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My Open Letter For ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Jardier, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. Jardier

    Jardier Gamer

    Hello guys,

    I didnt know where to write so I hope this is a place to ask question and have grown up conversation.

    After playing ACC for over 3300 hours, since early access version I would like to talk about game itself and about future of the game.
    I could not but register big silence from development side of the game, that sadly for us as players been hurtful.

    My open letter to ACC:

    PLEASE do not take my post as complain, its more like a nerd and fanboy of game/simulator that I love to be better and top of the market state.

    I remember when ACC was in early access stage and on the release it was very broken, with awesome roadmap ahead of us and developers that listened to every feedback possible, updating and updating to release where game was in amazing state. Thanks to the roadmap we as players had access to knowledge what will come and what to look forward to. Yes we were never promised "forever" game like iracing or raceroom. But I cannot longer say anything but disapointed in last long months again in terms of not knowing whats going on.
    I feel like ACC shifted from game for players and game that was listening to their community, now to literally get abandoned. Simple Tweets about the future of the game. Some little dates. Some little something would make everything so much better.

    Is ACC itself waiting to die by getting overrun by other game, lets say Rennsport, or their own AC2?

    Obviously I dont know much about game development, but I really dont think ACC is small game, with over 4000 peak players per day being one of the top sims. With MASSIVE potential thats sliping through fingers.
    Can we at least know why?

    I would like to put some examples, again please no rant, just wanting to be better = better = more players = more sponsors = more money for you, devs.

    1) Driver swap - one of the top things about ACC is being able to do endurance racing - which is literally ONE OF THE BEST in any other sim (weather, day night, etc). Yet driver swap is still same complicated "buggy" and not finished making it impossible to be put in the place of top "enviroment for simracing". Crashes during driverswap, bugs around it (not working shifters, nobody driving, overall complication). Second driver not being able to adjust pitstops for another driver (look at iracing its literally made for anyone and it works).
    Also always having 1st driver to join server first, even when problem happens is massive issue. Again compare to iracing anybody can join on whatever order, if you disconnected, other driver can tow the car and drive. In ACC you are mostly done.
    Not talking about that if you disconnect and rejoin you lose 2-4 laps right away.

    2) Online system - lets be honest without lfm/simgrid creation of SIMPLE yet amazing online system ACC would have right now half or at least 1/3 less players. Was that so hard to make? Again POTENTIAL.

    3) BOP - yes we complain a lot. Yes some other sims are worse. BUT this is official GTWC game and focused on GT3. I dont think its so hard to make cars on all tracks within 2 tenths. Where is the problem? Is it the money? Are brands paying to make their cars faster? Because dont tell me its REAL BOP because I dont see Audi and Merc and Lamborghini on the top. Lamborghini is dead in the game same as Lexus, Mercedes almost useless,etc. Yes its harsh but look at every single top league in any split.
    Why is it so hard? Im sure with the help of people SRO/Simgrid/LFM/VCO you can make perfect enviroment for racing in month. And then you can literally update it every month if need!!!
    Say what you say but seeing Porsche massive "crap" on straights and insane in corners, or Honda massive acceleration. And then compare it to lets say Ferrari curbs or some others cars. Makes NO SENSE if we are even taking real life to consideration.
    I would be the happiest guy ever to be able to help with this. Anyone would.
    When you sign up for league championship and one race with Lamborghini you are P4 and next race you are 1s off pace Just because of the car. Its not fun. Thats not how BOP works.
    And say what you say about esport drivers, but I would love to see where is the problem in this.
    As only GT3 focused game - this would massively help you to have GOOD bop (it could be worse of course so thank you at least for the state of the game right now). BUT please care about US, your players. We are crying here.
    I honestly think BOP holds this game in bad place. Every discord talks about it, every esport drivers talks about it, every streamer/video maker talks about it.
    And I think it could be easily fixed.
    HELL even OFFICIAL SRO GTWC ESPORTS runs custom BOP (limited to 30kgs ballast) and on Kyalami whole grid was in 2 tenths of second. Why not copy paste it to the game right away... boom one track fixed.

