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Lotus Type 49 Setup Help

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by LotusRacer, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. LotusRacer

    LotusRacer Gamer


    I'm a long-time NKPro driver and just moved to AC.

    I really enjoyed driving the Formula Fords in NKP, and love the Type 49 in AC. I am however, experiencing a small problem regarding car set-up.

    I can get the car to handle nicely, and I feel as if I can drive it hard, but when I look at my lap times, they seem slow.

    I can corner fast, but the car will slide out if I'm too fast. I prefer my cars to be neutral or slightly under steer (I appreciate this harms lap times), but with that said, I'm hitting the curbs in the right places, and I think generally driving well.

    Is there an easy way to show my current car set up? Any tips or set ups to try would be great.

    I have a similar issue with the car on other circuits. The car clearly needs a different set up for each circuit, and each time I can quite easily get the car feeling good on a particular track, but I always seem to hit a performance limit and I'm unable to improve the car handling to the point I can make the gains required to improve my lap times.

    I'm broadly flat out to the next corner, and brake into the corner, then transition to power on the exit. The lines look good, and I can't really see a way to improve acceleration out of the corner.

    My only guess is the turn entry itself is slow (necessary to get the car around the corner).

    The car tends to slide out on all 4 wheels rather than loss of rear or front traction. This suggests a general lack of grip? I'm aware this car is famous for that, and that it has been captured well in AC.

    Tyre temps are consistent, with a slight spread of 4-6 degrees in-out (hotter on the inside).

    It would appear I am getting the maximum from the car and that I'm limited by the available grip, but the times others are posting suggests otherwise.

    In the couple of races I did with AI, I can easily keep pace, and outperform the AI (stupid mistakes excepted - I'd rate my racing level as "newbie" :D - I just drive for the fun and technical aspects of getting a good car set up). In AC nomenclature, I prefer to hot lap.

    My best lap times:

    * Silverstone National - 1:02.116
    * Magione: 1:23.136
    * Brands Hatch: 1:42.690

    I'm more than willing to say "become better at driving" LOL. I just think there is a little bit more to be squeezed out of the car.

    The reason for this post is I have tried online racing (BMW M3 E30). From what I can tell aside from a few changes that can be made to the car, the car is broadly fixed in its set up and so racing against other humans is skill rather than the car (if that makes sense).

    I did notice however that my car seemed a tad slower at straight line acceleration. I thought a couple of times I was actually faster through a corner than the competition, and I wasn't delaying the application of throttle, feeding it gently as I straightened out.

    Also, any tips on trail braking? I found the Type 49 loves it, but I don't quite have the finesse yet.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2018

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  3. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    I found more diff on power helps with that thing, makes it steadier on turn in for me and nicer to control on power
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  4. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Hmm silverstone national happens to be my "test track" ... you can do 55.7 in completely default setup (including brake balance, pressures etc) so you might want to see if you are pushing throttle pedal fully (there is "pedals" app for that) especially if you were overtaken racing in E30's. The only other thing that comes to mind is shifting too early or maybe using auto clutch, especially if that "M3 E30" was actually a DTM car not the street version.

    As for showing/sharing setup, you could just upload it here (sets are saved in documents -> Assetto corsa -> setups). You could also upload a replay (also in documents->AC) just zip it beforehand. It would probably be the best way to see if somethings wrong with the car or is it the driver. A good way of showing/sharing setups is "setup market" too (you can google that).

    Tips for trailbraking - i'd say for a car like lotus 49 make sure your hardware (brake pedal) is well set, small deadzones to maximize travel, no excessive brake gamma ( 1.6 is probably max you want to see, 1 is for really good brakes or load cells ) etc.
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  5. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Low 1:25 or high 1:24 is probably about right for Brands GP. I prefer to drive the 312 but no idea how to set it up either. Even old F1 cars are too complicated!
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  6. LotusRacer

    LotusRacer Gamer

    The lap times are in the Lotus 49, not the BMW. I'll try the BMW (street version, stock).

    I'm fairly sure I do have full pedal travel - I will check again.
  7. LotusRacer

    LotusRacer Gamer

    I need more practice! :D
  8. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    It's been a while since I've been in this one (and actually I'm not the fastest either with 1:27.7 at Brands Hatch), but iirc there isn't too much to be done in the setup, the key in this (just like the old Maseratis and the Lotus 25) is the driving style.
    They have to be driven in a completely different style compared to modern race cars, you have to throw them around corners.
    So the answer is pretty much: practice!

    Actually the Lotus 49 is rather nice still. Try the Lotus 25 if you want to frustrate yourself.
    I'm relatively good at handling older cars but even I got frustrated with the unpredictive behavior of it and just gave up at some point. ^^
    The Maseratis are really nice though once you get the hang of it.
    Try that one around Highlands Long. Really an epic drive!
    (and beat my 4:23.8, if you need a target lap time ;))
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  9. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Just a guesstimate based on the Ferrari 312's pace around there so maybe I'm wrong. Apparently we can share delta's so perhaps someone could provide you with a delta at your chosen circuit or you could upload a video to get some pointers that way instead :)
  10. LotusRacer

    LotusRacer Gamer

    I've read about this "deltas" thing before - do I need an app in the sim to get this? Which one?

    Is there a way to record and analyze telemetry afterwards?
    Andy-R likes this.
  11. LotusRacer

    LotusRacer Gamer

    Challenge accepted! ;) Thanks for the suggestion, too!
  12. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    There is default one in the app bar on the right hand side I think but I use the Race Essentials app which has a delta built in. If you move the cursor to the far right whilst on track you will see the apps menu, just look for the one called delta. You can learn plenty from your own delta so I would recommend using it. If you download Race Essentials or Sidekick you can input other peoples delta's to see where you are losing most of the time. In that right hand side app bar you will also see "pedals app" which shows your inputs so you can check to make sure your pedals are reaching 100%.
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  13. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    If it weren't so freaking hot, I'd jump into the racing seat myself, but well … it is freaking hot … :(
    So, better go MTB-ing. :D
  14. Fabri Fibra

    Fabri Fibra Gamer

    I think the Lotus 49 has few grip on the rear, and a decent grip front. The car has totally changed as handling and speeds from version 1.5 of AC (if I remember correctly).

    I suggest using soft rear springs, no too much of anti-roll bar too. The front can be a little harder. Watch out the cambers, especially the rear-one better not to have more then -1, this often means sacrificing the "lowering" of the car.
    The soul of the car is the differential. I usually use 55-40, on tracks with fast corners even 60.
    The limiter can safely be set to 10 thousand RPM.

    I felt the steering wheel too light, so I increased the ffb for this car.

    Lotus 25 is a total different car (at least in AC, no idea in RL). The 25 is less dangerous, and is slightly understeering when you are not on throttle or brakes; she can be driven quite brutally so. With Lotus 49, it's better to be gentle.
    The correct tyres pressure for the Lotus 25 is 38 psi.

    About times, i think 1.26 at Brands with the 49 is a good time.
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