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M3 Drift King achievement

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Dori, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    I made this to show the route I took around the track to get drift king achievement. Hope it helps.

    Edit: I decided to add a few tips and make this more helpful to people who maybe don't understand how the drift mode works. I also added an on board video of the E92 of my actual run when I got the drift king achievement.

    It can help to burn out against the pit wall at the start to warm your tyres if you are struggling at the start with too much grip. If you are careful you can do it without setting the timer off.

    The hand brake makes everything easier, it's like a safety net for when you don't want to do extreme drifting. Instead of having to flick the car fast to do a transition, you can just transition lightly and pull the hand brake just as the weight shifts to the other side, it makes it much easier for beginners, you can just drag the *** around the place instead of committing to extreme feint or clutch kicking entries.

    If you drift with enough angle and have the throttle on or using the hand brake, you see a spinning wheel symbol with smoke on the GUI, you are getting double points when you see this. The E30 can get this much easier than the E92, but the E92 is more stable and you are probably less likely to spin it out and lose your points.

    You need to see the GUI, it tells you how much time you have and how far to the next level.

    When the timer is still going it doesn't matter if you spin or go off course, you will lose what ever points you had for that drift, but you can keep going.

    If you run out of time you must keep drifting until you get to the next level, or else your go is over.

    Don't forget to stop drifting every now and then to bank your points, otherwise you will lose all your score if you spin or go off course.

    The higher the combo and score you get the more time you get rewarded when you bank your points.

    If you can get combos between 50 and 100 near the start you can get around 10 minutes on the clock.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
  2. Bailey

    Bailey Alien

    Thanks for the info. I don't know if I can do that for such a long time though. I might have to put on a movie :)
  3. Quertreiber

    Quertreiber Racer

    Yes, that should be the best one to get the achievements. I used the same route but failed at level 56 with the E92. Maybe i'll try again with the E30.
  4. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    I added some of the tips I wrote in the other thread here in case people need it. If you can think of any tips to add to my list let me know.

    I did it in the E92 because it's a bit more stable, but the E30 will build points much faster and it's easier to link the course without the use of handbrake with the E30 too.

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