    4) Future of the game - Yes you never promised us anything after Roadmap and we got a lot of new stuff. BUT can you also please instead of arogance PLEASE take example in other developers who wants to let their community know whats going on. Where the game is going. If it has future. Last year we were told 3 new GT3s, GT2s coming, we are still missing some tracks from GTWC Europe, even USA. Are they being worked on? Is there anything going on? Will we wait for another year? Please LET us know properly. And I dont mean by Aris saying something on his stream or video. I mean officially. You have massive twitter. Use it for good.... Its sad seeing people leaving the game.
    Magny course, new Zandvoort, etc.

    Also in terms of stuff let us know why its not happening, it would also help, like "hey guys we have only two guys working on game we cant do anymore stuff" we would be totally fine.

    5) When we complain its not that we hate the game - We just simply want it little better. And hey if I would be developing game and most complains would consider some little suspension tweaks or bop tweaks I would be pretty happy. Better than complain about flying cars or disapearing wheels. Right?
    So instead of making fun of us and putting it down. Maybe listen. We are the players as well.

    6) Physics and suspension - After many many updates, toe fixes, damper settings, yes physics is very good but also very separated to car to car. Try to drive BMW M4, then jump to Ferrari and then jump to AMG. Something feels like patched over patch over patch. Almost like fixing car with duct tape. Again not a complain but do you get my point please?
    I would personally REALLY welcome some physics rebuild on some cars. Honetly I think Porsche is one of the most broken cars in the game even if we consider comparision to real life. One of the fastest cars in real life on topspeed, to slowest in game by far where people overtake you on straight like you are in different class. Yes you get hotlap speed. But whats the point. Just remove from downforce of the car because it feels like it has different grip levels.
    Also what about the Ferrari? I cant say it, but I will, its a **** box. Suspension NEEDs fix. I dont think it needs superman to understand that the car doesnt do what it needs over curbs or even tiny bumps. Hell its literally only car that will kill you when you touch grass on straights. With BMW I can have coffee on my lap and go offroading at Brands Hatch.
    Not even talking about zero acceleration in the car on the most tracks.

    7) Cars - Why is Bentley in the graveyard, Lexus, McLaren, Lambo? Is it something from above? Or just lack of humblenes on fixing the cars? Argument saying "those are fast cars" is lacking anything if you are at least 3s from alien pace.
    PLEASE give us back these cars. I wanna race Lambo, but at the same time I dont wanna be P40 with it. I wanna have same chances to everybody else.

    8) Stop hating esport - Take it or leave it, Esport bring partners, sponsors, drivers, attention, new players, money, etc.. so maybe these guys knows what they are doing and maybe what they say is true, mostly.
    Also look at other games - iracing, raceroom what kind of competitions are they running. Yes we have SRO but thats one championship from GTWC and thats it. Rest is again run by community. I actually thing ACC community is getting very underrestimated. Look at what they all done. LFM,Simgrid with VCO, and so many more. With charities, and big events. We need you more to listen to us what we need as well.

    9) Offtracks - Can we please get update on some tracks? Also in the wet weather conditions? Losing 0,3s and still getting offtrack while on Spa you can cut Raidillon and gain time without offtrack makes no sense.

    10) SC, VSC - Would this be ever possible to get? For example in iracing admin can call out safety car for exactly how long he wants. I know this is too much of thing to ask, but maybe for the future? Thank you.

    11) Little tweaks - Some little things for new players as for example MORE info what each thing on the setup does would be fantastic. I cant imagine what new players must go through when they first open the game and see setup page. Yes you can go on youtube, you can go on forums, but who does that from new players.
    Make it easier for them. Please.

    12) Customize the HUD - Its 2023 and we cant adjust HUD in the game (I mean positions properly we can only move left and right WHOLE HUD or remove it).

    13) Achievements - Well it would be nice, on steam. 100kms done, 1000kms done, 100kms single race, reached 300kmh, etc.

    14) Statistics To compare with friends and other drivers - Again, its run by communities now but would be epic to have that properly ingame.

    15) Intro Outro - Possible to remove like AC1 without deleting files.

