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PHYSICS MoTeC telemetry and dedicated ACC workspace

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Assetto Corsa Competizione officially supports data analysis, by exporting in MoTec i2 native format.
    Assetto Corsa Competizione has been conceived since the beginning to recreate a GT3 racing car, in the most faithful and realistic way, as well as the complexity of the Blancpain GT3 series championship. Users of ACC can obviously just jump in and drive the amazing GT3 cars of the Blancpain series, but as the competition heats up, they will find that the GT3 cars are very sensitive vehicles and their performance and handling characteristics are greatly depended by setup choices. Industry first simulation features in ACC, further influence the cars behaviour as in real life. As simracers and real life drivers are using ACC seeking for more performance, car and driving data acquisition and analysis becomes of paramount importance in order to optimise Practice Sessions training and bring a good car setup for Qualifying and Race Sessions.

    MoTeC i2 software solution is an industry leader in data analysis. It can help greatly with reviewing overlaid data, creating track maps analysis, comparing graphs, implementing math channels and more. All of the above and more, if properly used, can provide a good indication of the car handling and give good hint on driver’s performance.

    You can download MoTeC i2 software from the following links:
    MoTeC software latest releases page: https://www.motec.com.au/software/latestreleases/
    direct download MoTeC i2 Pro: i2 Pro V1.1.4.0454 (64Bit)
    (it is free for non professional use)

    To get the most out of a telemetry lap analysis, you need to know how to read it. The MoTeC i2 software is created with the help and used by the best motorsport racing teams all around the world. It is a complex software than can intimidate even the most knowledgable racing engineers. Because of that, we collaborated with a racing engineer to create a specific MoTeC workspace. A workspace is a sort of a template that includes various worksheets with different data channels, histograms, track maps etc. It gives you a perfect starting point to work on your laps, with ordered data and worksheets for each kind of analysis you intend to undergo. The workspace is based on actual real driver performance evaluation and is specifically tuned for ACC data channel export.

    ACC uses exclusively real data to simulate the GT3 cars and tyres of the Blancpain GT3 series. As you would expect, such data are protected under heavy NDAs and licensing. We took extra care to protect such data but on the other hand we understand the necessity to provide simracers with proper telemetry output. The ACC data export and MoTeC workspace is all that is needed to evaluate driver performance and car behaviour. The number of the available data channels might seem more limited than say AC1 exports, but it is both realistic in terms that you get data channels that actual cars have, and more permit to focus more on the driver and car performance than reverse engineering and validation.

    Once you have installed the MoTeC i2 software, run it at least once then close.
    Start Assetto Corsa Competizione and go to any track with any car. Then close ACC.
    Now into your “documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/MoTeC/Workspaces” you’ll find a folder named “base_ACC”. Copy this folder inside “documents/MoTeC/i2/Workspaces” folder and it will appear through the available workspaces inside the MoTeC i2 software.
    Alternatively you could double click on the file ”base_ACC.i2wsp-archive” and the workspace will auto-install, but on some configurations windows might not recognize how to run this file.

    To enable ACC telemetry export, all you have to do, is go into the “Electronics” section of the car setup and set the number of laps that you want to be saved. Every time you go out to the track, ACC will automatically export the number of laps selected. If you do more laps than selected, it will save the latest ones. For every time you go to the track, a new session of telemetry will be exported. In that way you can create different setups that export a different amount of laps, giving you the possibility to have practice session setup that save a big amount of telemetry laps and race setups that save less or no telemetry laps at all, keeping your RAM and HDD space under control during long races.


    The telemetry export laps are saved under “documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/MoTeC” folder. If you have MoTeC i2 software installed, you can simply double click on the “.ld” files and they will open inside the telemetry software, ready for analysing.
    You can also exchange telemetry files, but make sure you share not only the “.ld” files but also the accompanying “.ldx” file.
    You can of course open different telemetry laps and session, from inside the i2 software. Go to the far left vertical panel and click on the Data vertical button.

    The new panel will scroll in from the left and if you have already loaded a session, it will display a list of laps. You can select up to 3 to overlay one over another.
    Clicking on the top left load icon (image folder with green + icon), a new window will appear.
    If not already, navigate to the documents/assetto corsa competizione/MoTeC folder and you will get a list of various telemetry sessions with the name of the car and the rack. Double clicking on any of them, will add them to the bottom window (selected files).
    Click Open and they will be available to the Data panel for selection and analysis.

    The ACC workspace, consist of various worksheets with preloaded data channels that can help you analyse your track sessions.
    What follow is a short description of the worksheets available and how to use their functionality to analyse your driving and car behavior.

    This worksheets, include the classic channels of SPEED, RPMS (engine revs), GEAR, BRAKE, THROTTLE.
    You can open a laptime the DATA panel that stays at the far left side of the MoTeC window, vertical buttons.
    From the DATA panel you can select multiple laps even from multiple sessions to compare between them. This first “compare worksheet” will give you a clear indication of how a lap is faster than another, gear usage, brake and throttle application. The main speed graph can be zoomed to show he actual speed the car maintains to every part of the track.

