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Multiplayer , safety rating like in iracing ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by MaxDamage75, Apr 23, 2014.


Do you think it's good to have a score to measure driving ability in multiplayer ?

Poll closed May 8, 2014.
  1. Yes, safety rating like iracing would be perfect

  2. Yes, but i don't like iracing style safery rating

  3. No, I think it's not a good idea

  1. MaxDamage75

    MaxDamage75 Gamer

    What do you think about a score for player ability, at least ability to stay away from crashes ? :)
    I think it's important in multiplayer mode.

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  3. BugA

    BugA Racer

    Not this again please... We have tons of threads like this, do we have to discuss about it again?
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  4. BingoWings

    BingoWings Rookie

    I have not played iracing but from what I've heard of it, the racing can be sterile and boring because people are scared of this safety rating. I don't know how this multiplayer is going to work but I am guessing it will be private people hosting their own servers. In that case, the server owners should govern who does or doesn't race on their server and what specific rules they want to apply and how hard they want to police them. I don't think it should be the place for the game devs to dictate rules to the minutiae level. Especially when automatic penalties etc are never going to be 100% reliable. I think the only in game rule that should be automatically enforced is the pit lane speed limit.
  5. denizen

    denizen Racer

    The best online sim racing I've ever experienced has been in iRacing. That's coming from a background racing leagues in LFS, rFactor, GTR2 etc.
  6. Welp, this thread is about to get merged....guess I should mention onion rings or cheese fries.....and oh yeah, safety rating as implemented by Kunos isn't happening so deal with it.
  7. Maranello46

    Maranello46 Racer

    I hope so Michael, I hate so much irating!! In my opinion it doesn´t make sense when you are trying to emulate as real as possible :(

    But also I hope people have a nice behaviour during online sessions!
  8. plucka

    plucka Racer

    I think it's a good idea, it's one of the reasons which make iRacing the best online racing experience. Every other public racing multiplayer game I've tried has been a total waste of time due to kids and wreckers ruining your race. If any kid who hasn't done a single lap of practice can join your race and most certainly ruin it for those that are serious then multiplayer fails. I'd like to see some kind of rating or regualtion to weed out the wreckers otherwise if it's a free for all I will be sticking to single player or possibly leagues/private servers.
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  9. plucka

    plucka Racer

    irating is different to safety rating. In real life you have the fear of injury/death and extreme expense if you are wreckless, online the kids and wreckers have no consquences so your opionion is without any merit.
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