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Modding section subforums - TERMS OF USE

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The main purposes of the Assetto Corsa official support forum are helping users to solve issues with the game and give them the proper way to report bugs or suggestions to the developers. Thanks to the big success of Assetto Corsa, many users joined here, even just to talk about the game. Day after day, the forum turned in a community and we opened a new "Chit-Chat" room in order to have a place where to discuss about Assetto Corsa and other games, sometimes closing an eye on the off topics.

    The big step happened with the creation of the modding section. Nowadays it is a place where to discuss about creating contents and apps for Assetto Corsa. We love the creativity and high quality achieved by some modders. However, the same section was targeted by some users that, careless of our rules and ethics, advertise contents ripped from other copyrighted software, making conversion without any authorization by the original creator and basically without any respect towards those modders that make their work from scratch. This has led to interminable discussions on the subforums resulting in a huge loss of time for the devs, moderators and those users that are very active in our community.

    Due of this state of things, we as Kunos Simulazioni decided to close indefinitely the "3d Models", "Tracks" and "Liveries" subforums of the modding section. We are sorry about that, but at the same time we know that there are many well known communities out there where modders can continue to share their work, while we can focus better on real issues. We see the modding section as a place where to discuss about "HOW TO modding" and not a download section, it is not its purpose.

    That said, releasing a track, car or liveries is no more possible on our forum. Users can discuss about cars, tracks and everything else modding related in the general modding subforum. Links to external sites of which there is even just the suspicion of "not legit content" will be removed without any warning and proper measures will be taken. We will be very strict about this.

    Thanks for understanding.

    The Kunos Simulazioni team
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