963, 64, 65, 66, 67, ?

    Italian GP
    14. Monza with Oval - History: 1960, 61
    15. Monza without Oval - History, 1962, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 [rge75 = 1:29.629][Joe = 1:31.798]

    Monaco GP
    16. Monaco - History: 1960, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

    United States GP
    17. Riverside - History: 1960

    Some obvious reasons for this idea of "fantasy" rather than strict simulation of actual events is the incompleteness of historically accurate cars on the historically accurate tracks, year by year, in Formula 1.

    This is also a Chit Chat effort to poll the community and to quantify the level of interest for 1960's era Formula 1 Championship Points Season Simulation.

    Missing Tracks:

    Argentine GP
    Autódromo de Buenos Aires Oscar y Juan Galvez - History: 1960

    Australian GP
    Caversham Airfield - History: 1962
    Lakeside - History: 1966, 69
    Lowood Airfield Circuit - History: 1960
    Mallala Motor Sport Park - History: 1961
    Warwick Farm - History: 1963, 70

    Austrian GP
    Zeltweg Airfield - History: 1963, 64

    French GP
    Charade - History: 1965, 69, 70
    Reims - History: 1960, 61, 63, 66

    Indianapolis (Historic)

    Mexican GP
    Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez - History: 1962, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

    Monaco (Historical)

    Portuguese GP
    Boavista - History: 1960

    South African GP
    Kyalami - History: 1967, 68, 69, 70
    Prince George - History: 1960, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66

    United States GP
    Watkins Glen

    Fun Possible Tracks:

    British GP
    Isle of Man

    Singapore GP
    Thomson Road
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  3. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    What cars are you talking about? There are some 1967 cars but afaik it's "stolen" content (or converted w/o permission). The sound of them also is way too loud compared to official content and other mods.

    Aside that, I'd be interested into racing historical F1 cars. If the races would fit (Timezone/schedule) and if there are clean drivers (non alien though) then I'd probably be in.
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  4. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    If I can't get 60s cars here, without committing a crime, then I ought to move to open source software that does not involve criminal activity. On the other hand, if there is a way to get 60s cars (a Ferrari in particular) with Assetto Corsa, without perpetrating a crime, then knowing how to do that is worth something to me: at least worth the effort to know.

    I spent a considerable amount of time searching for and finding 2 links to 60s cars. How do I know if the software, which is free of charge, is stolen property? If I post those links then am I guilt of trafficking stolen property? The cars I found were missing the tire skid noises, then I found a link to a work-around, which is a program (stolen property?) that cut and pasted a sound folder from another car (later model 3 liter V12 Ferrari) into the 1960s Ferrari V12.

    What if the league being proposed now proposes a new rule to never again discuss which cars are used during the league races, at least not until there is an official release of more than one 1960s car, and what happens on each drivers individual computer is the responsibility of each individual only?

    These charges of criminal activity is beside the point to me, as my interest is driving (simulating) 1960s era Formula 1 cars well enough to then offer other people, with similar interests, a competitive race around many tracks, in a points season, on a regular schedule: I am not an authority on whatever anyone else may determine to be a intellectual property crime.

    I think the first step (other than resolving the criminal charges) is to set a day and time for test (practice) races for those who are interested. I am a brand new consumer who has just recently purchased Assetto Corsa.

    I have purchased in chronological order:

    Indy Car Racing
    Grand Prix Legends
    rFactor 1
    rFactor 2

    rFactor 2 continues to be plagued by bugs, such as the so called Flag Rules, which arbitrarily penalizes some drivers while not penalizing other drivers, and position on the track, or off the track (cutting the track) has little, or nothing, to do with said Flag Rule penalties. I stopped banging my head against the wall in rFactor 2 after purchasing the rFactor2 lifetime subscription offered during the rFactor2 move to STEAM: bad timing for me, soon after I gave up on rFactor2 (bugs) and began looking for newer and better software. Some of my favorite racing was with Grand Prix Legends, where the cars slid around like cars, more so than the cars modeled with wings.

