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Losing interest?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by petesky, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. petesky

    petesky Simracer

    the new update and new content's been released for a few days however I still haven't tried it out.. I think I'm losing interest with race sims in general..have not touched rf2, automobilista, dirt etc for a few weeks now..perhaps I'm yearning for sequels to these awesome titles? I find myself playing super street fighter 2 turbo all the time now...I still love visiting the forum everyday and I'll purchase future dlcs..but is anybody here from the early access days losing interest as well?

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  3. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Quite the opposite. With each update I dig more into AC. I hardly play any other games at the moment and with about 900h of playing time AC has easily the lowest cost per hour regarding the purchasing price of the game + DLC. ;)

    However, if you found other stuff that you like more at the moment enjoy that, because that's the important thing.
    Maybe at some point you'll come back to AC. :)
  4. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I'm playing AC since almost 3 years. In the past I had phases I didn't play AC for a while, because other things I enjoyed more.
    Of course each update and DLC brought me back, but ever since I'm active in the community (since around Red Pack DLC) I haven't had such phases of not playing AC any more. Especially finding good online servers is a big part of it.
    Before online I did hotlap, track days and races offline, now I'm mostly online. Offline only for cars that I just want to do some laps in, sometimes with AI cars for a track day.

    But since quite some time now I didn't play any other games (excluding casual games on the phone/iPad), so as I reinstalled my OS half a year ago AC was the only game I installed and it still is the only game installed on my PC.
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  5. Fab85

    Fab85 Hardcore Simmer

    Mhhh no, it's a drug :D, after about 1700 h i wait every update like a baby since EA ;)
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  6. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    For me AC is still going strong, if your not into race sims any more then that may explain it. Sequals of current titles will still be race sims but there is plenty of content and options in terms of race sims not just in AC but a few other good options. They aren't for everyone and some just want more or newer stuff while likely ever really using what they already have close to its potential.

    Race sims to me are like driving real cars on track, I can never really get enough and can always improve myself. Sure more features and content is always welcome and advancement in sims in general. But just like you can take a car on a track you dont really need much more then a car and a track to kill lots of time and have fun doing it.
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  7. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I have had periods where I dont want to play racing games at all. Sometimes I dont want to play anything. Periods like that sucks but when you least expect it you want to play again. At least you enjoy other games so theres still hope. ;P
  8. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Just like motorsport in general IMO. :) There are times where i have a couple of weeks, up to a couple of months breaks from sim racing though. But, i always come back at some point, and then it is really fun again.
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  9. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    @op Nope, quite the opposite for me, and I joined the bandwaggon in 2014.
    Real life and other interests interfere quite a bit though.

    However, I do not have any interest in the aspect of Assetto Corsa being a game, and I do not want it to entertain me.
    I just want to hop into the car and track I feel like at the time and enjoy myself in the immersion of driving and manhandling the car.
    Redlining it, changing down through the gears, blipping the engine, aiming for apexes, traversing corners, feeling the body of the car roll, I can do this for hours.
  10. hazardic

    hazardic Alien

    can't get what are you talking here guys:D typically i have so little time to play ac so i try to use any small possibility to jump into my cockpit and play at least 30 min - so many intentions to do.. yet having an almost wife, full-time job and some duties i reaaly have a lack of time for play due my boring life:D more to tell - i can't view even still some old alms and wec broadcasts i have on my nas so your "losing interest" thing looks like a joke for me:D
  11. chakko

    chakko Alien

  12. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

  13. AlfaGunner

    AlfaGunner Racer

    Yes, its because it a sim, sim's are generally bland, boring and take a lot of concentration.

    I find I am hardly playing nowa days, maybe 1 hour per week, you need to mix it up by playing other games. Playing just AC or any other sim becomes boring.

    But its nice to come back to AC every now and then just for a spin.
  14. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    I came to AC right from the beggining after having lost my flying mojo in IL2 Sturmovik having played for about 7 years....Now I have to fight off the urge to get the racing seat out and race and hardly fly at all, so it can happen I suppose, but for me, AC still has me hooked and wanting more, not necessarily more cars, I have only scrathed the surface (I never tend to drive road cars, just GT3 and the like) but the features that make this more than a game.
  15. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Multiplayer gives a game longevity for me. Without decent MP AC would be the same as all other SP games on my HDD, play for a few weeks then bored and stop.
    Skins and testing/researching mods can add another element to the game as well.
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  16. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    No fear of loosing my interest to AC, and AMS, until Reiza and Kunos brings something new.
  17. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Nope. Now that I've got a proper sim rig setup I can race more than I did. With my last tabletop setup racing could be frustrating, and setting everything up could be a hassle that never felt right, now it's pretty straightforward and easy. With VR it's even better. I've completely lost interest in all other types of gaming.

    My problem is finding time, by the time I get home from work and have the dinner it can be after 9pm. Sim racing can leave me a bit wired so it's often not a good idea to be racing up to 1am.
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  18. TDS

    TDS Alien

    He is loosing Internerds? :D
  19. Bo-Göran Larsson

    Bo-Göran Larsson Hardcore Simmer

    Without Rsr and multiplayer I would not had spend so much time. Two things that prolongs this racing game life from 1-2 years to 4-5 years. And then you have to consider if you buy this game from a gamers perspective or as a car lover with a passion for driving.
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  20. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I usually have two four-months-long university semesters living away from my family. During that time I usually play very often. For the rest of the year when I'm home I tend to have lots of thins to entertain me, so I end up forgetting AC.
  21. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    I come here almost everyday, write an answer to a thread, but delete it 95% of the time. Anybody knows that story?

    Yes, it feels like 5 years of AC doesn´t really bring much surprise anymore, even though it´s in the best shape ever. But, my rig is still always ready to race, if I want and if I got time.
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