    16) Fixed setups - Again, iracing has this, you can even upload some certain fix setup to everyone.
    Even AC1 has it!
    Would also be perfect for rookies. I can imagine lets say single Porsche GT3 series with one setup from certain driver upload for everyone with just tyre pressure and selection change and fuel = perfect.
    Also would motive more people to drive single class series.

    17) Start penalties - I think its still buggy looking at LFM/ SRO/ VCO races

    18) Little bug report - When you crash in high speed to the wall and session restart you will most likely blow up your engine on start, rpm weird things for example on Honda (you shift at 263kmh but you can hit limiter at 250kmh already).

    19) More protection in online servers - Thank you for fixing DDOSing last years <3

    20) Consoles - I think you should listen to console players a lot. Its your game thats being represented, your money and your future that they are not happy about.

    As person that plays this game almost every day, I get nonstop feedback from people, from console players, from pc players. Nonstop asking when will be that, when will be that fixed, when will be that done, when will that release, etc. So please listen to them as well.

    Okay, I think Im done. I know this all sounds like a little rant but its just talking my stuff out of my chest, something that I talk about a lot but its getting ignored.
    Im sure someone will hate me for it but hey I can handle it.

    But in honest side. This is FANBOY wanting to have something little better.
    Because I KNOW there is potential. MASSIVE POTENTIAL in ACC To be even bigger than it is.
    And all you need to do, is listen to the community.
    Because we love you. And you should love us <3 So stop hidding and use that freaking Twitter/Facebook.
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  3. TFrag

    TFrag Rookie

    I think this has been said around many communities in the past, but it's great to have it all bundled into one post for everyone to give their "2 cents" and speak as a community, that what Kunos have done for ACC so far, is great and hopefully when the "next" product is released, that ACC isn't left to the community to update and keep alive, with more content coming this year, I do hope not!

    Echoing much of your points and adding information from an organizer/community owner perspective:-

    1) This is a key part of a major gripe for a lot of endurance events and having done many tests, a lot of the issues aren't easy to replicate with the system as you said the "first" (defined by whoever joins the server first in that entrylist) driver has to rejoin the server, and if they disconnect the whole TEAM then needs to disconnect, and that first driver rejoin, as you said, and I'm sure it's coming from a recent iRacing event? ;) iRacings system is much better at handling team events, ALTHOUGH:-

    Take this with a pinch of salt, as it was a while back and I have no evidence.

    If I recall correctly in the early stages of team entry list testing, the reason it works how it is is due to how the whole multiplayer process is coded from top to bottom, and to change how it works in ACC would mean re-writing the core multiplayer.

    2) The competition system was an attempt at this I feel, although as you say, could definitely be expanded.

    3) Even iRacing which has been around for years can't get BoP right 100% of the time; pushing out updates every season to try to balance the cars on every update, and that's in a game that's paid MONTHLY as well as cars and tracks, and I'm unsure of how Kunos's development cycle works, but if devs are stretched between 2 games, then it would be very hard to continue to update ACC BoP every 12 weeks or so to keep inline with a new Meta that might develop from a previous change, I believe Kunos will have all the data they require as a lot of data is sent back to the master servers (lap-times, etc), but yes, cars quite obviously faster on some tracks is an interesting concept, but balancing it for endurance AND sprint & other random formats that communities come up with could be very difficult as a developer.

    4) I agree wholeheartedly, right at the start, community engagement was amazing, and it seems to have "dwindled" (no disrespect, I'm sure they're very busy adding value in a non-public capacity) off in recent years/months, hopefully, we'll have some more of that!

    5) Agreed, I think it should be taken as simracers passionate about simracing.

    6) Again, this falls down to 3, and development time and funding etcetc, which I'm sure Kunos have the ability to do, it's a case of how their priorities and development methodologies work within the company/higher up and where they see the future of ACC.

    7) It's interesting that cars which were reallllly bad are now realllllly good and visa versa, interesting how some changes have knock-on to other cars, even without BoP changes, tyres did the same, you hear a lot "how much did honda pay for it to be like it is" "was the M4 so fast because it was just released" etc haha!