    I've been a fan of Formula 1 since my father took his group of children, including me, to Watkins Glen in 1967. I was 8 years old. In those days it was not a big deal for us kids to wander off, which I did, and I found the winning cars, while my father was taking pictures, where I touched a hot rubber tire of either Graham Hill's, or Jimmy Clark's car. We went back another year, to see Jackie Stewart win. I went, on my own, to the Las Vegas GP, and I paid back to my father, renting a private plane, to take us to Phoenix in 1991 to see Ayrton Senna win.

    I like Formula 1. I like simulating Formula 1. If this is not the software I need, then I ought to find that out sooner, while my investments in time, energy, and monetary tokens are less instead of more.

    When I first purchased Grand Prix Legends my younger brother and I used the phone (local call) connection to race: he drove the Lotus, and I drove the Ferrari.

    That was a lot of fun.

    Now, I just checked, my "Internet" connection is over 100M down, and over 10M up. Times are changing since GPL. I still have the GPL CD in this desk drawer.

    I checked the Forum rules on Leagues, and maybe it is a good thing that I did not waste time on creating a Web Page, for something that cannot (at least not yet) happen with the Assetto Corsa software. I can check with my brother and see if he has time to race one on one again.

    The Assetto Corsa Simulation, so far, is a lot of fun in my opinion.

    What is a good day and time to test/practice: multiplayer?
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  5. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    I'm not sure about the circumstances. But I suppose it might be the cars from Sim Dream Development and they sell those cars for money. But there are/were "rumours" (?) that they didn't to the cars from scratch afair. But again, I'm not sure about the whole thing - I only read some comments on the forum - and those cars found on the net shall be the same ones. Maybe somebody else knows more about it.

    We can still hope for a 60s Ferrari in 2017. See this post about the announced Ferrari DLC) http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/assetto-corsa-end-of-year-blog.41351/

    I probably have the same racing history if you replace Nascar with GP and GP2. For whatever reasons, rF2 didn't felt "right" to me even though driving the classic cars at Spa was cool. As much as I liked GPL, I wouldn't like to go back again after I drove the Lotus 49 in AC. But the atmosphere in GPL for sure was unique and I think many buyers learnt a lot about the 1967 season. And many people, including me, started to get interested into this whole era. Very cool that you were able to see them at Glen.

    It's difficult to answer your question about the times. During weekends its for sure easier than under the week. 10 PM here might be 1 or 4 PM your time zone. And I'm also pretty new to "AC online" (drove it offline very often though - and GPL online in some leagues). I could of course say Saturday 5 PM is a great time for me, but this may not be the case for the US Westcoast or Australian guys.

    Since you mentioned you're fairly new to AC, I point out some "online things" in AC. Even though I liked the purity of GPL (no HUD and all that) I started using helicorsa during for online races (a small "radar" that shows you if somebody is behind/left/right of you). It can help avoid crashes, especially with some less skilled drivers. Driving on servers with Minorating and AB drivers might give you a better AC online experience.

    Personally I'd like to see a 60s F1 season - or at least a couple of people who would do some single races. I liked the "gentlemen driving" in GPL (unless you were on a public server). But very often those Lotus 49 servers are empty in AC. With justrace.com, it's easy to set up a server with any car/track though. I must also admit that sometimes you can have a real good race if you just do a 1 on 1 (as long as both players have the same pace). Different 67 F1 car would help for a better experience though. One of the biggest thing in GPL was that faster guy were able to take the slower cars like Honda or BRM. This made the races more interesting than just having a full grid of Lotus 49 where the fastest guy outdrives you by 5 seconds.

    Having faster internet for sure is great. I also remember the dial in modem with GPL. Lag was always an issue.

    Edit: Although I'm also "fan" of the classic F1 cars, I highly recommend to also try out some other cars as long as you've got the DLC (Porsche 962 short tail, Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 908 LH, Masarati 250F, some of the japanese cars, Lotus Type 25, Lotus 72...just to name a few of my favorites). They all feel very different but they're all cool to drive.
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  6. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    I am in the process of recreating Thomson Road Grand Prix circuit in Singapore which was used for Formula Libre from 1961 - 1973. There is a beta available on RD if you are interested :)
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  7. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Fat-Alfie, Thanks for the information. I think that it would be helpful for many people if there was a central place where people add their 2 cents to a bank of requests asking for specific tracks, and like a lot of things on the world wide web all one has to do is look at that central location to find how many people what which tracks.

