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Monza hates me

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by warth0g, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Marceline

    Marceline Gamer

    I dont like monza at all.
  2. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    I found out letting go in 2d gear in T1, then 1st gear to exit gave me some precious time.
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  3. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I'm not by any means fast at Monza, but my advice is to be patient. On racing sims in general you can lose a lot of time by going too deep into corners or wanting to get into the power too early, but at Monza this effect is increased because the track is basically all about exit speed. So start as conservative as you can and build up from there, it's a lot more productive than starting really aggressive and then trying to tone it down from there.
  4. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I'd like to know how many laps you've done and what is the longest stint you've done? Are you trying to go for one fast lap? Or doing 20 minute races?

    The best way to get good at Monza is to do a lot of laps. You just have to be perfect at Monza, it punishes you for every little mistake. I didn't like it at first until I did an hour long race at it. Now I'm obsessed with it.
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  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    One thing with Monza is even though its not exactly the greatest "drivers" circuit, its a great race circuit. Its definataly far from easy to master on your own but in most classes passing is possible into each corner.

    Other tracks that may be much more fun to drive like hungaroring or Zolder, are pretty much follow the leader circuits. That is unless they make an error or you use push to pass. ;)You may be stuck behind a car a second or so slower for a very long time or even a full race.

    Racing a bunch of muppets at Monza is no fun at all but luckily the SA rating in ACC helps avoid them.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  6. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Simracer

    For Monza, I seem to have a similar barrier right at the 1:50 mark. Getting into 1:49s seems so difficult.
    But, I do agree that diving too far into the setups is probably not the right approach.
    Even so, personally I find that shifting the brake balance backwards a bit (almost any car), seems to help me the most. Might be worth a try for you as well.

    I find the Lambo to be one of the most difficult cars to drive at Monza. Really suggest to work on improving your time with other cars first. I seem to be able to run low 1:50s with the BMW, Ferrari, and Nissan quite consistently. I can do it with the Lambo as well, but it's a bit of a dance and for sure not the car I'd be comfortable with for a longer session/stint.
  7. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I only just broke into the 1:49s last weekend, I've been thinking about the lap and watching some videos since, this weekend coming is a 4 day weekend in Ireland and I think I've figured out some of my issue and expect to be able to stay consistently in the 1:49s by the end of next weekend.
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  8. pons

    pons Simracer

    Someone has a tip for me for the last curb at the Ascari chicane? I see for good times I need to at least get over the curb (not the sausages) for better exit line.
    But out of maybe 6 Laps ther is always one which kills me at that exact spot, it feels like its grabbing my front left tyre and throws me around. Some cars are more forgiving like Nissan & BMW than others though.
    Is it a setup-thing (too stiff?) or some driving error/ too slow reaction on my side?
  9. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Very true, there’s so much time to be had on track with touching the setup, for the first time yesterday I got into the 1:48s in a race using the standard setup with the Lambo, I set TC to 4, ABS to 2 and Brake Bias to 58. I felt very similar a few weeks back where getting under 1:50 seemed impossible.

    I might try the aggressive setup to see if it’s worth using in Quali but I’d rather have a car that I can lap consistently in race so will stick with the standard setup for now. Also going to try the Ferrari next to see how I compare in that.
  10. Pani De Pani

    Pani De Pani Gamer

    Monza is the circuit where i feel less comfortable, its hard to maintain a high pace and a small mistake cost a lot of time. Running in the edge all the time.
    Yesterday I had one of my best experiences in monza fighting for the victory until the last lap with Arno Nym and thanks to Mayor Tom is recorded and I can enjoy it forever :D
  11. Where is recorded? I did some race there too.

    A little advise whould be to practice with the CC widget active. Because you have to always avoid overdriving to go fast and same time "let the car go".
    I improved my timing a lot with CC widget. With "let the car go", which probably is a little advanced, I mean to enter corners as fast as you can without overdriving, just close to the limit.
    Use the Safe preset. You can do 1:50:xx with it (and even 1:49).
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  12. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    In the real race I seen them brake at 100 meter board for T1:eek: I’m gonna try that today as usually I brake at 150
  13. Pani De Pani

    Pani De Pani Gamer

  14. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Yeah they seemed to be braking at almost the 50m board for the second chicane. I think I can brake a little later on the second chicane but 150 feels like the latest I can brake for T1, if I push any further I miss the corner.. I've only recently felt like I've found the proper line through the chicanes, that seems to have done more for my lap times than trying later braking.
  15. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    Probably not all that many laps. Up until ACC, I always avoided Monza as I prefer the more flowing style tracks (with fewer chicanes!). But I have done a couple of 20 minute races with the AI here now, so I'm gaining experience. I seem to be reasonably consistent (in that I'm not crashing, although the CN rating thinks I'm far from perfect) but I'm not fast :-(
  16. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Try backing off the fast dampers, I did today by 1 click on the fast compression and 2 clicks on the fast rebound both sides in the BMW. This really helped my confidence on the kerbs. I've struggled beating 1.50 before and I managed a 1.48.5 in race after the changes, with some consistent low 49's. It did make the handling feel more 'muted' so I softened the front anti-roll by 1 to get some turn-in response back. Custom setup already so results may vary, maybe worth a try though.
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  17. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    Try and straighten the steering as much as possible before you hit the exit kerb, might lessen the shock impact or at least reduce any rotation you might get from hitting at a more acute angle.
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  18. iVG

    iVG Alien

    See, by reducing stiffness of the roll bar you do exactly the opposite of what you think you're doing. Turn in response is achieved by stiffening not loosening the sway bar...
  19. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Ya reckon? Try it.
    Here you go -
    (2) Softer: Allows more roll and will shift the cars balance toward OVERsteer (or less UNDERsteer.) And the front will improve in compliance, which improves performance in brake zones and over bumps"

    That's how I apply it - especially for response at lower speeds. Stiffer if I want less grip either end - more rotation at rear or more 'push' (understeer) at front. Thanks anyway though, whatever works for you.
  20. iVG

    iVG Alien

    Well clearly you're confused deeply. In your initial post you are talking about turn in response. I stated that turn in response is achieved by stiffening the roll bar not softening it. Then you quote a source where they talk about overall mid corner grip and compliance. Nothing to do with turn in response - the very thing that you wanted to achieve in he first place.

    Here is a source that explains it better:


    Happy reading and hopefully you learn something properly today.
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