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Let's talk wheels...again. why not?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by WildStyle*, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Well I am looking to upgrade closer to the end of the year, there are other things along the way for me...

    Generaly talking wheels...I have G27 good wheel durable enough, but once you have tortured it a bit the gears wear out and now it just feels clunky, AC don't help with having such precise FFB, combine that with an inacurate feedback from the wheel and you got a bad experience...

    So my options are not limited to only Fanatec or Thrustmaster, but other high end wheels just seem to be overly complicated and generaly elusive...

    I'm looking for Durable wheels, which lately seems what Fanatec is not..
    I take it Thrustmaster! I can't say much about it can I? I don't know anything about it. I know the company for durable products, I would have to assume T500 is one of them...

    Fanatec, I like where fanatec goes with their stuff being compatable to just about any equipment you might own, but that duribility issues and price tag, yeah...
    As to Thrustmaster They just have just about anything included with their stuff...Pedals can be inverted which give you 2 sets of pedals basicly, then you have a shifter, true you have to buy it seperatly, but it is both H shifter and SQ not to mention it is durable as well, While fanatec has a hefty priced shifter with a choice to buy SQ or H shifter, rather than have both in one...And T500 has the most degrees of rotation true it is not a truck, but why would you need more?
    Not to mention some time in the next months I wil be buying a hotas joystick with a throtle and what do you know I'm looking Thrustmaster way aswell (Well not entirely, but might aswell), might aswell have peripherals from the same company, otherwise I will end up with 3 more apps on my PC...

    Talking apps...Any of them are plug and play? otherwise I got apps for my apps, little bit too much for me, trew my webcam against the wall yesterday cause it stopped my keyboard from working, go figure...

    But yes durability being my concern for everything except my underwear, the question is! Is it Durable?

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  3. alex72

    alex72 Alien

    Seems you know exactly what wheel to buy. :)

    If i had the cash i would go AccuForce, but im a poor SOB. I will get the T500RS (again) when i can afford it. I liked it. Would like a HOTAS again as well. Have all DCS titles (except A-10) and all LOMAC's and Falcon (F16). Good stuff. :)
  4. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Fanatec is durable, its probably the best out there, but its expensive.
  5. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Why Again? Exactly?

    Sure accuForce is probably one of least elusive stuff, but still it just kinda is. :D Anything I would like from higher end sim gear is either still in development or has been for the past 10 years, or is just a story for sim racers. :D I will stick with retail stuff, just because I know I can get it and then return it just incase. I need Hotas purely for Star citizen, but once I have it why not play some other games. :D

    And sure enough I have done my research.
    As to Blame you should do yours...
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  6. alex72

    alex72 Alien

    There are more expensive awesome wheels - if you have the dough. :)
  7. alex72

    alex72 Alien

    Aaah Star Citizen! Indeed, thats gonna land in my PC as well. However i have to upgrade... Man i have so high hopes for that game. :)

    Ok, no more derailing. Yeah, i would go for T500RS, but its just cause i know how it handles and i like it. Fanatec is great as well, but i never tried it in AC.
  8. some1pl

    some1pl Alien

    Actually, the Fanatec shifter SQ has both sequential and H modes, and you can switch between them in a second. The cheaper one has only H mode. The drawback is that if you don't own fanatec wheel, you have to buy an additional usb adapter to plug it directly to the PC. And the table clamp is extra too.

    About the software, each piece of equipment has its own software anyway. Warthog software is not for wheels.
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  9. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Even if it isn't the same software, it is still under the same roof, so it is already better than two different company equipments...

    Didn't know that about fanatec shifter. figured the cheaper one is Sq while more expensive one H shifter.
  10. If you are looking for durability you might not want to buy Clubsport shifter yet. Only thing you get is much bigger hole on the wall... ;)
  11. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    For the record, Fanatec pulled their shifter off the market due to quality issues.
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  12. Deh

    Deh Racer

  13. Vampire

    Vampire Alien

    Had no trouble with my current Fanbatec SQ shifter or my CSW or my CSP V2's.... or my previous GT3RS V2 or my CSP V1's...

    (Just figure I would try to counter all the people that get on forums to advise of all their trouble with Fanatec gear....as opposed to all the people with gear that works fine and they just carry on using it...not posting about it working fine ;))
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  14. Its not a coincidence that there already is V2 of CSW out. Not a coincidence either that CSS orders are on hold too..