    I want 1960s era Monte Carlo, Watkins Glen, Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Prince George, Reims, Kyalami, Charade, Warwick Farm, Lakeside, Zeltweg Airfield, Spa, and Monaco for use in simulating 60s era Formula 1 racing. I put Monaco in twice.


    I will begin to write on paper my lap times for each track, and I intend to arrange those tracks listed above in alphabetical order. I have yet to find a track I do not like, or a car for that matter: some are quantifiably better (quality) than others, and time (and energy) is precious.

    I can then post my lap times and my progress on each track here, as time goes by, which can then help other people know what I am currently capable of offering as competition or lack thereof.

    Of the tracks I have and have managed to navigate with a reasonable time I think the best one, by far, is Nordschleife, which was my favorite track in GPL, with Monaco a distant second.

    At http://shop.sim-dream.com/ I was able to purchase (for 10+ USD) 67 F1 cars.

    The files size for the Shop Sim Dream Ferrari is 65.1 MB, and the size for both "free" Ferraris (67) are 44 MB. More data in the for sale Ferrari, and less data in the "free" Ferrari. Also: the download (purchased) reported errors during unzip.

    I have yet to test drive the purchased Ferrari.

    From here: http://console.assettocorsa.net/assetto-corsa-end-year-blog/

    Quote: "Yes, the Ferrari: As you might know, in 2017 we will celebrate 70 years of the most iconic automotive Brand, and we’ll do it in our style, with seven of the most iconic and famous models created in Maranello. You can already start to think about your favourite ones, because you will have the chance to vote for it!"

    "During weekends its for sure easier than under the week. 10 PM here might be 1 or 4 PM your time zone."


    10:00 Evening in Switzerland is 1:00 Afternoon in California now. We (in USA Inc.) are subjected to "Daylight Savings Time" so that conversion may not be consistent. I can do afternoon racing on weekends with consistency, not an absolute.

    "I started using helicorsa during..."


    Looks good. I was using TrackiR when racing rFactor. My best season-long finish was 2nd place, with a very good season-long points race during that competition in rFactor with Modern F1 cars. It was a blast.

    I looked up justrace, and found monopoly games. With modern WWW connections a few drivers (at the start) would easily be done peer to peer (not sure if that is the correct terminology for one host and one or two who join one host: no T1, no dedicated server).

    As to other possible cars (and therefore tracks) I am all-in on F1, and if I go anywhere else it would be to look for Motorcycle GP simulation. I did not list the Isle of Man track in the 60s F1 track list above, but that track is fun in a 67 Ferrari.

    Do you heal and toe for downshifting?
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  8. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    @Fat-Alfie Where can I find the beta? I found the thread at RD, but not the download.

    @Joe Kelley
    Why do you want to write them on paper? AC saves the lap times. You can watch them in the game or you can also just open the personalbest.ini in your documents\Assetto Corsa folder. Another thing would be the RSR Tool but I hardly use it. It would save your times online.


    Speaking of lap times, I'm not the fastest guy. Actually AC lists a low 1:28 at Silverstone in my pb (sometimes online lap times are not saved though and I know I did a 1:27) and I 1:29.629 at Monza just to name two. There are guys who do 1:25 at Silverstone though....

    Nordschleife for sure is cool, but IMO difficult to pass. I had my best Lotus 49 races on Silverstone 67.

    As for Sim Dream, it looks like they updated their mod to "2.0" (found it on their news page). Let me know how they feel like and if the sounds are correct now.

    TrackIR will probably also do the trick. Personally I don't use it on AC - makes me almost dizzy for whatever reason. All I use are the buttons to watch left/right like in GPL. But I noticed that there's still a big blind spot if you do so. So I simply use helicorsa now.

