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MULTIPLAYER Multiplayer & Rating - 1.0

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, May 24, 2019.

  1. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Simracer

  2. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    @Minolin looks like CP points aren't working, I have entered 3 races and won all 3. The first one I got 25 cp but then lost them, the other 2 races I never got any points. Not too concerned about the points just noting it seems not to be working. Also the server that shows up as 90ms in the CP window was actually 350 for me as I asked those inside what my ping was.

    Are there supposed to be some US CP servers too or are they only in Europe atm until things become more stable.
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  3. @Minolin As discussed last week it would be great to have CP servers in the APAC region, I've been sceptical of the reported pings on the CP servers and Marty checking his realtime ping in the server indicates the 70-90ms pings reported in the lobby are perhaps on the optimistic side :). In a game where SA ratings are so important it's not ideal to risk throwing away our SA rating participating in high ping servers. I appreciate the work you are doing and love the direction this is heading in, but a server that can provide low ping for Australia, NZ, and SE Asia is important for quality racing and the success of multiplayer in this region.
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  4. david m

    david m Gamer

    somebody know how works exactly the order of the preferences in matchmaking?
    I had read in many threads about that the numbers are reversed, but i'm not sure about it.

    I mean where I have to put the slider to make it more important for me, to the 100 or to the number 0?
  5. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    Can the original blog post be updated with any additional information revealed in the 17 pages since? I am trying to find out if pit stops are mandatory in the CP server without risking being disqualified after racing for an hour. Thank you.
  6. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    No mandatory pits
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  7. Mercenairy

    Mercenairy Gamer

    Are us Aussies (Oceanic) ever going to get a competition server? I’ve been checking from time to time since release and never seen an entry for it or even a race foe that matter. The whole reason I bought this game is for competitive racing...

    If there are competitive races only at a certain time can you please let me know when the oceanic competitive servers are online so I can sure to log in to race - incredibly frustrating..

    If we aren’t populated enough for a full time server the give us one during a peak time and let us know when it will be online so we can log in to race it at least..
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  8. Gratulin

    Gratulin Racer

    Drivers in Aus,NZ and SE Asia are suffering a double jeopardy on this. Not only do we get put in high ping servers using Quick Join but also, high ping drivers get put in our local low ping servers. Result is always some high ping drivers in each server. Really critical to get this sorted so that drivers are populating low-ping servers where possible.
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  9. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    Additionally to this issue the matchmaking weight criteria in the multiplayer UI simply do not work currently as expected.

    I experimented a lot with different settings to make server latency the single most important criteria and still the server list is a complete jumble with high ping servers high up on page one :-(

    This needs to be fixed and on top we need a traditional server browser sort + filter function to sort out problematic servers to ever show up.

    I suggest that the actual server browser tabs should be buttons wich have 4 options once clicked:
    - Auto
    - sort ^
    - sort v
    - Filter

    This way we could use the amazing matchmaking features as global criteria but on top of that we could customize each tab manually.

    I for one would set a custom ping cutoff at 300ms as any server I ever joined in ACC had issues (mostly disconnects).

    I would also completely filter out all unrated servers.
    I would also filter out all servers with race length less than 20min.

    I could also use the all auto matchmaking function at a base (I really like how you can fine tune the criteria to custom build a high quality server list) but in a pinch I could simply click a tab and with a single click could sort for tracks or most populated servers, etc

    This filter and sort functionality ON TOP of the current matchmaking construct would make for the ultimate “can-do-It-all” server browser.

    Regarding CP servers, I see very suspicious extremely low pings (in the 10 - 100ms range) where normally I see ping times on really good European servers in the 200ms range (so the ping in CP server display cannot be trusted).

    Every single time I tried to join a CP server I had disconnect issues - 100% reliable every single time.
    I am in Asia and competition is all I ever wanted from ACC It says so on the tin after all ;-)

    Please add high quality CP servers for America, Australia and Asia, these are key for people to be able to race clean and competitively.
  10. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    @Minolin did your #01 server crash or was it just another restart? I had just completed 20 min of free practice and 10 min of qualifying at Spa, when all players disappeared on the start grid while changing my setup.

    I just noticed that you have changed the SA rating on your server and increased the player count, maybe it was just a restart after all - just got a bit worried, since there was no warning before the restart.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  11. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Set to 100 for your preferred. I believe it’s only Rain and Night that are reversed. Pay attention to notes to the side re relative settings.
  12. natloz76

    natloz76 Racer

    Certainly on the competition server only Brands hatch....the only track I don't have 3 star.
    Always Brands Hatch...how I hate that track...Jesus.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  13. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    I can't seem to wrap my head around the CC rating. Last laps I got plenty of Good, Fine, Perfect and a couple of OKs. But still my rating went down from 83 to 82. This was in single-player practice. Am I doing something wrong? Are those Goods, Fines and whatnot including overdriving? So could I still be overdriving even if it says Fine?
  14. fabT

    fabT Hardcore Simmer

    @Minolin, I think there's something VERY strange going on with CC after v1.00 ( and still applies on public beta ).
    For instance seems SPA alone is massively punishing CC.

    Till v0.7.X i used to have a pretty stable CC, around 88-90.

    Since v1.00 my CC started to sink constantly and i had no clue why.
    Yesterday it was 75.

    Mind the fact lately i only drove the Porsche 911 GT3R almost only at Spa.
    Despite improving a lot there ( i'm currently within top #50 in Spa stint event ) my CC was constantly reducing and showing quite some overdriving after each session.

    Today i did some practice + a couple races at Misano.
    My CC instantly skyrocketed from 75 to 89 ( about +20% ).
    All this within less than a couple hours of driving.

    If you look at the screenshot below you'll notice how different are the 5 Misano bars, all green and with much lower overdriving.
    The previous ones were sessions done at Spa.

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  15. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    ya I know why, on it :-/
    Fix is made, needs to be tested and hopefully finds it's way into 1.0.2
  16. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Simracer

  17. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    So then it isn't actually my driving? Good to know. :)
  18. sairuscz

    sairuscz Gamer

    Can anyone please help me explain why is my RC stuck at 50 for the past 14 days?
    Also why is CP not getting unlocked? I t says "to be announced in the future" , just like during early access.

    Attached Files:

  19. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    For CP to increase you have to race on Competition servers. Racing on any other multiplayer server or Single player has no influence on CP.

    For people in certain regions the Competition Server currently is bugged. We either get “Server not available in your Region” or we get a 100% certain reliable disconnect after having entered the server :-(

    RC will only increase VERY SLOWLY.
    It is bound to you racing on track against opponents cleanly. The best way of increasing your CP is to race the AI, starting a race from the back of the grid and gain positions moving through the field over the course of the race. Focus on driving CLEAN - do not drive aggressive and provoke contact. Also be aware that the AI currently does stupid things like moving erratically in braking zones or doing pit maneuvers or simply rear ending you, so stay out of the way and be prepared for such behavior.

    I get a single additional RC point every second or third race I finish (starting from 30th and moving into a top ten position within a 30min race against a ~95% AI).

    If you run clean this will also tremendously boost your SA as a side effect (it is a good thing to do after having been bumped into a lot on the current wreckfest servers).
  20. sairuscz

    sairuscz Gamer

    Thx Menos. Now I finally get it.
    So annoying I have to keep racing against AI to boost my ratings.
    I always get smashed online unless I can qualify in top3. I guess I'll have to invest a day of offline racing again to be able to join better servers. THX
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