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Mod that seems to make night racing in AC possible? (Working headlights)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ShredatorFIN, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    Wrong, Peter released 1.1.1 specifically to be compatible with 49. Everything after 49 has big performance drop, need more optimization.
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  2. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper Alien

    You're right, it was 1.1 and its betas/rc that required >p63.
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  3. bromstarzan

    bromstarzan Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange because Sol 1.1.1 seemed to work fine with p49. :D
    Anyhow, thanks for claryfying things. As I understand, there are no robust integration of wet-track-look yet? Right?
    Just trying to sort out if I'm missing something as to were we/AC stands today in terms of brilliant mods.
    (came back to AC after a lot of ACC and DCS testing).
  4. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

  5. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    No, not yet, but it should not take too long, might even be in SOL 1.2, which is right around the corner.:)
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  6. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    The local reflection stuff is pretty insane.. hope not too GPU taxing. Also these quite neat:

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  7. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    Last weekend the 24h of Nürburgring was held in AC. The first time with shader patch and SOL (for those who want and can).
    Absolutly amazing to watch! :cool:

    Here is part 2 of the live-footage from virtualracing (german) when the night is slowly coming in:
  8. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    I thought that the patch was not working online! Good news. Are there public servers with the SOL patch?
  9. Jakal

    Jakal Racer

  10. DaVeX↯

    DaVeX↯ Hardcore Simmer

    All this should be released as Free Community DLC, already packed and ready to use for all...
  11. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Hopefully it will get rid of the annoying puff of smoke at the start of races :)
  12. hi guys, i need help, i am messing with all the options of sol and shaders light patch...Becoming crazy...
    I am on i8700 with a 1080ti, i have installed CM, SOL 1.2, and the last version of shaders patch.
    i then have some more programs like blm car and blm lights.
    To have the best visual results what options should i use?!? sometimes cars are black in the back and sometimes when in full day i lit the lights cars in front of me become way brighter and so seems also the road...i am really confused.
    But happy to play again AC...i left ACC yesterday and wow AC still rocks!!!
    thk you for patience and help
  13. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Late answer, but holy moses that looks good. :eek:
  14. guys pls help me, i have the last version of shaders patch (140) and sol installed.
    when racing at 12:30 am the back of the cars are very black and the surround is quite too bright,i have sol filter selected and basic config settings...any idea?!?
  15. Thronmir

    Thronmir Gamer

    I have the same problem and no idea why.
    But when i use the recommended version of shaders patch the Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 2.05 crashes ever time when loaded.

  16. peter boese

    peter boese Hardcore Simmer

    Just use the latest one preview140 - this version should be marked as recommended..
  17. Thronmir

    Thronmir Gamer

    Shaders Patch 140 is untested by me.
    With Shaders Patch 140 the Cars look like this:



    Shaders Patch.PNG

  18. Thronmir

    Thronmir Gamer

    This is with Reflection resolution: 2048 x 2048 and Rendering frequency: Static

    and this with Reflection resolution: Off


  19. peter boese

    peter boese Hardcore Simmer

    Install the latest version of Sol manually. Copy the folders apps, content, extension, and system to AC root folder.
  20. Thronmir

    Thronmir Gamer

    @peter boese

    Thx for answer.
    I did what you said, but the problem is the same.
    I then simply installed Sol1.0 with the CM over it and now the error is gone.

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