    It's https://www.justrace.net/ - there should be no monopoly games ;-)

    Oh yes, the Isle of Man was cool, at least for "just driving around". They converted it to AC, but...well, it's not bad but it's a conversion.

    I was used to do heal/toe in GPL and any other sim after that, but I had to stop doing it (inflammation of the meniscus). So the answer is no, I don't do it anymore. I simply switch over to the acceleration pedal before I release the clutch to give some gas.
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  9. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

  10. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Thanks for the link (I didn't read all the comments, only the first page). I don't want to go too much off-topic, but I suppose it's ok to mention that the track seems pretty enjoyable (tried out the Porsche 962 short tail and the Lotus 49). It's one of those tracks that may take a while to memorize all the corners. Keep on with the good work.
  11. MrDoedel

    MrDoedel Racer

    Great idea!

    I love the old F1 cars.
  12. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer


    Do you want to participate on any level? Minimum level would be posting a time for one of the tracks listed. If more people add participation then more things can be done: such as a method of making sure that the competitors are using the same tracks and cars.


    The "free" 67 cars and the Sim Dream cars (purchase) are not exactly the same. While driving the Sim Dream Ferrari around Silverstone (67) I found the sounds interesting and then very odd. There appears to be an effort to simulate echo sounds when going under the bridge and when going through the start/finish area, but the sound I hear sounds like a gearbox coming apart. The view from the cockpit in the Sim Dream Ferrari includes a view through a tinted windscreen, and that makes it difficult to see ahead, I found myself trying (failing) to look over the tinted windscreen: while braking the view improves as the car pitches forward. I set engine sound to the lowest setting, and tire sounds to the highest setting, with maximum onset to tire sound (not sure what that does yet) and found the car sliding without making any tire noise, which is not good for me since I rely upon tire noise to let me know how much grip I have in turns.

    I think that the Sim Dream car may be much better if it incorporates more of the car physics (harder to drive) compared to the "free" 67 cars. I won't know without first fixing the sound problem, so as to then be able to hear tire noise, and get ahead of, instead of being behind, the onset of loosing grip.

    My time at Silverstone with the Sim Dream Ferrari with a full load of fuel: 1:33.649, and no driving AIDS turned on.

    I sent the following e-mail to Sim Dream Support:


    While unzipping AC.GrandPrix.1967.2.0 the following error message was reported in 7zip:

    1. C:\Users\Joe\Downloads\AC.GrandPRix.1967.2.0zip
    Unexpected end of data
    2. Data error: F1_1967_mclaren\eagle.kn5

    After unzipping to the AC Cars file there was a file named f1_1967_mclaren. This file is listed in size as 20.9 MB (21,937,391 bytes). Sfx, skins, texture, and ui folders are missing.

    Also: the sounds in the Ferrari (only car I tested so far) appear to sound like a gearbox coming apart when driving under a bridge as if an echo sound is supposed to be simulated and instead a damaged gearbox sound is heard by the driver.

    Please help.


    It might be a better idea to use the AC Lotus until (who knows when?) AC offers a Ferrari, then again some drivers may want to drive a Honda, or a McLaren: I don't know.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  13. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    The AC Lotus is much better for both vision (actually being able to see brake markers, turn-in points, etc.) and sound. I turned brake onset to minimum and was happy about the tire sounds during turning with the AC Lotus: a little bit of tire noise and the car appears to be well balanced in under/over steer.

    Monza: 1:31.798
    Silverstone: 1:32.014
  14. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Thanks for the feedback about the Ferrari. Looks like I'll stay with the Lotus in that case - and hopefully the community will vote for the Ferrari 312/67 ;-) Looks like a broken zip to me, so I suppose they might give you another download link.

    Maybe you could try adjust the driver seat to have better visibility in the Ferrari (I think the arrow keys by default, otherwise one of the apps on the right side while in the car). On the other hand, you already mentioned TrackIR and that you failed to watch over the windshield...but it might be worth a trying.

