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Generic Let's talk about rage quitters...

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Viperconcept_, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Just an example (of many):

    I was racing at Zandvoort, 10 laps with Ford Escort. 16 drivers on the starting grid.
    -We start the race and I take the 2nd position.
    -1st lap. 2 rage quitters. 14 drivers on the track.
    -2nd lap. 4 rage quitters. 10 drivers on the track.
    -3rd lap. 3 rage quitters. 7 drivers on the track.
    -4th lap. The driver on the lead is 3 seconds ahead but suddently he misses the braking zone and goes out of the track (and I overtake him). He quits the race in just 5 seconds! Another driver does the same. 5 drivers on the track.
    -6th lap. 1 rage quitter. 4 drivers on the track
    -7th lap. 2 rage quitters. Just me and another driver (20 seconds behind me)
    -I pray he doesn't quit the race during 8 laps.
    -We finish the race (I've been lucky).

    So, finally from 16 to 2 drivers in just 7 laps.

    Now, do you think it's normal? In my opinion finishing the race it's a sign of respect to the other drivers. If I go out of the track I continue the race. If I crash the car but it's still driveable, I continue the race. If I'm slower than the others, I continue driving. If my opponent is 20 second ahead and it's a 10 lap race, I don't mind, I keep racing.

    Maybe rage quitters aren't annoying like trolls, but surely they ruin the race experience to the others.

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  3. MatthiasR.

    MatthiasR. Rookie

    Public Serves are full of Gamers.
    Community-Servers are full of Sim-Racers.
    I guess you´ll have to deal with ;-)
    It´ll never change

    Edit: Just recognized this is the console corner.

    Console=Gamers mostly
    PC=Sim-Racers mostly

    my Opinion ;-)

  4. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    When private lobbies come then we'll have really racers online till then they're only retards who don't know how to turn in the first turn without crashing other cars.

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  5. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Most gamers/casuals want to win now without the hassle/learning curve required to get better (i.e. win = immediate gratification), so if it's obvious at a certain point in a race they won't win, they ragequit.
    Most simracers are willing to invest time to improve their skills by learning and practicing until they win (i.e. win = long-term gratification), so they still try to finish a race they can't win, to at least get some more practice in...

    No judgement, just differences :p
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  6. Gunja

    Gunja Alien

    That's very commendable.
    I sometimes rage quit and i cant promise i will not do it again but your post has affected my view on bored quitting.
    Sometimes when the race becomes pointless from my perspective, i would simply quit.
    I'll keep in mind that it still might be a good race for someone else and that i should keep keep at it until the end.
  7. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Most of the times I quit or go to the pits and wait for the next race, it's due to the fact I'm somewhere from mad to raged, sometimes about myself, sometimes about others.
    At that moments I know it's better to calm down than continue racing, because I'm often getting to eager to get back in the group, overtake someone who maybe caused/forced my mistake, or aggressive, which leads to either making more mistakes (getting even more enraged) or fighting to hard against opponents.

    Either way, over my recent only experience I got to this point to have a better judgement when it's ok to continue or to take a break.

    Though I only got back to online racing through Gunja's servers and do like 99% of my public online racing on his servers.
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  8. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    I don't rage quit, my internet connection sucks. I'll get a few laps in, then I'm dumped out. I am ready to give up trying to race online
  9. JesterDay

    JesterDay Rookie

    I rather fight for second from last then cruise for a podium.

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  10. LeSunTzu

    LeSunTzu Alien

    It is easy to label others rage-quitters but nobody is under any obligation to finish a race after being crashed into, bumped off track, victim of a lag, or simply because you have no obligation towards other players who did not even care to answer a simple "hello" when you joined the server. Also on public servers there is always a good deal of guys who are not familiar with the car/track combo, and they may have no fun at all.
    I always finish league races when I can, even after a 5 minute repair, but I will glady quit any public race when there is no fun.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  11. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Keep in mind that it is a matter of perspective. This point has been made already, but on consoles, there are a lot of "gamers". Not everyone has hours to dedicate to the game, so they aren't able to race at the same level. They're also less likely to spend time driving around a circuit (essentially) by themselves, because they're so far off pace. This type of player may not be mad (rage), but they'll still quit, because it becomes obvious that the race will be nothing but hotlapping for them. Now, it's easy to say, "Practice! Develop your skills and become faster!" But again, not everyone has that kind of time.

