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Generic My suggestions so far...

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by aaron0288, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. aaron0288

    aaron0288 Gamer

    Firstly, I absolutely adore this game. While it's clear it has been released before it's really finished, they've got a solid base to improve on. But there are areas they need to improve on. Here are my suggestions -

    - Complete custom mapping needs to be implemented for controllers.

    - well documented performance/sound issues need sorting ASAP, but, at least on PS4, they're not as bad as some people are making out. It's perfectly playable at the moment, which has to be commended considering how great this can look a lot of the time.

    - completing races and challenges seems like a non-event and such an anti-climax. Normal races you just get booted to the pits and have to wait for all other cars to cross the finish line and then have to quit to the main menu.

    - with challenges, we need the targets on the main screen while playing. On some hot laps, I'd been lapping for a good few laps longer than I needed to as I'd achieved gold without even knowing.

    - it would be nice to have the options menu available in game, rather than having to go back to the main menu to change anything.

    - GEAR CHANGES. This is a big bug bear for me. While the sounds in general are excellent, a lot of the race cars that should have sequential/double clutch gearboxes sound awful when changing gear, up and down. On up shifts, it's like the clutch is still being used and the throttle isn't being cut, so the revs rise a bit when changing gear and it sounds like how your granny would be driving. It's such an immersion breaker, especially for the GT3 cars. There needs to be a clear, clean shift in gears with a nice pop added in every now and then (it works on a lot of the open wheel cars, so the capability is there). If you quickly release the throttle while changing gear you can hear how good they can sound. Down shifting also seems a little brutal, again on most GT cars.

    - another big one for me is the classes to race against. In the PC version you could customise who you raced against. I'd like a full grid of just GT3 cars please. There are plenty of them in the game, so there's no need to add faster GT2 cars or strange race cars that don't belong on a GT3 grid. But at least give people the option to choose who they race against. This isn't Forza ;)

    - a few more options in terms of the in game HUD would be nice too. I'm not a fan of the red arrows letting you know where opponents are. While I can see why people would use them, I personally don't like them, but can't seem to turn them off at all, even with the HUD completely off.

    I'll put this separately to the main game suggestions. Please don't withhold cars from people just because they didn't want to buy their game from a certain retailer, or were it aware that a prestige version even existed. There wasn't even an option to download the prestige version on the PlayStation store. At the very least you should give them the option to purchase them separately now the game is out. Even better would be to include them in the season pass, which I see you're not at the moment. Not impressed with that to be honest as aren't a lot of people.

    Finally, I just want to add that this is not me deriding the game at all. I think it's fantastic and I've had a lot of fun on this since Friday. You have a great game at the minute, but with the above suggestions added/implemented, you'll have a truly excellent game on your hands. I'm here for the long haul and appreciate you have a very small team, which I have to congratulate for even getting this on console in the first place. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates.
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