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PS4 Msg from PlayStation re Assetto Corsa?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by R4M_KebabOS, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. R4M_KebabOS

    R4M_KebabOS Racer

    Hi guys, any idea why I would've received this message? Seems strange as I bought the game a year ago and haven't really played it since. I preordered and have been playing ACC but just confused as it says Assetto Corsa not ACC

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  3. VitaminG31

    VitaminG31 Rookie

    same here. No sign of any content downloading. I fired up the game in case that triggered the actual update, and have checked through the cars & tracks, but can't see what's changed.
  4. Diogo Diniz

    Diogo Diniz Rookie

    it's probably the GT intercontinental pack
  5. VitaminG31

    VitaminG31 Rookie

    that pack is for ACC. This was a notification for AC

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