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Let's talk about broadcasting (programmer's thread)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Brado23

    Brado23 Racer

    Yep, I'm definitely missing middle sector times often. It doesn't happen all of the time strangely, but has definitely started happening lately as you say.

    Here's an example...

    Attached Files:

  2. Toon Knapen

    Toon Knapen Gamer

    Hello @Robby Timmermans , are you still working on this project? I'm asking because I was wondering if programmers (like you) would eventually be interested if we would document the protocol to uplink live data to our https://pitwall.live platform.

    Writing a live-timing dashboard is a lot of work. Before we started supporting ACC we focused on supporting real-life timing systems such as timeservice (used by 24h series), swisstiming (used by SRO), TSL, ... We would now also like to support more racing games (ACC, AC, rf2, ...) and thus documenting this protocol would allow programmers like yourself to avoid having to capture the data _and_ build the whole live-timing dashboard.
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  3. Justin w

    Justin w Racer

    If i wanted to broadcast from a different pc to what im playing acc on im guessing I would need another copy of game and pc capable of playing it??
  4. Toon Knapen

    Toon Knapen Gamer

    You can access the broadcasting API from another PC as the PC running ACC. The broadcasting API is just a UDP socket. So to access most generally specify the address but you could thus also access this from another pc but then you need to specify the IP address of the PC that is running ACC. You can see which IP you have using the `ipconfig` command.

    Of course when accessing it from another pc, you also need to be wary of firewall's etc.
  5. Justin w

    Justin w Racer

    Sounds complicated I'm not clued up on pcs
    Also I wouldn't be able to join as spectator to broadcast and play at same time would I ?
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2020
  6. Brado23

    Brado23 Racer

    You wouldn't join as a spectator, just join normally as a player and you can still run the broadcast client (not that it would be much use though while you are playing except for timing).
  7. Toon Knapen

    Toon Knapen Gamer

    @Doug Duthie, I see in your post about the latest release of ACC Results companion that you have succeeded in interpreting the accident reports. Congratulations :)
    I imagine you base this on the info you get through the broadcasting interface.
    Can you share how you interpret them?

    thanks in advance,

  8. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Well..in a fashion. Yes it comes from UDP interface. We has the accident event abd the message is something like #vs. #70497248. All we really know is the lap, the driver having then accident and the time it happened. The other player involved is just some sort of ID. I thought this might have been the steam3 id, but it doesn't match up. Actually, I've just checked, and it is a random number..it the below race I shamefully had 5 accidents, but no id appeared more than one

    The "at fault" column was pure speculation. I had noticed that it appeared that the id of the rearmost car in accidents was always negative (this might have been coincidental though) so I decided to apportion blame on that basis. However, now all player ids are positive. I might change the logic to apportion blame to anyone who isn't me ;) - seriously though, I'll probably get rid of that as ACC doesn't apportion blame, it just penalises all concerned


    I'd love to be able to map the car ids of those involved in the accidents but it seems the info isn't there at the moment
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