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Lower Performance after a while

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Jemoeder, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Jemoeder

    Jemoeder Rookie

    I recently got a new pc ( i7 9700k, rtx2080 super, ssd, 16gb ram) and discovered a major issue.
    when i restart my pc initally the performance is great, +-140 fps in benchmark but after a short while (+-15minutes) i notice lower performance. when i benchmark again the loading is a lot slower and the benchmark stalls at +-65 fps. no matter what i do i can't get back to 140 fps in the benchmark until i restart.
    I have tried different driver, disabling background apps, trying all kinds of settings in cm, csp and sol. AC through steam instead of cm behaves the same so it's not cm.

    has anyone encountered this problem or does anyone have suggestions?

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  3. Nice specs.

    Compare system temps from the peak to low benchmark results.

    First thought is thermal throttling over time.
    That would explain performancs taking a moment to decrease.

    What case, cooler, fans, and flow configuration?
  4. Jemoeder

    Jemoeder Rookie

    this is the setup i got, but with a different cpu, gpu and a EKL ALPENFĂ–HN SELLA EVO cpu cooler.

    Here are some screens, first is when performance is fine, second is after 15 minutes.
    the only thing i notice is it's hitting 70+ degrees, could it be throttling that low?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I assume not.
    Only thing that stands out is CPU usage climbed to nearly max on some cores over time which kinda makes sense given how much more stuff os being piled up during the length of a race.

    I think you would have to run a proper 3rd-party benchmark to see what the true system temps are because for all we know Task Manager did not see the spike causing thermal throttling if it did occur.

    I never expect races to remain at a constant fps over time, especially on race starts, but that is a huge drop.

    You could check out LinusTech or JayzTwoCents on Youtube for some quick tips on testing such things.

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