    The “worksheet Driver” uses all the previous data channels but also adds STEERANGLE and GLAT (lateral g forces) and GLONG (longitudinal g forces). Comparing two different laps, you can easily check if a given steer input can generate more g’s and what’s the result in speed. Brake and throttle application comparison is also very important for driver and setup evaluation.

    The “worksheet Wheelspd (wheel speed)” is used specifically, to understand differences in wheel speed, enabling the engineer to point out excessive wheel spin under acceleration, or slight lockups under heavy braking. Even though the cars use ABS, it can be optimised to give maximum braking force in a straight line, but that might bring slight lockups on turn entry. This worksheet can help optimising such situations.

    A great help for the engineer and the driver, that bring an objective perspective to the very delicate driver feedback in terms of understeer and oversteer.
    Channels used: SPEED, STEERANGLE, glat, Oversteer, BRAKE, THROTTLE
    The Oversteer channel is a math channel. It will give negative numbers for understeer and positive numbers for oversteer. Ideally you need a bit of understeer to stabilise the car and give the driver the confidence to push for a better lap time. A hint of oversteer out of slow turns is good to have as long as the throttle application remains confident and not tentative. If after an oversteer moment, you can observe a big dip in throttle application, that means that the driver is simply not confident to push and action is needed to maintain car control so time is lost.

    Much more information can be acquired from this worksheet and we will produce more tutorials on how to use the ACC telemetry workspace in the near future.

    This worksheet visualises the engine usage and gear usage through a complete lap. It can also help to determine and instruct the driver to use the best revs range of the engine, to take advantage of the best acceleration possible. Keep in mind that GT3 engines are heavily restricted by rules, so for most of them, pushing the engine to the rev limiter is counterproductive. This worksheet is the perfect place to understand how to use the engine.

    Again, much more information can be acquired from this worksheet and we will produce more tutorials on how to use the ACC telemetry workspace in the near future.

    The suspension histogram worksheet, visualises the damper velocity for each wheel. It’s a great tool to understand if a damper setting is not ideal for the track and car combination, or certain specific damper choices that might be forced in order to maintain a better aerodynamic platform and make the aerodynamic devices of the car, work more efficiently. Generally if a damper is properly setup you should expect to see a symmetrical bell graph with the damper passing more time in the low speeds thus producing higher bars in the middle of the graph. Highly asymmetrical graphs indicate that the damper is setup badly in bump or rebound, fast or slow, or a specific damper setting is required for the setup of the car, for whatever reason.

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  3. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The suspension travel worksheet has a speed chanel on top so that you can check where you are in the circuit, and the suspension travel graph on the bottom. Generally those graphs produce a lot of noise as you can imagine, depending on the bumpiness of the circuit. It can be a good indicator of how much the suspension compressed from downforce, how much it raises during pitch movements which are important for aerodynamic stability and can also be used to check if a specific driver input, oversteery behaviour or other similar critical condition is caused by a bump on the road, a kerb or other surface feature that upsets the suspension and might ask for different damper settings.

    This worksheet draws a map of the circuit. You will need at least one good and valid lap so that the software can draw the map. If the circuit is not created, try going to the menu “Tools->Track Editor”. A new window will open. Click at the bottom left button “Generate Track…” and the track map will be generated. If this doesn’t happen, then the laps exported are neither not valid or not complete. Retry with a better series of valid laps export.
    The map will also have different colours depending on the gear, but you can also change that to have colours represent speed or brake application and so on. Most importantly you can have multiple laps compared by selecting them from the Data left vertical panel and they will create concentric maps for each lap, giving you a very good insight of what is different for each lap.

    The channel report worksheet might look intimidating at first, but is very helpful once you realise what you’re looking at.
    On the top part, every single turn of the circuit gets analysed and data are displayed for speed, lateral g and steerangle at the Apex of each turn. At the left part you can see those data as numerical values with highlighted the higher and lower values. On the right side the same data are drawn as histograms.
    On the bottom part, the same analysis takes place for the straights.
    By selecting more laps you can compare the values and this can give you a very good indication of the performances depending on the different conditions of each lap. It can be different setups, or different driving styles.

    In this final worksheet you can get an analysis of all your laptimes and for sectors and even every single straight and turn of each of your laps and get specific reports for them, as well as hypothetical optimum laptimes if all the sectors are ideal. The Rolling Minimum column doesn’t just take the best sectors and adds them to find the ideal laptime, but evaluates and tries to understand how each sector influences the next one, so that your ideal laptime is a probable and possible one, instead of a simple math add of best sectors. This screen can really help you find out your ultimate pace, measure your consistency and understand if a different setup or driving style can improve a specific track sector.