    I consider myself fortunate that I'm able to drive 2-3 seconds off the really fast guys, which is still horribly slow, but there are a lot of other players at my pace. This means I rarely end up driving alone. I'm very thankful for that! But I see players who aren't able to keep pace all the time. I understand why they quit.
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  12. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    So instead they waste what time they have searching for fresh lobbies in the hope that they won't be last *again*!?

    If you enter a race you might as well finish it, there seems little point getting into a cycle of completing the first two laps only to leave because you aren't competitive...

    After all it is more than likely that the person that leaves ends up in the same situation on a regular basis, especially with the reported player numbers online being so low in this particular title.

    The only way to have fun racing is to race with a group of your own skill level, without a good match making system the chances of that are slim, be it if you are fast or slow!

    I think race length also has an impact, It would be interesting to see whoever is in control of the console servers chuck in a short sprint GT3 race, say just 3 laps at one of the GP circuits as Gamers have a short attention span of 3 to 5 minutes ;) I bet finishing numbers would be higher, which leads to more track time, which leads to improved skills which leads to better races.

    Leave the longer stuff as well, for those out there that enjoy that sort of thing, it might actually improve perceived room quality as well you never know...
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  13. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Well, like I said, it's a matter of perspective. For some people, yes, this is what the choose to do. For some people, I'm convinced that they do it so that they can "enjoy" (quoted, because I have a hard time identifying with this strategy) whatever portion of the race they're able to be around other players. Sometimes that's 1 lap; sometimes it's more. I choose not to be bothered by it ;) Honestly, I'd rather those people quit, because they are often the same ones wrecking in T1.

    Agree 100% regarding the match making stuff. The work around for the absence of a matchmaking/license system is to build a solid friend list. With 3-4 people, you can get your own server going, and if you act quickly to kick wreckers, you can attract other good players.

    I also agree on the sprint races. We frequently ran lobbies with friends (mainly BossFlossy and his crew) on ProjectCARS. The format that attracted the most players was 3-5 lap sprint races. The only time we were able to run longer races is when we had enough guys to run a full party and fill a server.
  14. So, should I accept the fact there are rage quitters because they aren't having fun?

    "I'm not having fun, so I quit the race" leaving the other driver who won't have fun too because he will be alone.
    IMO I think that's a selfish behavior. This isn't the spirit of racing.

    Racing isn't always Super-epic battles, overtakes, and exciting stuff. There are also solitary moments where you simply try your best alone with your car to do personal fastest laps trying to recatch the drivers ahead and escaping from the drivers behind you. Thanks to these solitary moments, battles and overtakes are even more exciting because in that way you can appreciate them even more!

    Moreover: before joining a new public lobby you can see the race length. So if you join that lobby, you automatically assume/accept it's a +20 minute race, not a short 5 minute race. In long races it's logic there will be less concentrated action than short races, and of course it will have "boring" moments. But many people don't care: they enter and when they see there's no more funny stuff, they quit even before the half race.

    Seriously, I hope private lobbies on console will decrease this behavior.
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  15. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Not agree. Im sorry, Im not going to drive endless useless laps or wait other from behind to have some action (that is useless as well, if you are ahead, is usually because you are faster).

    I always try to stay maximum time on track, but if I see there is no people at my level (getting a gap of 10-20 seconds) or the people ahead of me is too far because the public lobbies are a jungle and many times people kick you out, I see reasonable to get out of the lobby. Very few times i can have clean racing, so Im not gonna drive boring laps while wasting my time that I could use entering in another lobby and maybe with luck having some fun races.

    And i dont feel that there is disrespect in that. If there is someone ahead of me that there is no way I can catch it, i dont see badly that this guy leaves the game.

