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Mod that seems to make night racing in AC possible? (Working headlights)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ShredatorFIN, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Edit: Updating this post to raise awareness of this awesome project. At the time I wrote the original post, everything was at much earlier stage, and this post was pretty hastily written

    Modders made full night racing in AC possible.

    Some screens by kelnor34:


    Yes, that is AC1. How to get into this awesomeness?

    1. Download Content Manager:


    To get the full version, make a donation (any amount will do) for x4fab, the guy behind CM and shaders. He deserves it.

    2. Install a weather mod, with 24h time support:

    Content Manager allows using times of day outside default AC's 8:00-18:00. It also allows loading tailor-made cloud textures, lighting and PP filters, for each condition.

    For example, two good options:


    Follow the installation instructions of respective mods.

    3. Install custom shaders:


    In addition to night racing, they allow other cool stuff, like

    - Visual tyre flex
    - Working cockpit lighting
    - Different color headlights depending on car
    - Mirrors that work more like real mirrors (viewpoint moves when you move, TrackIR or VR)
    - Support for working odometers, clocks and other dash instruments (Odometer requires Stereos odometer app)
    - Working frog-eye lights (like F40) that gradually lift up
    - Working blinkers (currently enabled in very low speed turns, for selected test cars)
    - Headlights break with damage
    - Possibility for full track lighting

    Some of this works only in beta version of the shaders (soon to be released v0.1.23).
    If you want them early, head to shaders Discord: https://discord.gg/FEztNRE

    In Discord, see channels

    #updates -- Latest beta version of Custom Shaders patch
    #configs-library -- Track lights (optional)
    #vertex-ao-library -- If you want to test experimental per-vertex Ambient Occlusion (optional, not related to night racing, but track ambient shadows)

    Put track light configs into: steamapps/common/assettocorsa/extension/config/tracks
    Put AO configs into: steamapps/common/assettocorsa/extension/vao-patches
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018

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  3. ZachRacer88

    ZachRacer88 Racer

    It's already out and works well (IDK if it's legal on this website though)

  4. LeSunTzu

    LeSunTzu Alien

    They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.
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  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Its still greatly limited by the engine, so its just a kind of of hack workaround that works to some degree with fairly big limitations. ;)
    rauf00 likes this.
  6. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    The author of this mod is the author of Content Manager (a genius), so rest assured: it is awesome. Easy to install (drag zip file into CM, activate the app in CM content, download night weather filter and choose one) and it DOES work! Me, I am hooked.

    For the moment only the cars emit dynamic light (front lights, rear lights, brakes, flames). Checking on the original thread, though, x4fab says he knows how to do track lighting, too, he just needs to learn how to optimize that. Read here:
    It seems there is a lot of activity going on among the weather modders, with new stuff being released or about to be released. I'd say stay tuned!
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
    GRFOCO, DaveS78, Cote Dazur and 5 others like this.
  7. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    x4fab is a wizard :eek:
  8. GzeroD

    GzeroD Rookie

  9. Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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  10. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    Soooo, why did RD remove the wet mod?
  11. If @AC Support checks the contents of my link and then removes the link we will know the answer, otherwise you would have to ask Bram.
  12. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    The lights mod is s pretty cool, works in VR too and looks really good with GBW 2.1 night time..

    Does the wet mod contain edited kn5’s of kunos tracks?
  13. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

  14. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    We are not involved. You guys should ask RD.
  15. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    Kunos should seriously consider hiring him.
    Bazilews, rauf00, katikomer and 6 others like this.
  16. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    I'd like hear some word from @Lord Kunos about it.
    I mean, for sure imho even in Kunos they will have tried this kind of solution for night racing.
    If this is the case, why drop it?

    What does he think about this stuff?
    Does he aspected a so much deep modding in his game?
    Yes, in the end some personal idea about this project.

    ( or maybe it's just me missing the good old Lord's stream... :( )
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
    SidewayzShuffle// likes this.
  17. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Right? Meanwhile, I'm sending him another donation for the incredible work he's doing!

    Just when we were starting to think AC had used up all nine of its lives... :D
    sirgaric likes this.
  18. kunos

    kunos Alien

    I am baffled and amazed.. the guy really is a genius.
    I have no idea how he's doing what he's doing.
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