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Need help with diy racing cockpit!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by PoWn3d_0704, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. PoWn3d_0704

    PoWn3d_0704 Gamer

    Hey everyone! This game has largely inspired me to model a cockpit using the layout of my own car, the Subaru BRZ. The one thing that I need before starting to CAD out my cockpit....

    For people who have reverse mounted pedals, (You know, like pedals should be) what is the angle of the board the pedals are mounted to? I'm not sure hoe much it matters, since Ive never built a cockpit and I;ve never even sat in one.

    All I do have is a butt load of measurements from my car that I am going to use to get my sim gear in roughly the right place.

    Really and tips or tricks would be great.

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  3. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

  4. PoWn3d_0704

    PoWn3d_0704 Gamer

    Thansk for the reply.
  5. crimespree

    crimespree Racer

    if you base on your 86 then everything will be nicely in place, i'd suggest make the pedals adjustable if you can, mount them to board that can be moved later. It's take a bit of work to get the ergonomics right.
  6. PoWn3d_0704

    PoWn3d_0704 Gamer

    Thanks. That is the plan. I know exactly how high off the base floor my pedals need to be just have to do it.
  7. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    I use a Subaru Impreza dashboard and turned it into a diy copy ferrari dash using symproject pro gauge board and dials from Ebay.

    I have accelerator pedal up right and brake pedal upside down. I have total spanish hydrualic brake mod on it's way and will let you know how good it feels.
  8. @Fahim, can you post a photo of your dashboard? I'm interested...:)

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