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PS4 looking for a racing community

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by DUNKY- DOPEUS, May 17, 2020.


    DUNKY- DOPEUS Simracer

    evening all
    im looking for a racing community on ps4 to join for league races etc for when compotizione is released
    uk or europe only please because of time difference
    i will only be interested in assetto as ive tryed the rest and assetto is best
    i consider myself an experienced sim racer but definitely not one of the faster ones i love a good clean race above all else
    thanks for reading i look forward to some replys
    Last edited: May 17, 2020
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  3. bfeher01

    bfeher01 Rookie

  4. Daniel Birch

    Daniel Birch Rookie

    I would highly recomend:


    well organised and lots leagues available. There is currently a project cars 2 GT3 league on wednesday evenings and am sure there will will an ACC one soon after release. Brilliant community of clean racers and active forums.
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  5. ad13b

    ad13b Rookie

    Feel free to join the community I run - PlayStation Sim Racing.
    At this moment we are running Assetto Corsa Cup series on each Sunday around 8PM CEST.
    The moment ACC is released we will start moving over there.

    You can join our Discord server here - https://discord.gg/PAhpgzC
    Or message me at PSN - my ID is obda13
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  6. Daz730

    Daz730 Racer

    You already know where to be mate
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