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League Proposal

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Joe Kelley, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

  2. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    I just sent the following e-mail to RackService:

    I have another question concerning how connections are degraded for some people sometimes and how much of that connection degradation is attributable to the ping number.

    Most often a connection is known to be bad (degraded) when the frames (frame rate) jump, skip, or warp during a race, and I've read many explanations as to why warping happens. Is warping (connection degradation) caused by an unstable connection regardless of ping number?


    Car A warps (unplayable) with a 100 ping
    Car B does not warp (no problem rendering fluid video frames) with a 250 ping
    The cause of the warps for Car A is demonstrably not the ping number when the ping number is registering as 100 ping, therefore the warping is attributable to other factors, not the ping number at the time the ping number is measured and reported.

    What causes warping, and is there a standardized range of ping counts that is within an acceptable range for Assetto Corsa on-line, multiplayer, racing?

  3. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    I would love to help on that subject, but i don't know enough!
  4. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    E-mail response to my question:

    Actually, if your network is stable it does not 'matter' where you are from. With this I'm trying to say that many U.S users play in our European servers without issues as long as their network is stable. The same applies to EU users playing in U.S servers. Ping is just a number, what matters is the quality of your network.

    Is it stable? Is there packet loss?

    There is no standardized value i.e. (all above 100ms warps) as warping is just a sign that there was a stop in the connection which recovered, else, you time out.

    So what you can say is: as long as the players have a stable connection, both locations are fine. What you should choose is where the majority comes from.
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  5. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    9pm GMT Saturday Jun 14 Brands Hatch AC Lotus 49?

    I have been able to practice a little, and my time around Brands Hatch with full fuel is now in the 1:33 range. I am not yet shifting consistently, but overall my driving is improving, but I think I am still well away from maximizing my capabilities: first comes consistency, then incremental improvements in lap time.
  6. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Not sure if I'll make it this weekend (even though I'd like to join).
  7. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Between now and the first official race for the new Formula 1 Championship a few obvious hurdles need to be negotiated. It is pleasant and encouraging to find, already, a number of people actually on a server racing within orderly boundaries: not just a food fight type event. If Cote does offer a Server today, then I will probably be able to join and practice again on that server. This on, and off, server access variable is something that is problematic compared to (inexpensive) rented Servers that run all month long for those who purchase them month by month. The first months investment could be a useful process of surveying the marketability of a Formula 1 Championship. If the market survey conducted for one month fails to find any competitors willing to compete, that failure can be due to many possible contributing factors. On the other hand a one month running server market survey producing one, or two, competitors is not a failure by that measure, for that month.

    It has been my experience that the people who participate in competitive on-line simulation events are those who have put in, are putting in, or will put in the time and effort to be competitive. Out of the whole number of people who have, are, and will connect with other people in on-line events, the percentage of those who are not-competitive to those who are competitive is demonstrated with great precision during events. Those who are competitive are first separated from those who are not competitive as those who are competitive choose not to compete at all, and then there is a further segregating process that demonstrates which of the few are competitive and which are not as the Championship events demonstrate in real time. There is, in each event, only one out of all the others, who is demonstrated as the competitive one: the winner.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  8. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    The Cote server was up and running when I ran a few laps on it earlier today. I'm going back to that server now to run a few more laps. It is much more fun when the driving is fluid and absent errors such as missing shifts, missing brake points, and spinning out.
  9. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Thanks for running the server Cote, and showing up for some race time. I managed a 1:31.978 during that event at Brands Hatch. I used only enough fuel for 15 laps (or so) and the car and track is a lot of fun. I raced a few laps with the one other driver named oop or something, that drenched me with sweat again. There is something about the intensity of competition that makes me work so hard as to cause so much perspiration.
  10. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    I've been noticing a difference between Modern F1 Cars simulated on rFactor2 and these Assetto Corsa Classic F1 cars. With the Modern F1 cars each turn is simulated with more downforce for faster speeds, which in turn simulates a consistent grip level for all ranges of speed, while the Classic cars are definitely missing that phenomenon. In the Classic cars the grip level is lower the faster the car goes, and not just on flat surfaces. At Brands Hatch for example the road changes altitude significantly along the entire length of the course, and when a hill in the road is driven over while negotiating a turn the grip level in simulation lessens (or is absent) when the car is going faster.
  11. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Having another possible event to attend on January 28 leaves open the choice of track for that event.

    My plan is to hold off on purchasing a Server for a Month until February.

    My suggestion is to keep Brands Hatch on the server for January 28, to see if the three of us can show up for that event. If not, then the Day and Time (Saturday 9pm GMT) is demonstrably insufficient for the intended purpose.

    A second and third track choice for next Saturday's event is Monza, because it is standard Assetto Corsa issue, or Riverside raceway which is another MOD track found in the WWW.
  12. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Time for some practice and without an ongoing Championship Points Schedule in place and working I do not know which track to prepare for, to get practice on, to maximize my competitive abilities within the available time frame: before the Championship Points Race Event on Schedule. Having participated in 3 Seasons (rFactor2) it was routine to get on the next track as soon as the previous track was done, scored, and in the past. Next month I may begin serving up such an annual event, based upon information gathered during a market survey, or testing month, useful for more that a few necessary steps toward reaching the desired Championship Points Season goal.

    Here is a link to the Riverside Mod Track I downloaded into AC:

    The Riverside Long version of the track is closest to Classic F1 History.

    "Having failed to realize his dream for Formula One in the US a second time, Ulmann nobly used his own money to pay prize and appearance fees. Winner Moss got a check for $7,500, a staggering amount for the time, and while suppliers had to wait a few months for theirs, they received every penny. Happily, the following year would see the United States Grand Prix finally settle in to a regular home, with a loyal and appreciative crowd in Watkins Glen, New York. But a Formula One race would eventually return to California. In 1976, the United States Grand Prix West would come to Long Beach, only 60 miles away."
  13. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    Having no responses to this League Proposal since rge 75 responded Jan 14, 2017 it occurs to me that it is probably the right thing to do (to reach the expressed goal of an annual championship) to invest in the server purchase.

    I will have control over a server.

    I can try a March 2017 start date for the first annual championship.

    February can be a testing month.

    My thinking is such that I will use the purchased cars from Sim Dream Development, and also employ the tracks already listed in the first post in this thread.
  14. rge75

    rge75 Simracer

    Well, it's your decision and I leave it up to you. Personally, I think with only 2 persons having replied to the whole thread, there's simply not enough interest into such a league. I doubt ordering a server will change this. Aside that, I'm actually not able to race at all. It might take a couple of days or weeks until I can drive again. But I won't race regulary in the near future which means I have to withdraw.
  15. Joe Kelley

    Joe Kelley Racer

    I am starting a new thread while working step by step toward building a League with the available tools.

    Using the Chit Chat forum (as far as I know) is a tool from which to build a League of drivers that constitute enough drivers (5 minimum I think was the requirement) to then qualify as a League for the League Forum here on this web site.

    I can link here in this Thread the new Topic that is the step by step creation of a new League, starting with the purchase (renting) of a Rack Service Assetto Corsa Server.

    New Topic Title: Classic Formula 1 League Startup

  16. Pitralon

    Pitralon Rookie

    just got referred to this thread. when/where are you guys racing?
    also the link (post above) doesnt work.
  17. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    I am nor sure Joe is around any more, but that is the only 1967 league that I am aware of. He tried very hard to get this going but the league formula he choose at the time did not get any traction.
    League racing is hard work to organise and some how challenging for most player to attend due to most of us haveing time constrain.
    Good luck in your search.
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