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Little question

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Daffers, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Daffers

    Daffers Rookie

    How can i race as myself in a championship?
    It seems like i can only choose a driver and play as him. Am i missing something?

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  3. pazzi008

    pazzi008 Racer

    You are searching for the "career mode" probably. The championship mode represents the official 2018 championship with only official drivers. In the career mode instead you can race with your name and your team and two team mates whose name is chosen by you
  4. Daffers

    Daffers Rookie

    But the career mode doesnt have a championship. At least it doesnt show standings at all. It is just random races.
    But surely you can race as yourself in championship mode? Why would i want to drive as somebody else? If it is really not there i hope they will implement it in a future update. For me this makes the game unplayable as i would only use it for offline racing.

    Shame, tnx for your answer.
  5. pazzi008

    pazzi008 Racer

    I think there will be a standings in the career mode since theoretically it's still a championship but didn't heard nothing by devs about this.. Let's hope they'll implement it:rolleyes:
    Daffers likes this.

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