    8) I think eSport should be exactly that, with the new R1 with Rennsport, and it taking what is already BUILT in other games/"eSports" take, Dota 2, CSGO, Starcraft, LoL, if you have a DEVELOPER BACKED eSports Conglomerate, your game will be HUGE and that's what ACC could be, if they wanted it, as right now it's a "side-line" on SRO rather than it's own, stand-alone series, I know it's hard with real-racing obviously being at the fore-front, but sometimes eSports feels "overshadowed".

    10) Comes back to 3, 6.

    12) I think a lot of the HUD is fine and a lot can be removed (F2, Blank) so rather minor, unless there's something I'm missing?

    14) Agreed, the data is all there, it just needs something building to present it, from what I can see anyways.

    16) This has been a major query for a while, however I think the reason behind this is because they're validated client side, rather than server side... (Hopefully someone can correct me and it'll be implemented next month..)

    One wish however is:- Can we have them like AC? Where the fixed values are used, just like we can with liveries, etc, add it to the "cars" folder and that car has to use that setup? Although, I think the issue is setups are validated clientside, not server side, so again, might be a whole change in the coding.

    9,11,13,15,17,18,19,20 - Agreed.

    Over-all it's nice to have a "voice" come forwards with exactly the points that all communities have been discussing for a while and I think you've captured a lot of what everyone says, however there's ONE thing that would be fantastic from an admin perspective.

    21) The ability to "control" our servers from the dedicated servers themselves, right now, unless you're CONNECTED to the actual server INGAME, there's no commands we can issue, we can't kick, ban, remove any drivers, resolve entry list issues, or anything, once a race is up, unless an admin runs a command to resolve something (which, a lot of the time, admins aren't racing in larger community races), it has to all be resolved post-race in results file changes, or rating systems etc, for example, if we wanted to remove a driver from an event, we can't "automate" a process to do so, we have to manually connect to the server to do it, it's the same for a lot of other things as well, a little control via backend would be great.

    EDIT - If we look at AC, a lot of new "custom" server wrappers have come out to expand on what it already could do (not just with the results, but with how it actually functions WITHIN GAME), which ALSO adds new features into the servers themselves, I'm not 100% sure this could be possible and "legal" within the ACC Server, but as maturity grows, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing it more and more, as with any servers.

    Overall, the ACC product is one of the best ON THE MARKET right now, however if there's a future for it, I think active community engagement is the key to all of it, even if it's "we can't do that, because of this and that means redeveloping this", we would understand as passionate drivers and community owners and platform developers, that we know the reasoning for it, for example my (1) reply, I'm not 100% sure that's the reason, but I'm sure I heard it somewhere in the initial tests.

    Thank you again Kunos for a fantastic product, and I hope it stays for years to come!
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2023
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  4. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Alien

    Hello, Jardier.

    Do you really fell like that? I'm surprised. The ACC is much, much more polished game right now (not much to do in terms of bug/hot fixes, test, release, test again), there are two DLC with new cars in production and I hope there will be some other big updates on the way (there are many things to add/improve: DHE tyres, missing tracks, for example) - it's far from being abandoned. But let's don't forget - it's almost four years old already and the AC2 should be in full development right now, I believe.

    It's nothing new, really. Kunos were always very cautious about communication, especially when the deal is not done yet and they simply cannot say a single word (and now, with the ownership of the Digital Bros and the stock market it's even more complicated and sensitive matter). Official Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts are pretty alive, not to mention Aris Drives streams - live streams right from the game developer!

    I don't believe it will be fixed at this stage. It was discussed here many times and the conclusion was pretty much the same each time - there are other priorities and the amount of work to "make it work" does not justify it. But who knows...

    I can imagine it was pretty hard. It was explained some time ago by Aris on his streams - it's different thing for private groups of enthusiasts and a whole different thing for the developer with clients, investors and commitments and Kunos Simulazioni had no plans/funds for a such commitment. Maybe it will change with AC2, who knows?

