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More Competition Servers?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Kalavera, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Kalavera

    Kalavera Rookie

    I think this is the main reason why small number of people participate multiplayer races. There are not much options. I believe making changes and adding couple of new CP servers will help grow participation.

    Race Length (Short Sessions with Fixed Setup and Long "Endurance-Like" Sessions):

    1 hour race is little too long for many players and since it is too frequent there is not enough time to people to get to gether. I think there should be 20 min races (30min Pr./10min Qly./20min R) every hour and for people with less time. And it should be with fixed setup since target racers are the people with less time.

    1 hour races should be scheduled in at minimum every 2 maybe 3 hours (40min Pr./20min Qly./60min R for 2 hr races or 100min Pr./20min Qly./60min R for 3hr races) for people to prefer "endurance-like" races. Less frequent schedule also allow people to make their schedule easily and more people can participate. Also, pit stop should be mandatory.

    Weekly Series :

    A server dedicated for fixed senarios like Porsche Week, Ferrari Week or 3-6 Hours Endunrance Races. They can be less frequent like 4-5 sessions daily but this will help increase diversity and break feeling of doings same races all the time.

    This can be done by opening 2 additional server. It may costly but will help user base to grow.

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  3. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I am hopeful for one in Singapore to service SEA & Australia.
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  4. Would love to see 20 or 30 min CP races for 1/3 or 1/2 the points. I know there is talk of these in one of the blog posts, so I'm hopeful it would happen in the future. My online time is limited, so shorter races that count for something would be ideal.
  5. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    One of the problems is that a longer race requires some planning in your personal life. You can't seriously drive a 1 or 2 hour race by just going online after your meal, make 3 clicks and expect a full server that starts an Enduro race within 10 minutes.

    Here I think that the 'iracing method' may help, where races are automatically are helt at fixed real life time slots. Like each hour (18h, 19h, 20h etc) a server starts an endurance session, for instance a 15 min quali followed by a 1 hour race. After the race is over the server continues in practice session until it is time again. Fixed time slots give the player perspective when to join and plan racing in their real life. If it's a 19:01 I know that I don't have to rush and can wait until it's 19:45 to get online to participate. In contrast to the current servers I really have no clue when a next race will start its always a bit of a gamble.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  6. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    Yeah I think Minolin mentioned that in future they plan to start the CP servers always at the full hour, so 1700, 1800, 1900 and so on, this would really allow us to plan ahead. Dunno when this will be implemented, though
  7. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    Ah, I hadn't read that earlier. Hope it comes soon then :)
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  8. XettMan

    XettMan Hardcore Simmer

    And then present the schedule here, so people can know the schedule.
    And then introduce championship points and share them also here, but all of this is not planned, so you will have to start ACC and have a look what is the current race without any information when the track is scheduled you would like to drive.
  9. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    I think it's not good that people can't join a competition server for ~80mins. There should be another open to join if the other is closed.
  10. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    A question to those who use CP servers regularly: Do you ever get full grids?

    I've only ever entered two CP races (I typically do not find time for these) and both have been virtually empty. One was just me and one other lapping for an hour, the other was about 5-6 drivers, but ended up being just me and one other after about half an hour.
    If I found the time I'd like to think I'd enter more of these, but my experiences so far have really put me off. If I'm honest it's felt like I've wasted my time, especially when the quickjoin button - for me - is providing very enjoyable racing with full grids.

    I'm hoping my experience has been really unlucky, right?
  11. tw1st

    tw1st Racer

    I know some guys will be laughing but is it possible to have competition servers with automatic gearbox? I think there are many good players (controller guys too) who could fill a competition server perfectly.

    Just an idea :)
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  12. Metzger

    Metzger Racer

    Everytime I have joined there are more than 16-17 on the grid with sometimes 25-26. I join in EU evening hours tho.

    Sent from my Redmi 4 using Tapatalk
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  13. bossibula10

    bossibula10 Rookie

    I hope they introduce mandatory pitstops for CP servers soon. They are in the sprint format (1h) after all. It gives the races a bit more substance and opens up for more strategy.
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  14. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    I recall seeing a dev post that they prefer a single 1 hour stint as it makes tyre management more crucial, but I agree with you. I'd rather see a replication of a sprint race format. That would be really great.
  15. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    I don't think so. What kind of strategy does it require? It only gets interesting during changing conditions if it happens that a tire change is needed within the pit window.
  16. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Racer

    Last night 26 nürburg
    Heavy depending on which day and time to find full grid...
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  17. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    And yesterday from afternoon till evening hours consecutive 20+ player. Monza servers on CP.
    I also agree that I too would like to see more CP servers. This might need a menu change, but it would be nice to see more of a fixed schedule and reduced waiting time / track rotation.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019

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