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Logitech G29 PS4 FFB settings

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by AC2016, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    Good afternoon all,

    I thought to ask if people can make a list of what FFB settings they are using for the G29.


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  3. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    I'm using just the standard settings, it's working great this way for me.
    AC2016 likes this.
  4. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    do you find it clunky like on that standard settings?
  5. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    No, I'm not finding it clunky at all.
    AC2016 likes this.
  6. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    That's bizarre, my wheel sounds very clunky.
  7. MartyBook

    MartyBook Simracer

    Same here. Haven't played too much with the settings yet but my initial feelings are that if seems a little 'floaty' on the g29 and certainly know where you're coming from with 'clunky' :)
    AC2016 likes this.
  8. MartyBook

    MartyBook Simracer

    Definitely feel it would benefit from tightening up the deadzone a little also
  9. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    What are the orginal settings, I noticed there isn't a reset button for this.
  10. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    Yeah, I'm noticing this clunk now, it's just the gears engaging I guess when the car breaks away from the road. Seem to be better with the understeer effects turned off.

    Can't say it's bothering me that much to be honest, I never really noticed it before. Too busy driving the car.
  11. murfo

    murfo Hardcore Simmer

    FFB 100
    Kerb FFB 40
    Road FFB 50
    Slip FFB 0
    Understeer OFF
    Use H Shifter OFF
    Rifles and Cdiff like this.
  12. Northlander74

    Northlander74 Rookie

    I'm currently using the default with the following...

    FFB 100
    Kerb FFB 40
    Road FFB 50
    Slip FFB 25
    Understeer ON
    Use H Shifter ON

    As for the 'mechanical' noises from the G29, it's normal as it uses double gearing for it's drive. Something I've been used to since using a Driving Force, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force GT, G27 and now the G29. For me it's not an issue
    Cdiff likes this.
  13. TDS

    TDS Alien

    FFB 100
    Kerb FFB 0
    Road FFB 0
    Slip FFB 0
    Understeer OFF
    should help lots with clankness and its a pure ffb this way ( no post added ffb efx multiplyers only what the physics engine generates)
    C. Morton and murfo like this.
  14. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    Thanks for all the tips so far, i thought it was just mine that made this noise.

    I shall try all the settings posted and report back.

    Thank you
  15. murfo

    murfo Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you! This removes 99% of the clankiness, gonna use this as a base and start moving the others up by a couple of % to see when it starts coming back
    TDS likes this.
  16. cogonieznajom

    cogonieznajom Rookie

    ok i have a big problem, first drive after buy the game is ok. second drive, and... gears on my logitech g29 don't work... help:(
  17. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    Did you find adjusting anything brings back the clanking noise.
  18. murfo

    murfo Hardcore Simmer

    So far, I've turned FFB strength down to 85 coz it felt a little too tight at 100 around centre, i have dialed up kerb to 5%, road to 8%, and slip to 10% with little to no clanking (unless I've totally lost it sideways into a wall)
    AC2016 likes this.
  19. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    Great, can you still deal the curbs and etc if you was to go over one, when driving does the steering feel light?
  20. daverobf5a

    daverobf5a Rookie

    I dropped the FFB setting to 80 all other settings left as is apart from slip set to 20 it feels really good and definitely reduced the clunking, all that noise is the gears catching inside the base, it's not going to hurt your wheel but is distracting, limitations of the hardware, saying that I really like the wheel so accept it for what it is.
    Northlander74 likes this.
  21. C. Morton

    C. Morton Rookie

    I very much agree, this has a huge FFB deadzone in the center compared to using GT6 with this wheel. Its very unrealistic feeling and really takes away from the car feel, I'm surprised more people are not complaining about it.
    We REALLY need dead zone adjustments!
    MartyBook likes this.

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