    I have been a fanboy for too long. Finally I've started to report my issues. I just can't smile and close my eyes. Its a lot money and I wan't that people knows where they are putting their money.
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  15. Vampire

    Vampire Alien

    All right settle down, just because my comment was after yours it doesn't mean it was strictly aimed at you (other people posted in this thread apart from you, you know!) - I didn't say it wasn't a coincidence? My CSP's are the V2 as well - I still had no problems with my V1 pedals. Report as much as you want...as it seems the majority of people who have problems with anything do. So good for you for looking out for the wider publics finances.

    I was simply saying for every person who has been a fanboy for too long. Finally I've started to report my issues, there are probably 10 people who have never had an issue and don't feel the need to report anything, maybe more maybe less. I was just saying I have never had a problem with any of my Fanatec gear...just me....not you...not Bob down the road.....just me.

    Anyway....if you don't like Fanatec gear then don't buy it - whats the problem?
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  16. The problem is.. ..I love those products when everything is working. :)

    Trust me, I'm calm. My english isn't perfect and propably causes some misunderstandings... :)

    I have to tell you that I have GT3RS V2 which is still working flawlessly. I had Clubsport Pedals V1 without any problems. I had Thrustmaster TH8RS shifter without any issues. I had Logitech Driving Force Pro without issues. I have DIY made sequential shifter and handbrake without any flaws...

    Some products just are not made to last. A few months ago I decided not to buy CSP V2's and bought Heusinkvelds instead. No issues so far. What I've read about CSP V2's is that everyone isn't happy about the durability of that pedal set. Which I actually find a bit surprising because V1 CSP's was a bullet proof design. Now I'm looking for a handbrake but I just can't buy Clubsport Handbrake. Because my simrig is meant for driving, not for sending my controllers to Germany for repair. I don't remember when I bought my CSS SQ. Not many months ago. Now its broken for the third time. And I haven't even used that much the h-shifter mode which has been the troublemaker. It feels unbelieveable how easily that nice looking piece of hardware can break.
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  17. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I dont have any fantec gear was tempted in the new wheel but it doesnt seem to be a true direct drive wheel as I thought it would be so probably will look at other options still.

    Their oppening lines about focusing on durability must be because their other products werent. I dont see why you would focus so much on something unless it was an issue with their other gear.
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  18. Vampire

    Vampire Alien

    Yea keep an eye out for the new AccuForce wheel - I will be! I am not too fused if my CWS blows up or not...bought it second hand till I get an AccuForce anyway hehe.

    Actually been looking at some Heusinkveld pedals also - but the CSP V2's with some DSD pads are doing the job for now, and have a nice clutch mechanism, so we will see ;)

    As far as why you would focus so much on something unless it was an issue with their other gear.
    If I developed a product, and even 5% of them failed (and got lots of bad publicity because of it) - then I would make some changes and fix the problem too......don't read into it too much!
    I am in aviation and even there nothing is built perfect first time....look at the Boeing 787! Plenty of airlines still buying them.

    I mean you either keep making V1's...or make a few changes and make V2's....you are still producing a wheel either way so why not make a better version of it. They did the same thing with their CSP's. (And as pointed out above some had more trouble with the V2's...what does that say lol).
    Fanatec are just trying to IMPROVE...maybe successfully maybe not, but we should all try to improve :)
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
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  19. Queequeg

    Queequeg Racer

    I've had my T500 for about 8 months now and it's been fine, installed the drivers once, set up the options in the driver menu once (60% overall forces, rest at 100%, 900 degrees rot) and never had any issues. Of course the time period is too short to say anything definitive about durability on my wheel and I have heard of people having problems with belt slipping or malfunctions due to cooling problems (They changed the fan with the introduction of the GT6 branded model AFAIK and you WILL hear it if the fan fails, trust me:)). The older T500s are a few years old now though and I did not get the impression that there are any major reliability issues that you will likely have to deal with after a couple years' use.
    I don't know anything about the Fanatec wheels, but it seems that if you want good reliability your best bet would be to wait a year or two until the new Clubsport Wheelbase v2 issues are known/fixed/confirmed to be nonexistant and make a purchase then if you want to get a Fanatec wheel. Or maybe the Clubsport v1 wheelbase will go down in price used dramatically making that an interesting option as well, if you don't mind used, who knows?

    TL;DR: If you want to upgrade from a G27 now, go Thrustmaster. If you want Fanatec, better wait.
    Edit: @OP You said you want a durable wheel, well you already have the most durable consumer wheel ever made. So it's gonna be hard to find a replacement that will reach that level of durability, but getting something decently reliable is possible ofc.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  20. Snoopy

    Snoopy Alien

    My 2 cents: I have Tx458, but I am only using the base, the rim and pedals are not thrustmaster. I have no idea about durability as I've not had it for long. The base however is amazing. Reviewers say it is quicker than the T500, still weaker. Compared to a clunky g25 it is like night and day.
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