    Bentley boy here. I'm still driving it, still enjoying it, and I'm still as slow as I was before (I'm pretty slow anyway). Sadly this car is almost dead in real racing, too... Making this chunky boi great again would be very welcome.

    Did I miss something? What happened? Kunos are software developers first. The will give you a tool, develop it, enhance. Want esports? Here's the tool. Or something like that.

    I don't think that's fair said. There were many other, official global series like Lamborghini The Real Race, Ferrari Esports Series, Alpine Esports Series, Bentley and BMW challenges and many other local series with big names and prizes. There were also not only GTWC series from SRO. Series run by communities - the more the better. LFM, Simgrid and others are doing a great job! Do we need more? Also: being SRO licensed game might be a limiting factor in terms of esport.

    I love the How To Close The Outro Screen mini-game. Should I mouse-click, press Esc, Enter, just wait for a while or what? It's something different almost every time.

    Are you sure it's not the skill issue? Every start penalty I saw in the last year was caused by drivers not paying attention or abusing the system.

    There are separate sections for bug reports here - just make standalone report. This will be lost here.

    If only it was that simple. ;) I don't believe anything is getting ignored just like that or that the community is not listened - some things can be done, some can't for many reasons on many levels.

    Cheers. Good luck on the road to the 100k, Jardier, go, go, go!
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2023
  5. @Jardier For 12, HUDs: I've been working on an open-source app called Race Element since end of march 2022.
    It already contains a lot more than just customizable HUDs. Mostly it has been a 1 man spare-time job, but since it is open sourced other people can contribute to it as well.
  6. Temetias

    Temetias Rookie

    I made an account just to echo some parts of this statement. (Background: ~2k hours in game, actively participating in community level eSports events)

    Communication: It's the core of keeping games alive and having a player base that feels connected to the game.

    I feel like the hardcore community is often dismissed as this angry bunch of gamers that know nothing about the sim. While some of this might be true if you go to more casual forums like YouTube comments / reddit, there is still a whole bunch of valid criticism and development suggestions out there in twitter and in discords. Now we are in a situation where the people who literally make a living out of playing this game are told they're "whiners" who "had it good and are now complaining because they don't have it good anymore".

    Sometimes I feel Kunos doesn't understand or want to acknowledge the fact that there's people who pour literally a full working time effort into perfecting their gameplay and competing in the game. They want to hear communication, they need to know what's next. And what they especially don't need is someone to tell them they don't actually understand, and they're just whining and doing "eSports nonsense".

    I understand there's NDA's, and I'm not saying everything needs to be transparent. But it would be good to know that some of the issues in the game are at least being monitored or acknowledged. Even small tweets like "We are aware of the issue x, and are looking into it" would be so much better than full radio darkness. Who knows, maybe they actually do read and listen, but how are we supposed to know when there is no feedback loop? Now our only assumption of listening is minor patches and how they correspond to community feedback, and the contents of the patch recently seem to suggest that the community wasn't really listened to, unfortunately.

    Now the only reasonable feedback loop is Aris' personal streams and those streams are now just full of people seeking clarification on those issues instead of just watching Aris talk about the sim, like the good old days.

    - More communication, more happy
    - Acknowledge that there are people who know a lot about the sim and that their criticism is valid instead of dismissing it.
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  7. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    My take of the "Esports nonsense" is the meta setups where exploits are used to become faster. I agree that those holes need to be plugged fast but I understand that they might introduce new bugs and logic holes instead.
  8. Rwaggy

    Rwaggy Gamer

    Hello Jardier and ACC Community.

    I am the Assetto Corsa Community Manager for 505 Games and I wanted to let you know we have read your post (and all replies) here and are taking this very seriously in the background.

    We have a team dedicated to the Assetto Corsa franchise that are as passionate about it as you guys are.

    I must of course set the expectation that there are no promises of any or all changes but I can promise I will do my best to progress these as far as is possible.

    We are working on creating a roadmap of exciting new content for the future of ACC, as it stands currently and what you can expect moving forward.

