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Let's talk about Sim Dream modding

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Vind, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Vind

    Vind Rookie

    Sim Dream Development (or Sim Dream for short) is a modding group who sell mods on their website assettocorsamodding.net. These mods are more often than not stolen, low-quality, and often ripped completely from other games and creators without permission. I'm pretty sure that selling content without the permission of the original creator is not only wrong but illegal, although I'm not 100% sure on the laws around this.

    The community have known about them for years and afaik there was one attempt to shut them down after a mod creator complained. They changed their website name to assettocorsamodding.net (which was smart as it likely drives up traffic to their site) and have continued selling low-effort mods to unsuspecting racers. The mods on their website look good at first glance, but are cheap conversions from rFactor and Forza, with very little work done on the physics of the cars and how they drive in general. They're charging users $7-10 for each mod which is simply not worth it and I doubt that they have contacted the original creator before doing this.

    I'm making this post because Sim Dream have now taken steps to falsely copyright strike other mod makers and content creators to take down their original content. A friend of mine recently received a copyright strike on YT for a mod review video that he had made which featured the GPL 1500cc mod by Bazza. This copyright strike was made by Sim Dream. His review fell under fair use but was still removed. Sim Dream's website lists the "Assetto Corsa Classic Competition Mod" which features several cars that have been taken directly from Bazza's GPL 1500cc mod without his permission. I'm not sure why they striked that video but I find it incredibly hypocritical that they did this considering that they steal content.

    A few days later Sim Dream striked Bazza's mod that he was hosting on Mediafire and the file was removed. So, not only did they steal his mods but they've also taken action to remove Bazza's mods and claim they have the copyrights to them. I'm not sure how or why this is allowed to happen but it's totally wrong.

    I'm hoping that this post exposes some of the wrongdoing of Sim Dream and creates a discussion on how we can stop them from profitting of the works of others. I wouldn't mind if they simply converted old mods from other games for free but they are actively making money and being di*** in the process. Let me know if you've had any negative experiences with their mods or services and hopefully something can be done.

    TLDR: Sim Dream steal mods from others and create low-quality ripped versions that they then sell without permission from the original creators. They have recently abused the copyright system to issue false copyright claims on YT and against mod creators.
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  3. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    @Vind you are not going to get much traction on this forum, as it is Kunos official forum, thye will not get involved in any way with any shady business involving AC. You will get more exposure at RD.
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  4. OLarrauri

    OLarrauri Rookie

    When I searched Sim Dream Modding, I got here.

    I think you should change the title for:

    Assettocorsamods.org (Sim Dream Development) - Scammers | Don't buy anything

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