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Let's discuss iRacing - attempt #2

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by slopps, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    so after rejoining iracing after about a year to try the mp4 30 and compare it to AC's SF15 (results of which are below )

    i decided i wanted to race the mclaren properly - which meant getting my licence upgraded from a B to A, getting my safety rating up so i can get the promotion to A, and finally enter an F1 race in iracing. I'm starting to wonder why now.

    SERIOUSLY - Like. Max Max WTF. I sound like some big kid there but seriously folks - it's not even remotely a contest. Let me explain. This is a very long read but i think its worth it - i'm trying to write an account of my entire iracing experience, so that people don't fall into the same trap.

    Here's my catalogue of events in iracing so far.
    - done a number of races with the Frenault car. The FFB is devoid of ANY feel for Front end grip - Nothing, just as the MP4 30. The feedback is also really WEIRD - it reacts violently to bumps mid corner, but this translates into strange snappy front steer, as if the front tyres are cutting through glass when it goes over a bump. The physics of it are even worse - you cannot set the car up to be 'loose' or neutral like you can in AC - if the car starts slipping at the rear in any way, its immediate time lost. i'm not talking about full on oversteer - small tiny skids which you'd 100% expect in real life (and in AC) driving on that edge, in iracing just loses you time. On top of that - about 80% of the people on it are Slow and terrible drivers - I jump in and enter the First race - literally the first race i did in that car on the that track (laguna seca, i know the layout ofc) - qualify 2 seconds ahead of everyone. And i'm not even doing hours of practice before hand (none, in fact, because i hate it) - i just pick setups off the car's official forum thread and drive it.

    - People are so scared of safety rating hits that if you even pretend to dive down the inside, they will give you room and leap out of your way - its hilarious. In some ways this guarantees safe racing to an extent, but it also dumbs down any side by side action. Some of the faster drivers aren't so scared and will challenge or try and squeeze you a bit, but for 80% of the field you can divebomb and they won't do anything.

    - So after realising that i had to play races in my own licence category to get the promotion to A grade...........that of course meant - Spending money. So in this way iracing DOES force you to spend, if you want to progress and play different cars in races. Money spent within 1 week of iracing - Subscription $9 (25% discount with promo code) + $26.90 for another track + new car.

    - and boy was that a mistake. So in B class there's basically only 2 race seasons worth playing - the blancpain GT series + the IMSA series. I chose IMSA because i hate driving slow cars - and IMSA had multi class of cars including the Chevy C7 Daytona prototype thing. THE CAR IS SO BAD its not even funny.

    - The FFB is lifeless - somehow manages to be even worse than the F renault. It's almost shocking. And the thing is i cannot even get a refund - once you buy the car, that's it. You can't even demo it or test it and go 'this is sh*t i want my money back'. It's SO BAD that i cannot even face just driving it - all i have to do is sit there for 45 mins doing laps in the races, not caring where i finish - its purely to meeting the requirements to promo up to A - and yet i cannot bring myself to do it. The car feels like something out of rfactor circa 2006. Woeful FFB aside, again, the physics make no sense with it. The car handles more like an american 70's muscle car than a prototype racer. I wouldn't mind that so much if the FFB wasn't so uncommunicative and dull.

    - because of that - and because theres more people playing the blancpain series (i later found out) - that i had to spend yet ANOTHER 26.90$ to buy another car + track. This time the Audi and nurburgring - and of course, that's just nurburgring GP - if i wanted nordschleife - yup, you guessed it, another 14.95$! LOL.

    I haven't driven the audi yet - and as i say i frankly do not care about spending time in it - its purely to meet the MPR so i can finally drive the F1 car in a competitive online race.
    With the F1 car it's only saving grace is - even though it's still utter sh*t to drive compared to AC's SF15 - due to the downforce you CAN set the car up with a slightly loose rear and get away with it. You still can't let it into any kind of slide but by lifting off the throttle very slightly - it means you can set the car up for optimal turn in and nullify the understeer under throttle on exits, and by lifting off there's not much danger of losing the rear. And if it does break, you can control it with some effort (as you see in my video).

