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Motion blur auto photography for ac

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by eSEA One, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    :cool:@BATINA74 Looking good and it looks like the rims have caught up with the tyers;)
    Maybe give us your settings or what you did to achieve these.
  2. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    Any good tips I will put in the OP crediting the originator, like I have done with @vfdesignz tip
    I will try and keep this updated
  3. Chukill

    Chukill Simracer

    Dont work for me :(
  4. Dookie

    Dookie Hardcore Simmer

    Doesn't work for me either. I followed the instructions but there's no blur in the F5 cam in the replay. Did something change with AC-Updates?
  5. Robbiexsstar

    Robbiexsstar Hardcore Simmer

    - Slow shutter speed: is not avaible, but you can set Aperture in any Post Processing set.
    - Aperture: you can change Fstop value in any Post Processing set.
    - Low ISO: you can simulate smething similar with exposure, but it's not working exactly like ISO in a real camera
    - Panning: turn on "motion blur" and take a picture with F5 o F7 camera. Picture background will be blurred as like you use basic panning technique.

    AC photomode is not good as FM4, but it's have a lot of realistic function.
    I think KS don't want develop DSLR function because it's not user friendly.
    For example: "FOV" parameter is used instead lens mm, because many people could not understand difference between 14mm lens and 300mm.
    eSEA One likes this.
  6. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    Haha. Then we'll get nothing but images of cars with blurry backgrounds. LOL. There's only two things a car can be doing...pick your style, go with it. If I and my pictures bother you...better close your eyes :p
  7. Ledanek

    Ledanek Racer

    will try this technique
    thanks for sharing
  8. hiroismyhero

    hiroismyhero Gamer

    thank you perfectly works

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