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PHYSICS MoTeC telemetry and dedicated ACC workspace

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

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  2. Manic_Driver

    Manic_Driver Racer

    I think a better cleaner solution to this is to setup a new math channel for each suspension channel, something like BUMPSTOP_SUSP_LF
    with this code: choose('BUMPSTOP_RIDE_LF' [] > 0, 'SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm], invalid())
    And give it a unique color

    Then setup one more channel, something like 'SUSP AND BUMP LF' with this code: choose('BUMPSTOP_RIDE_LF' [] > 0, 'BUMPSTOP_SUSP_LF' [mm], 'SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm])

    This could easily replace the default logged channel as all the values are the same, it just has the added color change. No flat lines from using stat_min() anywhere. I hope I'm not misunderstanding your aim here!
  3. Manic_Driver

    Manic_Driver Racer

    Just realized I made a mistake - the second math channel should be named something like SUSP NO BUMP LF and should have this code: choose('BUMPSTOP_RIDE_LF' [] > 0, invalid(), 'SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm])

    Then, you add BOTH channels to the same group. The first channel gives you only suspension travel in bump, and the second channel is without bump. When you put the two channels in the same group, it should equal the original suspension travel channel, but now you can change the color of the trace when it goes into bump. I don't have access to motec at the moment so trying to do this all from memory without testing gets complicated!
  5. rikirk

    rikirk Racer

    @Salvatore Amato

    I tried to work my way with Motec following your instructions, but I am missing something because I don't get the bumpstop reading.

    Would be possible to share the workspace, or maybe a copy with just your math for the suspension.

    Also noted that the suspension diagram change in shape substantially between the one from Nils and the original from Kunos...
  6. highlightning.PNG
    If you copied the math, it may be that they are not highlighted in the group.
    When you are on the worksheet left click on the name of the bumpstop channel once ( in this case the pink one) and they will be shown on top of the suspension travel one.
  7. Manic_Driver

    Manic_Driver Racer

    I think this is the simplest form of this particular diagram: [​IMG]

    Very simply, it highlights suspension travel whenever bump is engaged, and shows you at what value bump engages, indicated by the straight pink line. Only one channel needed, as long as you make sure you highlight the bump channel (you can click on the channel itself to highlight it, indicated by that white box next to the channel name) and choose an appropriate color. Also I think if you put the channel first in grouping, it will take priority regardless of highlighting. The other thing you can do is make sure in the math channel editor to only use 1 decimal place, same as the original channel.

    choose('BUMPSTOPUP_RIDE_LF' [..] > 0, 'SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm], stat_min('SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm], 'BUMPSTOPUP_RIDE_LF' [..] > 0))
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  8. rikirk

    rikirk Racer

    Thank you , unfortunately, too much for my little brain...

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  9. I think you forgot a "choose" at the start anyways.
    lol you actually removed all "choose" commands XD.
    In the and in the original post they are all the the start. lol.
    choose is an istruction. absurd coincidence
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  10. rikirk

    rikirk Racer

    Thank you :) !!!
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  11. my pleasure!
  12. rikirk

    rikirk Racer


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  13. are you running bumpstops at 0? cause it does not look ok to me otherwise.
    You can verify by putting the relative suspension travel in the same group.
  14. rikirk

    rikirk Racer

    Good catch ;) Yes, 0 bump on the front. I will dig more into this before the next Enduro early next month and maybe will abuse of your knowledge when I have a better grasp. I think it's one of the most valuable data along with damper diagram, oversteering and rake. Wondering if there is any way to calculate drag...

    Thank you for the support!!
  15. You can in theory since you can set 0 wind and fixed temperature in hotlap mode I think, but you cannot in practice. Requires a non human available time of testing. We do not know the 3d model and we don't know anything about aero devices on these cars.
    You can only get approximed relatives and even if you do, without aeromap infos, it's useless.

    However, a good quick info about your current setup in relationship with one another may be the variance of longitudinal g forces or their derivatives. In this way, in fixed conditions, in those condition also of grip, you can quickly look and say: "this is slower". To determine where and why.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2021
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  16. chubreezy

    chubreezy Rookie

    Does anyone know how to determine the Ride Height Formula in Motec? I have question in regards to the formula that was provided in the work-book.
    For example: Ride Height LF is - 55-'SUS_TRAVEL_LF' [mm]+19.2 . Can some one please inform me where does 55 and 19.2 comes from? I just want to understand what those values meant.
    Ride Height LR is - 74-'SUS_TRAVEL_LR' [mm]+19.3 . Can someone please inform me where does 74 and 19.3 comes from?
  17. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Simracer

    The 74 and 55 are your static ride height set in your setup screen in ACC
    19.3 and 19.2 are the suspension travel when the car is standing still, you need to read it in a telemetry file.
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  18. chubreezy

    chubreezy Rookie

    'Ah understood. Thanks for the reply!
  19. Is it possible to create a graph of the difference between front and rear height?
  20. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Simracer

    Yes, that's called rake and it's pretty important in the car handling and the general aero balance and level.

    If you use the formulas above to calculate ride height, you can use these two expressions and substract rear ride height to front ride height to get the rake. Set in a time/distance graph that will give you an approximation of the dynamic rake of the car.

    Note that as the initial ride height is taken at a certain fuel level/vehicule mass, remain constant in this aproximation, and further values are determined by suspension travel only. Your car will be burning fuel ofc along a stint, with a density of 0.75 125 liters of fuel represents 93.75 kg so around 7% of the vehicle mass, and depending on the fuel tank position it has an impact on rear suspension, front suspension, or both, that's why this rake calculation will be an approximation, no possible workaround here we miss too much data.
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