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Multiplayer starts

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Freeon, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. Freeon

    Freeon Rookie

    I have only been doing multiplayer for a few weeks in ACC but it seems every starts are the same. When counter reaches zero and we can start moving everyone doesn't star rolling at the exact same time, some drivers get a ahead, then nobody seems to be able to catch up to the lead cars. I push throttle fully but get slowed by a speed limiter and can't catch the cars in front. Is there anyway to turn off the speed limiter or is this normal. I have yet to see a race start with every car lined up double file. They are all spread apart.

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  3. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    You cannot deactivate the limiter .. but for me it is a problem for the pilots .. many want to attack by stealing meters in the pre-start procedure.
    If those who started on pole started slowly and had everyone queue up (and the drivers respected the Indian row and double row indications, it wouldn't exist as a problem).
    All the starts I make in championship matches, of serious portals are perfect, let's say, or at least almost all.
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  4. Already an ongoing topic in other discussions.
    Has been my experience as well... players somehow gain bus lengths and pass before starts but you can't do anything about it on most servers because they host short races without pit.

    They need to do AI controlled rolling starts or something until race starts reach the next stage.
    The gaps can help with a clean start but those quickest during qualifying are rewarded with a higher grid position and lead/gap over others.
    If highest qualifying have bus lengths during starts they are less likely to be challenged by others resulting in an easy win and therefore rating boost.

    Sure they have something epic in the works... til then we need a bandaid.
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