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MULTIPLAYER Multiplayer & Rating - 1.0

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, May 24, 2019.

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  1. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks Minolin for your excellent work!

    Is there any chance of competition servers being added for Australia/NZ/SE Asia? Currently all the Kunos servers get me a 400+ ping in Melbourne Australia, I tried a server out with this ping and as expected racing was impossible.
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    GRFOCO Alien

    yes, maybe we all talked too early, too hard and too bad in the infamous "about 1.0 multiplayer structure" tread...
  3. iCeBreaKer008

    iCeBreaKer008 Rookie

    @Minolin are we getting the replay feature for the broadcast mode? The leagues want this so bad...
  4. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Would love to see a server in or near Australia somewhere. Pings to US and Europe are a bit on the high side. Singapore is not too bad though so if nothing else a server there would be good
  5. Well, not ALL of us... :)
  6. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    Great list of updates and great news! Thank you again Kunos!

    Also thank you for carrying about leagues! I see lots of important features for leagues! We are already planning 24H race at Spa in July with $ prizes and etc, so drivers swap is great news! I was worried that this will be added later... Thank you again!

    - Just couple questions: What will be the limit for the slots online? As I understood 30? If my server is private, I can set whatever slots limit I want, correct? So if my server has the password, means I can set slots limit to 30. If my server has no password than it becomes automatically public and slots limits depends on the Safety Rating in the server settings? Sorry for confusing.

    - Is PRO/AM/SILVER car category gives any benefit to the car or its just the indication of the driver category?

    - And what is the limit of spectators? Are spectators affect server performance?

    Great work again!
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    All sounds great except for CP servers in Europe and US only which pretty much keeps that feature from us.

    Euro servers have way too high a ping for decent racing and US servers still at 200+ is not a great place to race others from our region at with a combined ping of 400+. I really wouldnt even want competitive servers with much higher contact points to allow people with such high pings into them.

    Time zones also mean our peak times would be no US people in their servers as its the middle of the night there. This would just make for high lag lower quality racing then local servers which people will likely avoid over the cp ones.

    Im sure we can setup servers locally to match the cp ones but if people dont get their cp ratings they wont join and instead try to flood the euro servers with their high pings if allowed. :rolleyes:

    All the rest sounds promising and I look forward to trying out the mp features.
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  8. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Seems all the cool features are locked out to CP servers, we cant really use these servers or set servers the same which is pretty dissapointing when the best features seem to be region locked.

    Are there going to be ping limits and are we going to be suggested 350+ ping servers plus see a full list of these we need to scroll through to find our empty local servers at the bottom of the list of euro high ping servers.
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  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    SA I think your seeing it a bit different to what it is IMHO. You simply choose a server by the minimum level you accept of the field. Its not really related to speed just how clean people can race, I dont see any reason to want SA brackets 30 to 50 for example people pretty bad in traffic to those just above average. Why would you want to limit servers from people that are too clean? These guys are never the issue but you want to limit it from those not so clean. ;) You will look to join the cleanest servers you can and if your rating isnt high enough then need to find a way to improve your racing and get cleaner.

    I dont think it takes too much effort for anyone with decent control to get a good safety rating. The CP servers starting at 85 is very promising too as it will filter down to all servers. If someone wants to race in these they will need to clean up their act in all servers, they will also likely look for stricter entry servers to avoid racing with those that are a big hazard. This should see a shift from open un-restricted servers to the better quality restricted ones for the majority. Field size limits for open servers is also a good move as most choose open servers because they have 24 in them. If they are limited to 10 and you see a busy 30 slot SA80 server then people would like to join that instead I think.

    This provides incentives to all to raise their SA and so the general driving standards for most will likely be lifted. This incentive to clean up peoples driving and to want to use restricted servers over open ones is a pretty big deal and a great step.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  10. BoinkTheBeaver

    BoinkTheBeaver Simracer

  11. cobrettee

    cobrettee Gamer

    Sounds awesome - eagerly awaiting the release!
  12. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Fire up the game..enable full formation lap and check it out with AI grid starts moving single file and AI weaves around to hear up the tires etc. And then last couple of turns before the start finish line you get radio message to stack 2 by 2 and you go to start finish line..
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  13. david m

    david m Racer

    I see this CP rating fantastic, is a rating that if I didn't understanded bad you can only earn and grow up in the official CP servers ( that are handled by kunos)
    And it seems that is a rating that will make the perfect mix for good races,it's a combination of safety and speed, so I expect a really good races in this competition servers

    and IMHO it's a win win situation that this servers will be only handled by kunos ...
    let's be patient and let kunos can see how this finally works.
    I'm confident that if they see that this servers works in the way that they are trying, we will not have poblems in the future to have more official CP servers . For example I imagine races every 2 hours in different brackets of CP(splits) 0-25 / 25-75 / 75-100, with different durations,rules, and tracks rotating all day... I bet that if this happen there will a lot of people that will be feeling pretty idiot for all he was saying some weeks ago LOL

    @Minolin can I ask you if we will have (officially or not officialy) some kind of ranking to see the CP of every driver?and we will can check our results in this CP races later after the race and out of game?
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
  14. Erik Frisen

    Erik Frisen Gamer

    So with two US servers, would it be fair to assume that there will be at least one race starting every top of the hour of the day? *cough scheduled races cough*
  15. WOW... That's a lot of good news here :eek:

    This is HUGE both for low and high SA drivers.

    That's pretty much everything we need before the race.
    Just 1 thing only seems to be missig: is there a way to know what's the race start time?
  16. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    The only reason why the number of players in servers may drop is because they will not know what is needed to race online in this game. The game opens tomorrow, thousands of new players are going to join, but the stickies are just massive. Someone should condense all this info, or no new players will ever join the SA servers.
  17. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Kunos and especially Minolin you outdid yourselves with the MP implementation for ACC. IMHO, all boxes are checked and this will be a huge success...an excellent baseline for DLC, too - with such a great system in place, it'll be easy to win over people that are currently not onboard because they dislike GT3. Just saying.

    Although the "competitive crowd" should now be very pleased with the CP server implementation, the biggest achievement for me remains the safety system for public MP. This must be the hardest thing to achieve, really.

    My compliments. I'm looking forward to racing ACC on Wednesday!
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  18. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    It was working in a previous version of that broadcasting tool...
  19. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    Have to practice this in single player. Never tried full lap, just the last corner (don't judge me:rolleyes:). Does it work the same in SP?
  20. quizmaster

    quizmaster Rookie

    This is what I was waiting for, goodbye iRacing
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