    Please carry on being awesome and caring as much as you do. We love our community!
  9. underd0g

    underd0g Racer

    Some of us are sociophobes so we race AI exclusively. Since no-one mentioned AI improvements I'll mention below what's missing and needs to be fixed, if at all possible.

    Some examples:
    • AI sometimes handles blue flags like they are stop signs. Brake checking is illegal behaviour AFAIK?
    • When AI spin out they retire far too quickly, leading to an empty field on longer races.
    • AI racing lines are somewhat weak, so some players (me not included) find that they are too fast for level 100 AI.
    • AI is not defending. There is no defensive behaviour at all.
    • AI is sometimes too inconsiderate, pushing players off the track just because the players are slow or brake earlier.
    • AI will never get penalized for unsportsmanlike behaviour because they very rarely cut the track, or if they do they never get track cut penalties. They are just too perfect.
    • If during longer sessions the player saves the game for a later session, loading that session back up often causes several AI to spin out and retire.
    • During practice sessions, AI all go out at once and at some point during the session they might bunch up and cruise around the track in a slow train.
    • During qualification sessions, AI all go out at once and with half a tank of fuel (or more), so they are all very slow. If the player goes out for a few laps with a lower fuel load the player will easily gain pole but then might find out that they are slower than the AI during the race depending on how much fuel the race requires
    • AI and stint timers during longer races sometimes causes AI to make one extra stop compared to the player if the player uses all the stint timer available.
    Love the game whether these issues are fixed or not.
  10. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    From my view as a VR player: For example in the 720S, the HUD is blocking a major part of the rear view monitor.

    And yes, I like using the blank mode in longer races, as it adds up to the immersion, but every time you need some more info, you need to cycle through all pages again, which, to say the least, is neither visually pleasing nor user friendly. (Though I have mapped F2 to a button on my wheel, but still. Especially in VR, when the HUD pages slam right into your face while cycling through.)

    Simply put: This "all or nothing" approach is rather a workaround. Acceptable, but far from nice.
    The system we have in AC1 however is perfect.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Pretty much agree with all of your post.

    I know I'm repeating myself,... again, but since there have been no improvements in AC2 AI for literally years, I fear us drivers who race mostly AI, will be out of luck until AC3 is introduced.

    And even then, if nobody on staff is capable of making improvements in AI for AC3, or simply Kunos is not even interested, forget ACC AI ever getting any better.

    Which is a shame, for us who's life style makes AI racing preferable.
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  12. Echo_29

    Echo_29 Hardcore Simmer

    Development wise, I think the game is done, I do think we need new content though, and we need a roadmap.

    New tire update? Fix the rolling resistances, cars are way slower on the straights than real life, and also fix the difference between the cars, Honda insane acceleration and top speed, to Porsche OP cornerings and zero top speed, just feels so unnatural to race with such differences between cars.

    We are getting the New Porsche, Lambo and Ferrari GT3 car, please add new tracks with this, maybe the "Official 2023 GTWC Europe" season?
    Add in Valencia and Hockenheim with this car pack.

    Then GT2s pack, add in another 1 or 2 tracks.
  13. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    I agree with most of what is expressed in the posts above, with Jardier post being a good summary of players’ requests, comments, complains (whatever to call it) due to bugs/limitations, as pointed out by OT about driver swaps/cut track issues, BOP constraints and GTW season content missing.

    I'm a player, but I also take a look at Kunos and Digital Bros as a company and, from time to time, mainly due to curiosity from my professional job, I look at Digital Bros financial statements and reports and some Kunos Simulazione SRL numbers, which are all publicly available, just to have a notion of how Assetto Corsa brand is going on.
    From what is available, Assetto Corsa, ACC included I presume, is going very well and it seems unlikely that ACC support ceased, even with AC2 currently in development. Certainly it slowed down, with the main focus in AC2 development, which seems natural, but would be hard to justify to stop it completely.

    In fact, Kunos sales have grown significantly (x2.5) from 2019 to 2021 and the best-selling game of Digital Bros group is no other than Assetto Corsa (presumably it includes ACC as well) which, from reports words, continuously outperformers.
    Also, the majority of Digital Bros revenue came from PC, which is 55% of total revenue and more than 80% above Playstation/Xbox combined (PC revenue is +180% of Playstation/Xbox combined).
    Digital Bros is currently producing several games, with AC2 highlighted as the main one.

