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Lets build a community!

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Laurie Shepherdson, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. FAA Cupmania

    FAA Cupmania Rookie

    Hello guys
    Iam just new at assetto corsa and iam enjoying the game soo far.missing some action on Multiplayer indeed soo lets make this community bigger and bigger ;)
    Feel free to join me FAA Cupmania
    Kabo likes this.
  2. FAA Cupmania

    FAA Cupmania Rookie

    Gamertag FAA Cupmania

    Iam gonna try to add the maximum of people around here soo feel free to do the same. as i mentioned on last post iam new at Assetto and the feeling i have is that this game got soo much potential but at the same time got the feeling that something is missing.. cheers
  3. Eric Cline

    Eric Cline Gamer

    Gamer tag McNasty0421 xbox.
  4. Whitey 89ttb

    Whitey 89ttb Rookie

    still figuring this game out so I'm slow, but I try to stay clean.

    Tag is: Whitey 89ttb
  5. jamman39

    jamman39 Gamer

    Add me: jamman39

    I've been playing sims since GT5 came out, but just finally made the jump to building a rig and wheel, so I'm back on a steep learning curve
  6. Chad Tobias

    Chad Tobias Rookie

    I'm in!! I will add you next time I'm online. My username is Chappyders. Looking forward to seeing some people on the virtual track!
  7. Levi Anderson

    Levi Anderson Rookie

    My user name is "LeviTheMoist" keen for some clean racing.
  8. MattGhosts

    MattGhosts Rookie

    New to Assetto Corsa (been playing PCars). Still getting up to speed but looking for some clean online racing! Username is MattGhosts feel free to add me. Using Logitech G920.
  9. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    Looking for some good clean multiplayer racing....my gamer tag is

    I mainly race ae86 tuned from the Japanese pack.
  10. fishaac

    fishaac Rookie

    I have just come across this thread and noticed there isn't really a decent club on xbox for us all to easily hook up so I've made one.
    Please search for Sim Racers UK and feel free to add me Fish AAC.
    MattGhosts and boabmatic like this.
  11. ZapZap8

    ZapZap8 Rookie

    Always looking for a good, clean online session on AC, you can add me, my GT: HF Zap8

    Sent from my ZUK Z1 using Tapatalk
  12. JMR1985

    JMR1985 Racer


    feel free to add im on most days if not out
  13. Pink invader

    Pink invader Rookie

    Please count me in gamertag is pink invader. I use thrustmaster tx, pedals and shifter on playseat. Always try to be clean. Average racer but love it!!!
    On a 106" projector screen too
  14. Killer2293

    Killer2293 Rookie

    Just picked up game today. Always try to race fair and clean.

    Killer2293 Xbox gamertag
  15. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    Hello. My Gamertag is GURK3NS3PP. Using Thrustmaster TX, T3PA (soon with load cell), Playseat challenge.

    Should we make a Club on Xbox Live?
  16. Killer2293

    Killer2293 Rookie

    Xbox club is great idea.
  17. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    Ok, i will create one. Any suggestions for a name? Assetto Corsa Forum? Because there are already some AC Clubs.
  18. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    Ok, i made a club. Name is Assetto Corsa Forum.
    flyingcarrot, JIJDAN and ZapZap8 like this.
  19. JIJDAN

    JIJDAN Racer

    Looking for clean racing and people that finish races. Using Thrustmaster TX with Ferrari F1 wheel, Playseat F1. Feel free to add me: JIJDAN
  20. Killer2293

    Killer2293 Rookie

    I sent a request for invitation. Thanks for creating the club.
    Gurkensepp likes this.
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