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Generic Let's talk vote to kick

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by WillPhillThe3rd, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Let me start by saying this is a GREAT game and I want to thank the devs for hours of enjoyment. 10/10 would buy again. There is no other racing sim on console that comes close to AC.

    I have heard the news of private lobbies coming to console very soon, and I'm assuming they will allow the host to kick players at will or what have you. This will solve most of the problems related to this post, but unless public lobbies become completely obsolete, this will still be an issue.

    It's pretty upsetting one person can derail an entire online lobby. See video:

    PSN user balalaika75 spent an entire race trying to take out players. For 8+ MINUTES until I left.

    I know trolls are gonna troll, but the vote to kick feature should allow a quick simple way to remove them, except it very rarely (basically never) works. Either players don't know the button, ignore the prompt, or the number of votes required is way too high. I don't actually know them number of vote required because I've literally never seen a successful vote. Most likely a combination of the three. People who do this should be shut down and kicked at ease, they should never be allowed to do this for 8 minutes. People shouldn't have to quit the race because of trolls.

    16 players or 4 players, 1 troll is all it takes to ruin a great game.

    Can we have a reporting system and bans for oblivious trolls? A better vote to kick system, and maybe an automatic disqualification sort of like when you drive the wrong direction?

    I know I'm complaining and a bit salty, but it's just because I really like this game and want it to be awesome.

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