    I will continue to write about my experience and my path to doing my first iracing race with the MP4 30 - but for now i just wanted to say that iRacing is so hilariously bad when it comes to it's FFB compared to AC - and not only that - this supposed benchmark of sim racing games has easily worse physics compared to AC - it's not even remotely debatable. ANYONE who has driven a race car in real life or has some sense and feel about what it's like watching it on TV will agree as much. I cannot believe how many people out there think iracing is the default choice. Shocking.
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  3. Nice review I need to thank you for saving me the money that I was about to spend.
  4. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    I would very much like to hear more about your experiences with iRacing (and while I'm not invested in it I can at least agree about it being a money pit...) but could you please put less focus on the 'iRacing versus Assetto Corsa' thing? Just say what you like and dislike with iRacing and like more or less in AC - having strong (negative) words for other games is a good recipe to get threads locked. Less of that also makes it more pleasant to read tbh. Some people prefer iRacing for various legitimate reasons, also sim racing setups differ, personal preferences differ and it's debatable from a subjective standpoint... if you prefer driving how it is in AC then I think most of us can agree, but still no need to feed the 'sim war'.
  5. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    i agree - i did the 'sugar coated' version in my video, so watch that ;)

    i just had to rant and couldn't be bothered to do a nuanced and well written post, when i've spent the whole day screaming to myself 'this is absolute sh*t' whilst playing iracing. If the game had any good points about its ffb and physics - believe me - i've tried to find it and did my absolute best in my video to convey this - but the good points are few and far between. My original post is a childish rant because i just cannot believe the amount of people who think its the benchmark.
    Now yes - of course if i were to post this in the iracing forum (heaven forbid) - i'd experience all the usual counters:
    'have you driven these exact cars in real life'
    'professional drivers are far superior to you in every way'
    'AC has too much grip'

    bla bla bla. i have answers for all of the above, i won't bother writing them now or here - i am planning to do some kind of video diary series on my channel once a week saying what i've done in iracing on the road to the first F1 race in it - and yes there are some good positives about iracing for sure - its online system, the fair racing for the most part, - i'm not denying any of that - and even with the price, i'm the sucker who is still paying for it so clearly it's not THAT pricey (compared to AC it definitely is) - but on physics and ffb alone i can say with absolute certainty there is no contest. this is a fact that i intend to demonstrate and prove over the next few months. And end the sim racing wars once and for all :p
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  6. magzire

    magzire Alien

    Nice review. I haven't resubbed to iracing for some of those reasons but I got to say the new Formula Renault felt great.
  7. P*Funk

    P*Funk Racer

    I don't have much respect for the criticism that a pick up race in a modern F1 car involves people being wreck averse.
  8. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    there's a difference between being 'wreck averse' - and moving far out wide if they even remotely think a car is looming large in their mirror on the inside. As i say - the good drivers can judge better and will recognise that you are of similar pace so can trust you won't drive into them if they choose to defend - but for the most part (and partly due to the silly damage model which crumples cars) you get overly cautious driving as a result.
    And i wasn't on about the F1 car in that situation...............as i say.....i've not done a race in the F1 car yet, it's what i'm working towards. It was in the context of the F renault races.

    Maybe in the higher classes the actual racecraft will be more like what I can get in AC, I'll find out soon enough.
  9. If you really want to have fun, go run some rookie stuff on the oval side.
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  10. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    From my time with iRacing, I can tell you that the FFB feels really good but, it also favors high-end wheels (Direct-Drive). When I used a G25 and a CSWv1, I didn't like it either.

