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Logitech Driving Force GT wheel settings

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by mikef611, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. mikef611

    mikef611 Rookie

    I have just installed Assetto Corsa on a windows 10 computer and I am using a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel. I have been using IRacing for about 3 years and this wheel works fine.

    I have now spent about 6 hours trying to get this wheel to work in AC and the steering is a disaster. If I turn the steering wheel about 1/4 inch either way, the car slams into the barriers on either side. I have tried the Logitech Profile and the AC wheel settings and I just don't get it.

    Just wondering if there is any sort of suggested setup guide to use this wheel? If not, I may buy a different wheel as this one is just frustrating. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


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  3. Gio07

    Gio07 Gamer

    I have the same steering wheel and it often go completely crazy. Sometimes the centering is not correct, other times it doesn't detect all the pedal travel, and sometimes, as happens to you, it completely loses the adjustment of the degrees of rotation. I think it's a driver problem, the logiech profiler. Now it's an "old-fashioned" product and creates some problems from time to time. I often solve it by uninstalling the profiler and installing it again, repeating the calibration procedure. Have you tried it already?
  4. Freespace

    Freespace Gamer

    Hi Mike!
    I can tell what settings I'm using. First connect your wheel an let it calibrate.
    Open Logtech profiler.
    Option menu. upload_2020-2-9_5-5-15.png upload_2020-2-9_5-6-45.png
    Device menu->Game Controllers->window popup->press properties->press Settings
    When you make this changes and close Settings window you should able to rotate the wheel 900 degrees.
    When wheel at full lock in "properties" window you should see -100% or +100%
    In game settings
    You should see slider in this position only when you at left full lock
  5. mikef611

    mikef611 Rookie

    Thank you for the tips, I will give this a try
  6. mikef611

    mikef611 Rookie

    Thanks so much for the setting suggestions. I am going to try this
  7. desTROY 2

    desTROY 2 Rookie

    you need to make sure the game and wheel profile have the same degs of rotation. if it is 1 deg out then it will do what you are saying, i had the same problem when i first set up acc because my logitech profile was set at 850 not 900

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