    This to say that although there is a big silence from Kunos from some time now, from what is available, it seems very implausible that ACC was left to die, due to the importance it has for Kunos, 505 games and Digital Bros as a group.
    underd0g and chksix like this.
  14. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Hold F2 (or your assigned button) to blank out the HUD in racemode. You are still able to cycle through the MFD but the rest is blanked. You can disable MFD by holding the assigned button (or key 'insert') and reactivating it by pressing it again, or if you only use the pit page of the MFD you can use 'p' or any button assigned to this function and by holding the button (or p) you can hide it again.

    So this is not all or nothing but you have no distracting HUD elements, selectively the MFD/pit page when you need it and you can even unhide the HUD when you wish to do so without ever cycling through any pages but with a button (held a bit longer).
  15. Jeremy Talbot

    Jeremy Talbot Rookie

    I totally agree with Jardier here but something that I think really needs to be looked at is better netcode as well. I'm in New Zealand and there is literally no way I can play in a European server as I have 280 to 300 ping, however in rf2 I can race with no problem whatsoever and I can race side by side with another car with literally a mm gap.

    If this could be improved I think it'd be a game changer. I'd love to be able to do races in lfm with acc like I can in lfm with rf2...
  16. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    Oh, didn't know that. Thanks for the hint!
  17. BacKFisCh

    BacKFisCh Rookie

    Thank you for your post, Jardier.

    I think you are absolutely right and are saying what a big part of the community is thinking.

    And in the end, whatever Kunos decision might be, we have to life with it - and we will.

    So for me the most important part is the communication. You pointed out already, that its important for the community to know where ACC is going. Will we get new content? Will we get new tyres? Are you working on certrain issues/bug fixes? Are you atleast interested in improving bop or do you need help with that? The community is huge, so there for sure will be some people who're more than willing to help and there are a lot of top tier competitions, where you can very well see which cars are good (30kg honda winning with ease in Spa at last weeks LFMxVCO Flextreme race for example).

    And if you can't announce a clear road map on social media because of NDA's, its fine. But then explaining this exact reason is still better than remaining silent.

    And lastly: Would it be possible to get detailed patch notes?
    Saying the bop is changed on Track X and the performance is changed of Car Y is saying literally nothing. You have the data, why not share it?
    Eventually people will data mine the game anyway to find out, so why not make it easier? Make it more transparent and people know what they can expect.

    Thank you anyway for all the work you've done. No matter how much we critizise, I still think ACC is one - if not the best - simracing game out there right now. So thank you for that and also for that what will come in the future.
  18. "18) Little bug report - When you crash in high speed to the wall and session restart you will most likely blow up your engine on start, rpm weird things for example on Honda (you shift at 263kmh but you can hit limiter at 250kmh already)."

    Lmao I made a thread about that like four years ago. I think the game has been...not abandoned, but they consider it finished for sure. Last major update was November 2021.
  19. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Most likely the reason why they went silent is that a good portion of the team now is working on AC2, AC3, ACE or whatever it'll be called.
    And with simulations as complicated as the ones we're using, there'll always be things left on the wishlist, buglist.
    When they decided to stop supporting the original Assetto Corsa, personally, I was a bit sad, because it was (and still is) one of my favorite games.
    Especially, because I have zero interest in GT3 cars, hence ACC just is not for me.
    But you have to accept that the devs are exploring new projects after a while and they did well with ACC.
    However, now they've obviously decided to move on to the next project, which most likely will be closer to the original AC and that makes me very happy.
    It's just the way it is. You can't make everybody happy. ;)
    Mogster likes this.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Agree, that is why I keep repeating that ACC is done, "finished, at least as far as AI is concerned anyway, but seems nobody wants to accept that.

    But that's OK, I'm married, so used to being ignored,... :p
  21. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    You should try the GT4 class in ACC. It is awesome and quite similar to the AC cars. Specially the M2 Beemer.
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