    Providing telemetry data and even a detailed and specific workspace so that you can read and compare that data, is one thing. Be able to understand, find patterns, analyse in a correct way and improve your laptimes, your car performance and your driving, is a whole different story. Keep following us as we will provide you more tutorials, examples, walkthroughs and workshops in the near future, to help you improve your driving and your Assetto Corsa Competizione experience!
  4. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Very cool you even went the extra distance to provide a useful workspace. 10/10 Kunos! :cool:

    Motec software is excellent. Looking forward to seeing what data channels you provide :) Where it gets tricky is not knowing the hi/low speed damper crossover/knee speeds of each individual car.
  5. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Thank you. We don't provide a vast amount of data channels because we have plenty of real data and even more NDAs signed that we need to protect.

    The data we provide though are pretty much the usual data that any team uses to evaluate the driver performance and work on the car basic handling behaviour. So to say, to go get faster, you won't need much else. Sure experts will be able to crete even more mathematical channels and do more work, but even aliens, won't be missing anything.

    We will probably release some extra basic channels in the future and probably even an improved workspace, but let's just start learning this one.
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  6. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    "but even aliens, won't be missing anything"

    Yeah @PhilS13 just went from "alien" too "lord alien" :D
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
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  7. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Not knowing the hi/low speed damper crossover/knee speeds of each individual car the damper histogram will be interesting. In my previous analysis I have found it hard to be 100% accurate whilst using the logic, one rule fits all. There are some generic crossover velocity rates floating around the web however I am sure they are not accurate and up to date with these types of vehicles. As you guard this info more tightly than AC this will be tricky if no channel indicators are provided. That said, super excited to see we even have damper velocity data & motec onboard :)

    Bumpstop information has also been another difficult area to analyze. Looking forward to seeing what you guys provide :)

    I also prey you give us aero/downforce & tyre temp data. I don't see a aero worksheet in the examples :eek:
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
  8. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Learning is indeed the key for a good Motec use.;)
    Many thanks for making the working space available. It is much appreciated as it's quite needed because it's the first step to make good use Motec: how to present the data gathered.
    Also, congrats for the partnership that allows to have the Gt3's data exported and in a format used directly by Motec.:cool:
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  9. Pulley

    Pulley Simracer

    This is all just simply Excellent, thank you Kunos for bringing this to the Sim :)
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  10. BTL.357

    BTL.357 Gamer

    I. Am. Amazed.

    Very nice work, thank you so much. I really had thought I would need to scour the web to find out how to best utilize the Motec data, but you guys provide us with an excellent care package here ... just wow.
  11. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    This is amazing. I really was hoping for this so much. Thanks!
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  12. dave81983

    dave81983 Racer

    Great news. Thanks.

    Can I ask if this means that the real-time output of telemetry information for dashboard apps etc will be expanded on in the next build. Currently I can only get tyre temp and speed (and a few other bits) but timing, flag, session info etc is missing.

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  13. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    It's back to school boys and girls:)
  14. Brado23

    Brado23 Racer

    Great addition to the game and excellent idea to provide a workspace. Thanks!
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  15. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Is all this enough nerd?!? :D
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  16. Benny

    Benny Gamer

    I loved ACTI for AC and used it a lot, now this is perfect for ACC!

    Will you also have the outlines from the circuits within the Motec track database? It takes quite a time to go with a car on both tracksides to get the boundaries and look for the ideallines :)
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  17. The thing is, unless something is seriously wrong i.e. the damper is significantly worn or failed, then knowing the shape of the damper curve doesn't actually help that much as its largely set in stone apart from a few 'clicks' on the adjusters here and there. In sim-racing this isn't a problem as we're lucky enough to have a bottomless bank account meaning we can throw replacement parts at a car all day, night and day again!

    We can pretty safely assume that the dampers that are running on the cars in-game are accurate in terms of damping rates and knee locations that have been specced, and importantly homologated, by the real teams and manufacturers. So we don't really need to know the details of the curve as they cant be significantly changed in the real world either. Like the real teams and race engineers, we just have to make do with what the manufacturer has given us.
  18. donShere

    donShere Hardcore Simmer

    Good luck taking that road to search for ideal lines. :)
  19. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Yeah I don't think that is important for simracers. You can learn much more from a replay so to say.
    But, what you can do and it cool is having colour coded the track for brake/throttle application and see braking and throttle application points for different laps/drivers and compare
  20. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    Very complicated stuff. Appreciated the time and effort put into it for us, but still kinda over the top for the standard user. You know, with a better tyre model stuff like this could be spared, because basically, GT3 cars are this sensitive due to the only component that there's to blame here, and those are the tyres.

    Just mount these GT3 cars on the same tyres used by GTE, and you'll see all that sensitivity and particularities of these GT3 cars you talk about be gone with the wind. Am I wrong Mr. Aris?

    Thanks for your efforts though on preparing this nerdy tool for us. I don't think I'm using it anytime soon anyway. It's just plain crazy from a players perspective.
  21. Yeah replays are definitely an engineers favoured way of familiarising a driver with a new circuit along with DIL simulation. Fortunately our races take place in our simulators so we have all the tools we need already at our disposal!
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