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Monitor opinions

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Octane, May 5, 2015.

  1. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    I'm about to spring on a new rig and want to limit it to one monitor now with the option to go triple screen later. The monitors I am looking at are the AOC G2770PQU and the ASUS PB298Q. The widescreen offers more peripheral view, but wow, the 144hz and 1ms response looks too good to pass up.

    All things relevant, I've narrowed my choices down to these two monitors based on cost (and reviews) as much as features. The rig I want to attach it to is the Obutto Ozone.


    Can anyone comment on either of these monitors? Has anyone had similar monitors and prefer one over the other? Thanks

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  3. somake

    somake Hardcore Simmer

    hi octane,
    i have this one(LG Electronics P-Class 29UM65 29-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor) after a asus 24'

    but not enough for really top peripheral view so i play in double screen (With the screen of my pc mobile , if you want top peripheral view without triple screen you must have 104cm (for example with oreca mod you have Both rear-view mirror visible)
    double screen is enough without lost too much fps....

    I hope that I was able to help
  4. Matty28

    Matty28 Simracer

    I don't have either of those but I do have a BenQ 144Hz monitor and let me tell you 144Hz and 1ms response is well worth it!
  5. Blame

    Blame Alien

    That Asus monitor you want to buy is pointless, 5 ms delay is stupid and its not even atleast 120hz.
    Do you think paying the extra 50 bucks for the extra 3 inches is worth it with the AOC monitor? I certainly don't.
  6. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    I'm not sure, and that's why I asked. Even though I like what @somake says about having more real estate I'm leaning towards the AOC giving me a better base to go triple screen at a later date. If nothing else at least it will futureproof my desktop if the consumer Rift lives up to expectations.

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