    The car handling is much improved now but, if the FFB is not right - it'll never feel like the handling is right. No, you should not need a DD wheel to enjoy iRacing and maybe there are controller settings buried under the hood somewhere. There is a lot I like about iRacing; it's a serious Racing-Sim for big boys too but, it doesn't suit my limited schedule and the constant money draw is just too much. I'd rather spend the money on better gear to play AC and AMS.

    Pound for pound, AC is a much better investment from my perspective; Lambo's, Ferrari's and Porche's - oh my!:)
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  11. LOL, you said the same thing about Imola in Pcars.

    The handful of guys that I know that use a DD wheel have told me that the FFB still sucks and that needing a DD wheel to feel it properly is a myth. All I know for sure is that Iracing feels exactly zero percent better using my T300 than it did on my DFGT.
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  12. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    Have a wee look at what I'm using in my video ;)
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  13. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Nice review. I would love to try iRacing although I cant get over the idea of paying for cars and tracks and also having to pay a monthly fee even if I only want to drive the track online. I would pay 30 bucks for Nordschleife and two different cars.

    12 tracks and 4 cars in iRacing would run over $200 USD.. mother of god!!! and I would still have to pay 10 bucks a month..
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  14. I don't know if this is still valid, but here is three months membership plus Brands Hatch for free to new members: (the code is PR-SROBrandsHatch)
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  15. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    I played with iRacing during my 3 months subscription with T300 and OSW. With both I preferred AC's flavor of FFB. Never reviewed my subscription.
    There was recent blog on RD on iRacing
    The quote on physics
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  16. OP are you American ? Because prime-time N/A on road is terrible. You have to race in the afternoon with the Euros, otherwise yeah... RIP. Also make sure you're actually in the top split when it does split. F1 will always be bad unless you do SOF races during the time when you can qualify for the Pro license. Takes too much preparation to race this car proper so most dont bother otherwise.

    As for the FFB... It's fine on my G27 (Linear On, 13% Min force, FFB depends on the car). No problem sliding here either.
  17. Fanapryde

    Fanapryde Racer

    Yes, and once you stop paying your subscription, there is NOTHING left. So basically you just rent cars & tracks...
    I only tried iRacing a few times for a few minutes, not long enough to have a clear idea how it feels exactly, but from what I saw on TV (races are broadcasted), it is not too good either:
    Four cars next to each other attacking a corner, two of them with the outside wheels off track and after the corner they were still in the same position.
    A massive collision resulted in two cars flying over the road side pine trees !
    A car drove trough the "graveltrap" and succeeded to overtake the one on the road...clearly not losing any speed...
  18. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Uhhhhh I meant offline.. hahah
  19. snyperal

    snyperal Simracer

    I too prefer assetto corsa's physics and ffb, but what iracing does, it does extremely well. It has the best multilayer of any sim I've ever raced, outside of league racing which I've never done because of my schedule.

    The lower split gt3 races are largely attrition races where you can succeed by avoiding all the maniacs and starting from the pits. However when you get to 1800 I rating and above the pace of the splits and quality it drivers is massively improved, the pace some of these guys drive at is amazing and mostly fair.

    Most people bemoan the cost involved and sure compared to some of these "have it all" sims it's ridiculously expensive. However, it's designed so you don't just farm the license system and jump into the fastest car, its more of a pick a car and drive it for a season or 3 until you've found your pace. If you do that the cost of running a 12 week season is not that much.

    I'd recommend everyone try it, give it a go and I think some of you will be pleasantly surprised.
  20. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    As somebody just said: if you want to be challenged join the SOF races.
    I just recently picked up Iracing again because of Le Mans and the new Audi 90 GTO (tried that yesterday and I love that car).
    I prefer AC FFB but Iracings FFB is also quite good, the only thing I don't like is that you cannot catch slides or spins as good as in AC.
    From the MP perspective Iracing is without competition.
  21. Gunja

    Gunja Alien

    Iracing is great if you wont to spend entire race fighting your car instead of fighting your oponents.
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