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New ACC Server Manager

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by PixxelHunter, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    you want to configure and manage your own ACC server and change a saved race track with just 2 clicks? Quite simply create and manage an entrylist? Create your own liveries for your car? Manage rented servers via GUI and FTP? For this I have created an easy to install and free ACC server manager. Interest? Just visit my page: https://pixxelhunter.de/acc_software.html
    du möchtes einen eigenen ACC-Server konfigurieren, verwalten und eine gespeicherte Rennstrecken mit nur 2 Klicks ändern? Ganz einfach eine Entrylisten erstellen und verwalten? Eigene Lackierungen für dein Auto erstellen? Mietserver per GUI und FTP verwalten? Dafür habe ich einen einfach zu installierenden und kostenlosen ACC-Server-Manager erstellt. Interesse? Besuchen einfach meine Seite: https://pixxelhunter.de/acc_software.html

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  3. steevee

    steevee Racer

    Does the leaderboard actually work? I dont see anything in the manual about it..
  4. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    Hello, yes moentan shows them only the fastest overall driven round, but will change the next few days in different modes.
    steevee likes this.
  5. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    Sounds brilliant. Thanks, I'll give it a try.


    i'm sorry, but i don't find the link to download the software, thanks
  7. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    It’s at bottom of the page
  8. and how to changen the spregen?
  9. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    what is spregen?
  10. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I think he meant “change the language”...
  11. I can not change the language to english , i tried and everytime i restart It is on german again.
  12. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    Hello, if the windows system is in English (en), it should happen automatically. If it is on (en-us), it does not work automatically. Then under ACC ServerManager > Options > Set Language to English and save. Restart the server manager.
    Hallo, wenn das Windows System auf Englisch (en) ist, sollte es automatisch passieren. Wenn es auf Englisch-Amerika (en-us), funktioniert es nicht automatisch. Dann unter Optionen > Sprache auf Englisch einstellen und speichern. Dann den Server-Manager neu starten.

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    i have changed the language and saved, but many part and text of the program remain in deutsch
  15. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    Very interesting, I tested it on 3 computers, which are set as basic system German. If I set and save English in options then all forms, messages and tooltips are in English. Can you tell me where that happens? Have you restart server manager after language changed.
  16. PeeTee_SVK

    PeeTee_SVK Rookie

    Hi, when i run server and join to it, i can't see other cars and the other cars see me bugged in a wall.. please help, thanks.

    Attached Files:

  17. Ruthem BERGER

    Ruthem BERGER Rookie

    Hi guys... using this server manager I´m losting conection with the server every time. If run server by default, nothing wrong happens. Why?

    @PixxelHunter, I found some bugs and translating errors. I can help if you need (also to portuguese translates).
  18. PixxelHunter

    PixxelHunter Rookie

    hello, if you want to run 2 servers at the same time, you have to change the TCP and UDP ports. The ports must never be assigned twice.

    Thank you for your offer with the translation - how do you imagine that?
  19. cestcomi

    cestcomi Racer

    And for each server, use the same port fort TCP & UDP

    SERVER 1: udpPort 9201 - tcpPort 9201
    SERVER 2: udpPort 9212 - tcpPort 9212
  20. Ruthem BERGER

    Ruthem BERGER Rookie

    I don´t know how you have been developed this app. But seems like VB or Delphi... If you can, I will translate each screen of app and publish here... or if you have a file with the languages, send me to include the translations. Email: ruthemberg@bol.com.br
  21. N3urON

    N3urON Rookie

    I'm finding marlware when i try to extract the installer...

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