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PS4 Message received: "You have been banned from this server"

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by bradleyland, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Twice today I have been booted from a server and received this message:

    "You have been banned from this server"

    I've never seen it before.

    The first time was GT3 at Barcelona. I joined during qualifying, and I didn't even make it out of the pits before I was out and received that message. There were at least 7 or 8 players in the lobby at that time.

    The second time was Endurance at Red Bull ring. I joined during qualifying, the race started, and as we were rounding turn 1 (zero contact btw), boom, I was out. Now, this time, there were only 3 people in the server, two of which were in front of me, and they were both driving, so I have no idea how anyone could have even kicked me. Strange.

    So really my question is, when someone initiates a vote to kick you, do you see it? I try to be an extremely clean racer, so I can't imagine I get many kick votes. I don't know that I've ever seen one though, so I'm not sure if I even see when someone attempts to kick me.

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  3. SkechBG

    SkechBG Racer

    Looks like any kind of bug or error...because if someome is voting you can see in top right corner info and a timer to vote... So this looks like a error...i recomend you if happens again..and if you play on Ps4 for exemple..you cam save your by defaut 15 min gameplay..and later watch it if you miss the vote screen..and if you dont see it you can share your video with Kunos or 505 support to inform it about that....
  4. A2J2

    A2J2 Gamer

    I play on xbox often in a larger group the other night I qualified 1St and someone else not in the group initiated a vote to kick me i never saw it appear only because we were in a party chatting I was made aware of it, so safe to say that if you're on the receiving end there is no warning it just kicks you when/if the votes are enough
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  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    On the PC version the person being voted on doesn't see the message and also for obvious reasons doesn't get a vote. ;)

    I don't know the vote kick percentage needed on console servers but if there were 2 friends in they could pretty much kick anyone new that joins for no reason, this is why public voting pretty much is useless as too low a percentage or low numbers in a server people working together can easily kick everyone joining they don't want in for whatever reason. Have the vote percentage too high and a busy server if someone is actually causing issues the chance of getting them kicked is very low.
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  6. SkechBG

    SkechBG Racer

    I dont know how exactly works the kick system on PC because i only play with my community members, and on console i never been voted to kick...but see other votes on my screen...so maybe im wrong..and is possible to be kicked without advice...
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    You will see a kick vote for any vote but not for yourself, I doubt if the person being voted on got a vote they would also vote to kick themselves. I don't have the console version but I see no real reason for it to display voting differently to the pc and there would be no reason to give the person being voted on a vote.

    MP side is likely a bit different to the PC and as you guys still cant set up servers yourself, the way it is on PC is we have a basic vote percentage for kick votes and for session votes. Default vote setting is at 70% for both and this seems quite high but with small numbers it doesn't take many to kick people but as numbers build its rather difficult.

    As an example at 70% if 3 people are in a server and a kick vote is called on one of them then he is excluded from the vote so all it takes is the 2nd person to vote yes to the first guys call to kick as 2 of 2 is 100% and will win any percentage of kick votes. If there are 11 people in then 7 of the 10 voting would need to vote yes so you can see how its much more likely to get kicked with small numbers then large numbers but if there was a group of friends in a server with voice chat then even at 70% setting they can fairly easily control access to anyone they don't want and kick them soon after joining.

    This is assuming that vote kick on console servers is set to the default but it could easily be set lower then this meaning people can take control of a server even easier, you guys have no private servers atm so I would assume there are groups that are likely doing this atm. Once you get control of your own servers these guys will be able to set passwords for access limiting it to only people they allow so it should be less of an issue then, but IMHO this seems like what is going on here for people being kicked for no reason.
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  8. I remember I once joined a server, and as soon as it got done loading, it said the same thing to me. I hadn't even gotten in the server and it said I was banned.
  9. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    This is great info, thanks martcerv! I have a feeling that both times I encountered groups who were working together to control a lobby. I've seen threads and online guides that actually spell out processes/workflows to accomplish this. At the root of it, I was puzzled as to why I didn't see the kick vote, but your explanation makes it clear. I don't see votes that aim to kick me.

    In my first example, I did see a lot of PSN IDs with prefixes, so it's likely I encountered a group that was running a structured online race.

    In the second example, with only 3 people, it seems likely that they kicked me because of the race format; it was an endurance server. The race started with 2 LMP1 cars and 2 GT cars. I joined late (directly to the starting grid), and someone initiated a kick vote for the guy in the LMP1 car. I checked the session screen and saw that the guy in the LMP1 hadn't managed a qualifying lap, so I voted to kick, just to be safe. In hindsight, I'm thinking that the two guys in the GT cars just wanted to race alone, so they voted to kick the faster LMP1 drivers.

    Anyway, this is just the long way around saying I think I understand it now. Thanks for the insight!
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  10. alex21212121

    alex21212121 Gamer

    Sometimes there is a glitch and when I return to pits it thinks I'm going the wrong way, after a few times it kicks me automatically
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  11. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, I've run in to that one before as well. You get a different message though. Something like: "You have been kicked for repeatedly driving the wrong direction." I've also been kicked for impact to another car when some idiot parked their car on the other side of a blind curve (there are many on Nords). I should have paid heed to the yellow flag :\ I had my HUD in tyre temp/pressure mode.
  12. SchumiF399

    SchumiF399 Racer

    This happened 3 times today for no apparent reason. It is getting really annoying.
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