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Looking for a mentor/trainer/advice coach

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Wizzard 1969, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    I’ve been trying sim racing for one year. In that year I’ve only done one thing. I’ve tried to take the Mercedes SLS Amg road car around Laguna Seca and achieve a time in the 134s. This is all I’ve ever done ,never tried any other car raced against anyone or anything. All I want is a 134 ish time. My best time is 135.7 a pure fluke. I’m consistent in the mid to low 136s.
    1. Are there any coaches out there?
    2. I literally still need help with my fanatec gear not sure I’m getting the most out of it keep messing with settings v3 brake settings etc
    3. I’m tired of driving around and around making the same mistakes but not knowing what they are I seem to be stuck but as hard as I try can’t figure out what I need to learn what am I not doing?

    If anyone out there would be willing to go on a long journey teaching me this skill answering my silly questions etc etc please let me know. I’m not rich but if anyone does one on one coaching I could come up with some bucks. Thank you for reading

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  3. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    The car ultimately does at the very best a 1.34.low so coaching someone into a 1.34 is going to be very hard.

    Show a video of one of your 1.36.low. People should be able to spot a few obvious things and get you to 1.35.low but beyond that it becomes a few incredibly subtle things that make the difference.
  4. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Oh nooo lol tks for the reply and I’d post a low 136 but I have no idea how to do such a thing
  5. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @Wizzard 1969 Look into the settings of the game and look for replays. There should be a way to look at your own videos in the game and transfer them out of the game by sharing.
    Also in the settings make sure that the time of the replays is long enough to capture many laps so you can review them.
  6. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Thank you but I don’t know how to transfer out of games or how to share them. It won’t do me much good reviewing the Laps if I don’t know where I’m messing up ‍♂️
  7. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    Have a look here, I'm not sure why this site isn't mentioned more www.driver61.com. Really good tutorials
  8. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Thanks Winston I will check it out
  9. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @Wizzard 1969 Do you use the Delta timer in game? It will show you as you make laps the places that you are gaining time and losing time in real time. It shows losing time in red and gaining time in green.
    Also do you run laps against the fastest lap ghost on? Another question is are you using a base line setup or are you changing the setup to your driving style?
  10. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Yes I was using delta timer but turned it off cause I was watching it more than watching where I was going, No ghost on but I might try that, and I’m using the setup from the guy who holds the fastest lap time.
  11. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @Wizzard 1969 Is the setup good for your driving style or are you having to make changes in how you drive to accomplish these lap times? Meaning are you comfortable with the setup or did you have to force yourself to get used to the setup to get faster?
  12. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    I’m not really sure should I go back to default setup and try?
  13. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    Yep as Phil said this combo 1.34's is an alien time, I couldn't resist having a little go after reading this thread as I used to really enjoy racing the SLS online and hadn't used it since January 2018 :)

    After 6 laps just managed to get into the 35's at 26 degree temp but the SM tyres fall away from optimum levels of grip pretty quickly, they don't last too long on a car of this power, certainly not the way I drive it lol. Such a fun car though, thanks for the reminder to drive it :D


    For me, when hotlapping it really helps to use the ghost car with a 1 or 2 second advantage, gives me basically a pace car just a bit in front from which I can more easily see where to improve. Also I am more concentrated in a race situation than hotlapping so this helps me get in that mindset like I am lining up a pass maybe 2 laps ahead, just need to halve the gap this lap!
    A ghost car which is not set to be in front of you is distracting AF and I think turns many off the ghost car. As others mentioned use of a delta meter really helps too, once you get a good baseline it makes it very easy to see what influence slight changes in line etc do to your actual pace.

    If you can work out how to do a video it would get you a lot more useful feedback, really now we can only speculate and give general advice but can't see if you are doing anything wrong.

    Honestly if you are consistent at the mid to low 36's that really isn't a bad pace. To gain another second or more you will need to become a VERY experienced simracer I would say, and a bit of luck too, that sort of pace isn't even guaranteed even if you put another x amount of years in.

    So I would advise branching out, maybe take your experience in the SLS and use that to learn other tracks. Then other cars...
    I believe I personally benefited from driving a variety of different vehicles, and tracks of course; you may find for example if you branch out that after some time you come back to the original combo and smash your previous time! Sometimes it is easy to get a bit of a mental block on improvement and variety can help this I reckon.
    Biner, Tenn Racer and paul_wev like this.
  14. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Wow thanks this is very helpful i appreciate it greatly !!!!
  15. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @LeiF All very good points to use in his attempts to get faster. I also find that changing to another discipline is a good way to get out of the same old thing mentality.

    @Wizzard 1969 I'm not sure changing the setup back to "stock" would be a terrible thing but it at least will show you how different the car behaves without the Alien setup.
    paul_wev likes this.
  16. Wizzard 1969

    Wizzard 1969 Gamer

    Good idea appreciate all this feedback so much
  17. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Here's an onboard which may be of use for rough line, gears & brake points. Definitely not the best line through the left after the corkscrew and a bit too aggressive on throttle but other than that it was okay.

    Biner likes this.
  18. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @Andy-R What was the actual lap time of the video. I know the video is 1:57 long but what is the lap time?
  19. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    chksix, Biner and LeiF like this.
  20. Tenn Racer

    Tenn Racer Rookie

    @Andy-R I'm not trying to be critical of your lap but have you tried to run a bit wider after going under the bridge after the corkscrew? You run very tight to the curb on that left-hander giving you a slower exit speed.
    I have not used the AMG on that track so the handling of the car I'm not familiar with.

    Side note I see in your sig that you use the Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals.
    How do you like them?
  21. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Yes it isn't the best line through there, I think I mentioned so when I posted the video. After I made the second correction out of the corkscrew I felt I may not be able to get it slowed enough if I took the right line so I played it safe as I was on a decent lap, I don't think it cost that much time taking the line I did.

    I'm certainly not claiming it is a perfect lap. The OP wants to get into the 34's so as mentioned when I posted the video he may be able to get some rough ideas from an onboard replay that could get him closer to that goal.

    I like my CSP's but I havent used any other half decent pedals to compare them to. I bought them to replace my G27 pedals so needless to say they are nicer than those. I've had plenty of issues though, for ages I kept losing function in a pedal so I would have to undo the little circuit board on the underside and unplug and replug a cable which fixed it every time. They also fail to fully engage or disengage quite often and need a clean to sort that out. I leave a 2% deadzone top and bottom for each pedal just incase. The clutch spring snapped recently but luckily one of the springs from my unused T500 pedals was a perfect replacement. Overall I'm happy with them, they've done the job for quite a few years now.

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