    BTW, it's nice to see that not everybody does alien times. On some servers, I always feel like I'm the only guy 2 seconds behind the pace.
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  15. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    I have yet to learn the car, the track, and regain physical and mental stamina, those times are base level times. If I used aut0-clutch and paddle shifting I would immediately have an ability to concentrate more on learning the track. I'll know when I've reached close to my best time when every brake point, every turn-in point, every apex, and every throttle application start point, and every throttle rate of increase point, etc. is almost routine, and one lap is almost the same as every other lap. That is a long way off.

    These cars without downforce are a lot of fun. The cars with downforce are a lot of fun. There is a considerable difference in how downforce cars are driven compared to non-downforce cars, in my experience. Downforce cars are more like dragsters that have a few turns that require stop, turn, and go hurdles. Many of the turns in downforce cars are wide-open, no lifting, no braking, and those turns that require lifting or braking on downforce cars require less (in my opinion) work to find the right line, brake start point, brake application rate, turn-in point, turn in rate, apex point, throttle application start point, throttle rate of application on turn exit, etc.

    Immediately after going from years of downforce cars (in League racing) back to non-downforce cars, I saw how much fun it was to see the wide range in which the driver can manipulate the under/over steering during braking (negative acceleration), coasting (only lateral acceleration), and throttle use (positive acceleration), because engine braking is a very significant force relative to the deceleration force of braking in these non-downforce cars, as well as the significant force of engine power (power to weight without the added downforce weight) on coasting and turn exit.

    I have yet to change any setup variables other than gears and fuel. The car seems well balanced (Assetto Corsa?) with default settings: which is much different than anything I found in rFactor.

    In my experience my ability is never Alien, but with a lot of laps I can get within a few seconds of those who are Alien.

    I just re-tried the Sim Dream Ferrari to see if I could change the seat position and to see if I could hear the tires with the onset turned to minimum. I did not find the seat position buttons, but the car (it is a Ferrari after all) is fun, and I can hear the tires now = sound fixed except for the sound that now sounds more like the engine seizing instead of the transmission coming apart in places where one might expect an echo sound.


    I'll try that next.

    The engine sound in the Sim Dream Ferrari is not necessarily bad if I can get familiar with it, and then use it, and what do I know about how a 12 cylinder 3 liter engine sounds inside the car?
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  16. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Using auto-clutch and paddle would feel like cheating with those classic cars though ;-) I'm sure you'll improve your times. IMO it's not bad to drive all kind of different cars and tracks. It gives you another perspective and sometimes you suddenly start to drive a slightly different line. The last two days I did some online races with the "lightweight streetcars" and that was pretty fun.

    Maybe I could also gain some extra time by editing the setup, but I just don't like fiddling around with it (in GPL, I always downloaded the setups from Roland Ehnström or Greger Huttu). So I also only adjust fuel and sometimes gears. But I noticed that I e.g. hardly can improve on Zandvoort anymore and that I'm still far away from the "bronze achievment", so maybe I'll simply have to deal with the setup.

    I don't know how it sounds like, but if it sounds similiar and as aggressive as in GPL, then it's for sure fine *g* The engine really was "screaming".

    Well, hopefully there will be more people who might be interested into some classic F1 racing. I suppose an official 67 Ferrari from AC would be helpful though because it's really more enjoyable and challenging with different cars. I noticed this with those streetcars. You may have more top speed but you lose time somewhere else. This makes the battles on the track really interesting.
  17. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Interesting thread, I regularly race offline driving the Lotus against the 1967 f1 car pack, on old tracks, like goodwood or Rouen.
    Will follow your progress and be happy to race if online race happen.
    One note, what is the point of driving vintage car with anything else that h pattern and clutch? None to me and none of racing against driver using paddles or game pads.
    Either we are trying to simulate vintage cars driving and racing or we are not!
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  18. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    I have not used the paddle shifters, and I also think it would be less fun to do so, the reason I said something about paddle shifters was to report the fact that I am nearly on the bottom of the learning curve with AC and classic cars. I was using a joystick and keyboard with GPL, so there isn't much I am bringing forward from those distant memories. I now have, and am familiar with a G-27 by Logitech, with clutch and 6 speed stick shifter. It is not as difficult as I thought it would be to use heal and toe. I modified my brake linkage myself, using rubber tubing to limit brake peddle movement and add a progressive resistance that simulates brake sensitivity better for me.

