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Looking for small groups/clubs to test new site

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by firben, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. firben

    firben Rookie

    So - i have made a website, for racers to create clubs and run their own mini-communities. It is in the very early stages, and not even what you'd call Beta, but non the less, i'd like to have it launched and used by users.

    Each club has:
    • Its own forum/discussion section
    • Its own blog
    • Its own homepage/front page with custom content
    • Options to set privacy to public, open, closed or private
    • Can have multiple moderators
    The idea is that users sign up and can join any club they want (and are qualified/invited to). This give more flexibility and gathers all notifications and information into one place (for example one calendar for all your planned sessions and races, across any club).
    For me, this give a better place to display information and have discussions, than discord or facebook, that can be messy, noisy and information gets pushed down the feed too fast.

    For now, i am looking for groups with users who need a place to run their group. I'll give you a home for your club, as long as you give me feedback on how the features work, if people need more to stay engaged, and general feedback on the functionality. Only Assetto Corsa users for now, but any platform goes (PC/PS/xBox).

    Let me know if you and your friends are interested, and i will give you more information on where the site is, and how to procede.


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