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Let's talk weather (I am not asking for rain).

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mmaruda, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. mmaruda

    mmaruda Rookie

    So, I've been playing around with the Good and Bad Weather mod by Peter Boese and I am in awe of how good the game can look. Add to that the fact that it works with the Content Manager and basically sets the current weather either on the track itself or based on your location and we probably have the most immersion adding mod out there. There is one problem though, both the weather settings and the filter bundled with it completely murder the framerate. I'm on an i5 6600K with 16Gig of RAM and a GTX 980 and it's still not enough to run a track with a constant 60FPS with the mod.

    Unmodded AC works like a charm, but the weather presets provided by Kunos always seemed a bit lackluster to me. I get it, the guys are living in sunny Italy, but for me, living in central Europe, probably the most pleasant driving experience was always those early spring country drives with fresh bright green trees, stormy clouds on the horizon and the sun gently shining through. The mod captures this to the pixel, but isn't entirely playable under all circumstances (like adding AI).

    Would it be possible for Kunos to include more weather presets, like the ones in the mod, perhaps integrate it with some real weather app for us to be able to drive in real conditions?
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