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Mount Panorama for XboxOne badly needed

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by BennoC, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. BennoC

    BennoC Rookie

    Being an Australian, and also being a racing fanatic, I am desperately wanting to drive Mount Panorama aka Bathurst in Assetto Corsa on my XboxOne. Had I known that it wouldn't become available except on PC platform I would have chosen to buy a PC and PC version of the software.

    Can someone in power please look into adding this great track to the game?

    Also a right hand drive mode would be ideal.

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  3. Non De Terra

    Non De Terra Rookie

  4. Non De Terra

    Non De Terra Rookie

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  5. BennoC

    BennoC Rookie

    It seems that we may have to migrate from the console version of the game to get what we want at this stage.

    I have been looking into the modding community for the PC version and there is so much more content and tracks.

    Only problem is the cost associated with buying a fast enough PC. Sadly not an option for me as I bought a NextLevel simulator leaving me no more money to invest in a capable PC.
  6. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    I too am somewhat sad to see the developers just not paying attention to us console users. They should understand that not everybody wants to invest large sums of money into a powerful PC.

    The sheer lack of tracks and cars, as well as really boring and downright weird sounds on some of the cars, makes me want to just put down the game after a few minutes. Whereas Forza 7 and PCARS2 I can play for hours with laser-like focus.

    Despite a brilliant physics model, the immersion in AC is missing because it seems so bare-bones and dated, compared to all the other realistic racing games out there - and limited content plays a large part here, making the game seem like a beta than a complete game.

    PC users got rain, night, car sound mods, a ridiculous variety of tracks and cars - and the console versions have barely 1/3 of that with a weird time of day transition that never looks right. Anyway, if developers like SMS force console users to get a PC to enjoy the full experience, then they are potentially losing out on a huge untapped audience - because speaking for myself strictly (and many others like me I'm sure), I will remain on console because how convenient it is to just install and start playing games with zero problems or need to tweak/optimize anything.
  7. BennoC

    BennoC Rookie

    From what I have seen the modding community is behind a lot of the extras in AC. If KUNOS Simulazioni wish to give the game preferential treatment on a particular platform then please be up front about it. I got a XboxOne and bought the DLC Ultimate edition because of the high spec hardware requirements of a PC.

    Had I known I would be missing out on so much I would have kept my PC and upgraded it.

    I played all the Forza's and tried out Project Cars 2 on XboxOne and didn't like the realism for car handling. It is Assetto Corsa or nothing. It is the only game I own. I don't even have a hand controller, just my G920 + shifter for now. Considering getting someone over with a fast PC to compare the game on PC using my sim rig and gear.
  8. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    From what I heard PCARS2 and now even FM7 are pretty good on a wheel.
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  9. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Official content for AC is the same regardless of PC or Console. All the additional context available on PC is via the modding community. The truth is if you want driving simulation rather than driving gaming, PC really is the way to go for any number of reasons, including range of titles, content and options for peripheral add on’s.
  10. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    Yes, I'm aware of that - I just don't have the money to dish out that much money on a gaming PC or a rig+wheel for that matter. Happy with my console as-is. Too bad it hasn't been fully optimized for consoles and that the developer stopped improving sounds and other aspects, especially more tracks and cars, night, rain, etc.

    Can't have it all I suppose. AC is really fun - for about 30-60 mins of hotlapping. And then I dive back into PCARS2 and FM7.
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