    Having the ability to raise the seat position (viewpoint) with the AC app (right side menu item in-game) while in the garage with the Sim Dream Ferrari inspires me to keep driving that Sim Dream Ferrari now that I can see ahead on the track at least as good as I can see ahead with the AC Lotus. The sound is usable and Modable. so the Sim Dream Ferrari 312 is now - with me driving - as fast as the AC Lotus 49.

    If the Sim Dream Team does not answer my e-mail soon (I sent the e-mail yesterday, Sunday), then that will be a clue as to how much the Sim Dream cars are worth. If the Sim Dream cars are faster, or slower, and other drivers want to join this league (or a similar league), there is in that a possibility to employ a handicap system where the fastest drivers are either awarded their favorite car (they earn it) or it is agreed upon to employ a gentleman's (honor system) handicap system to level the playing field, using Sim Dream 67 Brabham, 67 BRM, 67 Cooper, 67 Eagle, 67 Ferrari, 67 Honda, 67 Mantra, 67 McLaren, AC Lotus 25, AC Lotus 49. The Lotus 25 could possibly be used as a seriously slower handicap car, or starter car for new drivers (like me) that are not yet up to speed and therefore not yet able to mix it up consistently with those who are up to speed and consistent.

    To me the work of testing and setting up a car is fun, a huge part of the fun of racing, and as soon as I get consistent laps (all laps within the same second around the track each time during testing/setting up) I can then employ setup changes, one change at a time, as a means of improving lap times, one setup change at a time, then more testing each time. Not having that driving consistency yet is not having necessary information required in discovering which setup setting ought to change first for which intended improvement.

    With the Alien Cote Dazur joining the conversation, the level of interest is thereby increased by 1 more, and that event inspires a move toward the first race proposal:

    In the actual Formula 1 season the first race for 2017 is Sun 26 Mar 2017.

    That is therefore the target date for the first Assetto Corsa Classic Formula 1 League Championship race.

    Since the current Formula 1 championship season starts with a race in Australia, and while employing the same general theme of mirroring the actual Formula 1 Championship, the proposal now on the table is to choose which Australian track will be used by competing drivers in this league for that first race of the season on Sun 26 Mar 2017, or on whichever day close to that day is agreeable to the drivers who join.

    Choices so far are:

    Australian GP Sun 26 Mar 2017.
    1. Longford - History: 1965
    2. Sundown - History: 1964, 68
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  19. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Oh, GPL with keyboard and joystick...that must have been quite difficult :-o

    I remember such handicap systems with GPL leagues. Driving the Honda or BRM gave extra points while driving the Lotus didn't. I think the difference between the Lotus 49 and 25 is too big though. At Brands Hatch I'm e.g 20 seconds faster in the Lotus 49 and I think I have some current pb's with both car on this track. 22 seconds on Silverstone 66. So these are two different worlds.

    "Alien" only shows the forum status here if I'm right (Rookie = only few posts, Alien = many posts); well, maybe he's also an alien driver, I don't know ;-)

    Where did you find the Sundown track? I don't have this one yet, so I can't say anything about the track choice yet. I'm definitively not fast at Longford (hardly drove it and always miss the braking point for that sharp corner after the long straight).
  20. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    @rge75 thank you for clarifying my alien status, :D, it just mean over a 1000 post and does not reflect in any shape or form my ability at driving fast.
    On that aspect, average Joe, is more like it.:D
  21. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Average is good, and even more important is "being able to stay on the track" ;-) After racing on some AB server, I tried a public one (Lotus 49/Silverstone). The grid was pretty full, but as you can imagine...start crash, 5 people disconneting. Turn 1, somebody spun, disconnect and so on. In the end, 4 or 5 cars finished out of around 20. I had to start from the very end because I joined late and wasn't able to do a qualyfing lap. So I was able to observe how everybody in front of me went out. That's definitively not the race experience I'm looking for.
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