    THE PROBLEM, like in all racing games, is that there is no moderation in the online. Give me that, give me the ability to race with people who have the same level of clean driving, and I will finish most of the races.
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  16. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    IMO, quitting is no more or less selfish than expecting someone to stick it out through a race they're not enjoying.

    I'm not sure how private lobbies fixes this problem. If you have friends who are good, clean, patient racers, they can join you in public lobbies too. The only difference with a private lobby will be that you start and finish with the same (smaller) number of people.

    The real lament here is the lack of dedicated racers on console. I'm not sure how you fix that, other than to maintain a welcoming community that encourages positive racing behavior. IMO, curating your friends list is the best tool we have. Don't friend quitters, and keep good racers close.

    Kunos can support this strategy by improving the invite mechanism. It's really important that dedicated racers be able to find each other.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
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  17. Then as you said, we don't share the same vision of racing. If someone if way faster than me I keep racing. The same story if I'm faster than others.

    We are talking about Assetto Corsa, a simulation, not a sim-arcade: like in real life, there aren't overtakes/battles at every lap.

    On that one I agree leaving the lobby because there's someone who's ruing your experience. If there are rammers/trolls I quit the lobby too.

    That's a gamer vision, not a real sim-racer vision. I agree gamers want to have fun (and of course they want: it's legit) but in that case real simulations aren't the right instrument to have fun for them. I think Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are the right games for this kind of fun.
    Yep... racing with friends is the only solution, sadly.
    As MatthiasR. said in the 1st post, on the console version of Assetto Corsa we have more gamers and less sim-races. True, but hard to deal with that.
  18. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I play video games to have fun and if im not having fun I leave the server, otherwise I will be there for the wrong reason.
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  19. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    It is more complicate than "no overtakes, I leave the race". I have a lot of fun in a race with no overtaking at all, but with some competition at least. To make you clear my view of racing, I'm totally against DRS. I prefer races with 10 times less overtakes but with 10 times more excitement and suspense.

    Like I said, it is more complicated than it appears. Examples: if Im a bit behind someone who is faster for whatever reason (faster driver or faster car) I stay in the race 99% of the times the entire race, because anything could happen. And because if Im in the other side of the situation, I dont leave the lobby because of respect. If Im behind, i would not like the person ahead of me to leave. I want my opportunity to win.

    I try to stay the maximum in the lobby, because if I leave every race before it finishes, I will not have not fun at all. All I ask is a minimum of competence. I repeat, if Im 20 seconds ahead someone or if im 2-3 seconds faster than the people behind, Are the people behind going to bother if I leave?

    A simulator doesnt have to be boring. I agree a sim cant give the same kind of immediate fun from some arcade games where you have incredible draft, races without qualifying and so on. But Assetto, like many other sims or simcades, have to work very hard on online moderation. That's the solution, not just conform with the idea of "sims are boring" (I know that this is not what you are saying, but just to give an exagerated example).
  20. it depends:
    - If there are 15 people more on the lobby, no, but there's a big probability the others will imitate your behavior and they will quit too even for less.
    - If there are just you and another player on the track and you decide to quit on the beginning of the race, probably not.
    - If there are just you and another player on the track and you decide to quit 2 laps before the end, probably yes.

    Also, you have to know the results of the race are impredictable. Example: there's someone who's 2Sec/lap faster than you but you see he's taking too many risks to be faster, and you decide to quit. That's a big mistake because you'll never know if he will lose the control of his car in the following laps with serious damages. In that case you lost an occasion to win the race despite the fact you were 2 seconds slower per lap.

    Of course not, but that's not the primary mission of a simulator. If you see the semantics, the 1st goal of a simulator is to simulate the reality. Then, the "fun factor" is complementary, as you said "a sim cant give the same kind of immediate fun from some arcade games".
    It's the passion of the player which creates the pleasure on a simulation.

    That's totally true, but even the players have to moderate themselves for the community health. In this kind of games, racing it's a pleasure, but also a responsibility: if you have a good behavior, you encourage the others to have a good behavior too.
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  21. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    They're here bcoz of the game system!! I'm playing now, raced 6 races I quit 6 so far. Can't see competitive racing out there though!!

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