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XB1 My experience with G920 on Xbox and recommendations

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by TalkBeardyToMe, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. Hi everyone,

    New here, and first post.....

    I know there’s a plethora of threads on this subject, but I felt compelled to add my own experience and recommendation, which I hope will benefit someone.

    I absolutely love my sim racing, albeit on console rather than PC due to the pick up and play nature of it rather than worrying about the cost / time to get and store a suitable PC rig.

    I’ve enjoyed many years playing Assetto Corsa, Project cars 1 and 2 and the numerous F1 games since they appeared on consoles, playing on the Xbox one X with a Logitech G920 wheel complete with pedals and gear shifter all mounted on the X Rocker XR racing rig.

    I was eagerly awaiting the release of ACC on Xbox last year, and picked it up on the day of release. Yes there were bugs, and wheel setup issues, but I loved it none the less. Ever since I’ve been reading about and watching videos about the wheel settings, and never quite found one that I liked 100%. I’ve spent many months tweaking the available wheel settings, and now feel I’ve got to a stage that I’m happy with it, and more importantly it’s made the title even more enjoyable.

    So, here are my settings, in case anyone else wants to give them a go. Note that I’ve upgraded the firmware of the G920 to the latest available through Logitech via my PC.

    Gain 100%
    Minimum force 4%
    Dynamic damping 112%
    Road effects 0%
    Steering Lock (I use those published on the ‘SimRacingSetup’ website dependant on car)
    Steer scale 100%
    Steer linearity 1.00
    Brake gamma 2.50
    Brake dead zone 22%
    Throttle dead zone 0%​

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  3. bells0

    bells0 Gamer

    Hi. Thanks for posting your settings. Are these after the newest update/patch that included fixes for Logitech wheels?
  4. These settings were from ACC Version on Logitech firmware 96.3.49
  5. GoRillaA18

    GoRillaA18 Rookie

    The lack of FFB is still disappointing, but my car feels a lot more fluid now...and it can actually competitively brake. Thanks for sharing!

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