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Multi server team endurance event with open sign-ups on our website

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by ears, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    Our website now supports scheduled, bookable team events and as this means the website is starting to move towards complete functionality, we thought we’d celebrate with a big (test) event.

    What is it?

    It’s a 2 hour endurance race at Nurburgring with team support

    When is it?

    Friday 2 August at 2000 GMT (if you go to the event booking page, log into the website and set your timezone you’ll see what time it starts in your location

    Who can join?
    • Anyone who can connect with a decent ping, and race fairly. It can run across 3 servers so 90 player capacity
    • Open to teams of up to 3 drivers but also to single players with enough stamina.
    How will it be organised?

    About 3 minutes before the event start time, the server will generate all of the required settings, entry lists, custom car files etc and place them on the server.

    If we have enough bookings it will be spread across multiple servers.

    Teams will be ranked according to the average laptime of all team members on the event track (Nurburgring) in the booked car. If we have no laptimes for the booked car we’ll revert to a laptime from any car.

    Teams will then be evenly spread across all available servers.

    How do you know my laptime?

    We don’t. But we have a practice server up now, running Nurburgring and collecting laptimes (search the server list for 'ACCR'). We recommend anyone interested in joining sets a laptime on that server, some time between now and the event start time, that represents their race pace.

    You can, of course, still go on there and set some times if you can't make the event, and see how they rate on our laptime leaderboard.

    What are the rules?

    Easy going. This is an event testing new functionality on our side and functionality in ACC that’s still under development. Things might go wrong. We’ll survive.

    When should I sign up?

    As soon as possible. You could leave it to the last minute but that leaves us with little testing time. Early sign-ups, together with early laptimes recorded on the practice server, would be most welcome

    Sign up page is here http://accracing.club/pages/eventdetail?id=470

    What if I’m not sure?

    Sign up anyway. We have a ‘sign out’ button.

    How do teams work?

    When you sign up to a team event on our website, you become a ‘team owner’. You are provided with a unique code that you can use to invite other people (max team size 3 for this event) into your team.

    You don’t have to though. You can just enter yourself. If the team owner signs out of the event, team owner status is passed to the next person who signed into the team.

    Can I set a custom team name, livery etc?

    Of course. The team owner creates / sets the livery when they sign up. Our website supports saving as many custom car liveries as you want, and you select the one you want to use when you sign up for an event.

    All our servers regularly download custom cars so if you have one saved on the website you’ll be able to use it on any of our servers.

    Will the results be recorded?

    Of course. All results / laptimes will appear on the website on results pages (showing classification, gaps etc) and laptime leaderboards.

    What will the conditions be like?

    All down to the weather Gods / formulae / variables. We’ll probably do a day / evening transition.

    What if I have more questions?

    Check out our website. There’s a big Discord link at the top, come and ask us!


    Why Nurburgring?

    Because our developer spent 3 months developing our website and completely forgot about it in all that time. Our website supported only 9 tracks until last week. It needs some love.

    What will happen if it’s a success?

    More, more more. More events, more team events, longer events.

    What will happen if it’s not a success?

    Same. We don’t give up that easily.

    So come and join us. It’s a great opportunity to test not only our website but the exciting driver swap / team functionality in ACC. As well as real time weather, day / night etc.

    The website is designed to make team races with driver swaps instantly available, allowing teams to form during the booking process, and generating the config files without the need for humans to build json files.

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