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Make more punishing penalty system

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Ryoka, Jan 31, 2021.

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  1. Ryoka

    Ryoka Rookie

    Hello all,

    This is my first post over these forums and unfortunately it is out of pure angery, and sorry in advance for a wall of text, but i simply had to realease it somewhere.

    Earlier i did simmialr thread on steam forums, but here goes.

    In the last 14 days i've been part of total 43 races, and guess how many did not end in the first minute for me ?
    A juicy "5".

    What happened to the remaining 38 you might ask ?
    29 of them ended for me on first turn because of people who do not respect others at all, either full throttle or bumber cars. some contact is fine, it happens.
    But most of the time i end in gravel or in barriers, thats no light contact, mostly i am so damaged after T1 there is no reason for me to continue the race if its not at least 1 hour long.

    The other 9 races ended anywhere between T2-T5.


    I keep watching the driver that killed me for next few laps, and ussualy they take about 2-3 more drivers......
    And what, they will simply go to singleplayer and grind back that SA up so they can join again a multiplayer race, which again they will ruin for others.

    I have wasted a total of 542 minutes on qualifications and raced for 142 minutes, great disproportion....

    And below i offer a suggestion which i also posted on steam forums.

    Please improve the penalty system so it can actually detect who was at fault and stop punishing both drivers equally, this makes no sense.

    The thing i'd love to see would be "cooldowns" for multiplayer races if same driver keep causing crashes over and over, for example 15 minutes cooldown to join a multiplayer lobby, if within 24h from served penalty he causes major crash again, double it, making it 30 minutes this time, caused another accident within 24h of serving penalty, double it again, and so on.

    Penalty for calculating could be based out of speed change relative to control input.
    If you're braking on T1 and suddenly you get a speed boost, this ussualy means someone fell in love with your rear, thus it should penalize the guy which causes that speed increase in your car.
    But there should also be exception regarding this rule, as this could red flag people that got caught up in the accident, like car 1 bumping into car 2 which then bumped into car 3, the car 2 and 3 should be totally skipped in this case and potential penalty should also be counted towards car 1. Meaning the more domino effect you cause the more severe the punishment would be, this would definetly cool down full throttle T1 heroes.

    Another feature i would welcome with open arms would be to separate SA value betweem single and multiplayer, thus forcing people to actually behave in the multiplier lobbies once they realize they won't be able to grind back lost SA racing with AI.

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  3. Unf

    Unf Racer

    If everything you said was on public or CP servers, lets try Sim Grid Daily races: https://beta.thesimgrid.com/
    People there are way more... normal.

    On public races you have everyone - from good drivers to 12 years old crashers.
    CP races should be better, but SA cap here is 78 so... you still can get crashers etc.

    It is how it is, beacuse since SA idea is brilliant, for some reasons it means nothing in the game. Propably beacuse SA can be gained on single player, or it is easy to achive overall for everyone.
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  4. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    All I can suggest to you is: Be careful the first lap, do not only look forward but even before braking have a glance in the mirror and be aware of opponents beside you.
    If you have your braking points and you know you will brake good for the corner, look in the mirror again watching what the cars behind you are doing. Is there someone missing the braking point? Is there someone who tries to divebomb? Is there anybody going over the grass (= no braking).
    If... when this is happening place your car not to be hit, maybe open up the steering, go wide, try to evade those.
    Racing in open lobbies is not only about opponents in front, but more about evading chaos in the first lap.
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  5. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    Sure, if it were that simple. There's a reason not a single racing game has such a system in place: it's extremely difficult to write software that can analyse an incident, determine potential mitigating factors and determine causality and blame, all while keeping performance at a level where people don't complain about having to buy or rent expensive hardware just to run a server for ACC. Not only that, people would still be debating why the programming would assign blame to person A, and not person B.

    As it stands, the SA system works:
    - A safe driver gets involved in incidents caused by others
    - An unsafe driver gets involved in incidents caused by others, and in incidents caused by themselves.

    The safe driver will have high SA rating, the unsafe driver will have lower SA rating. Learn to anticipate movement of others, learn to stay out of trouble and most importantly: don't cause any incidents yourself and your SA rating will be fine. I frequently enjoy starting last at Monza and have an SA rating of 98.
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  6. Ryoka

    Ryoka Rookie

    My biggest gripe with SA system is the fact that it is not exclusive to multiplayer only.

    I've had better races on 60 SA servers than on 90+.
    The system simply does not value players as drivers, i wouldnt not mind if there was also another participation in race factor.
    Due to those crashes im jumping between 9550 and 9600 rating..... like how am i supposed to get a decent progress read out.
    I already gave up on braking thru 9800 rating as at current rate i do not see it happening at all.

    Not only SA requirement but also CC and CN, for examply to join you'd need 80 SA but also at least 80 CC and CN.
  7. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

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