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New nvidia drivers.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Christopher Pick, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Christopher Pick

    Christopher Pick Hardcore Simmer

    The new 344.11 drivers are out, has anybody tried AC on them yet? Any differences?
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  3. Joshkerr

    Joshkerr Alien

    I have a graphic card GTX 570 HD and I see more fluidity and a few more frames.
  4. Rickne

    Rickne Hardcore Simmer

    Getting a new CTD in which the app doesnt close entirely. Forcing me to reboot.
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  5. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    My driver just crashed whilst web surfing. It reloaded ok though, took about 2 minutes to kick back in. Not convinced yet.
  6. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Havent noticed any change, was hoping for SLI improvements from NV but still all the same issues since the new post processing build. Frames have been fine so no real big deal but with PP on needs cube frames at 6 otherwise SLI is broken. At 7680x1440 have cubes at 6 can slow things down at times so I mostly have been running post effects off and it runs fine.
  7. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    I still think it's a Kunos problem and not a Nvidia driver problem. Because the SLI-problem with PP and 6 frames occured right after an AC update and not after a Nvidia driver update. I wrote this many times already but Kunos still say it's a driver issue. Whenever I ask them politely to explain it to me they ignore me... :(
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  8. WhosOnTheThrone

    WhosOnTheThrone Simracer

    Avoid if you use surround as they broke it.
  9. Jaye

    Jaye Alien

    surround is working fine here with the new drivers...

    only problem i have:
    when trying adaptive vsync again (wasn't working like it should with surround before, now it seems working), i had some very short (less a second) full black right screen. happens two or three times during a 10 lap multiplayer race.
  10. TTM

    TTM Alien

    Game runs now on my system much better than before.. :)
  11. WhosOnTheThrone

    WhosOnTheThrone Simracer

    Might be card dependent then, quite a few others have posted on nvidia forums about it aswell.
  12. Jaye

    Jaye Alien

    670 her, had to reassign the displays but works like before... have you tried a clean install?
  13. Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz Gamer

    The driver run to blackscreen here, i think doesnt support my second old 8800 GTS 512 anymore

    ...so i stay on the Old Driver for now.

    Mhhh that new 970 is teasing me :)

  14. TomTrick

    TomTrick Gamer

    2 x 770gtx SLI triple screen here, working fine, didnt notice any difference
  15. adaptable1

    adaptable1 Racer

    Surround took some time to get configured in the control panel the first time. After a reboot, it has been working fine with a small increase in frame rate. I have everything maxed out and frame rate capped at 100fps (only drops occasionally, but stays smooth). No Post Processing and only 3 faces per frame/low.

    FYI, seems to have fixed SLI with rFactor2.
  16. Abominus

    Abominus Racer

  17. Cassio

    Cassio Gamer

  18. adaptable1

    adaptable1 Racer

    I run AF x16 and AA at x8. When I did not have 2x SLI it was more like AF 8x and AA 4x (or even less with medium shadows)

    There is definitely something to this. AF @ 8x or 16x in the game don't seem to make a difference, but in the override & 16x in the driver/NVidia inspector, the road texture looks more defined and it doesn't seem to affect the frame rate. I was still getting slight stuttering on wide curves with SLI, but then I lowered my max frame rate to 84, and it went away.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2014
  19. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    After running these for a while AC seems to be running great. However I also had a failing hdd and replaced my main boot drive with an ssd. The ssd itself probably isnt helping much but the failing drive was causing me issues.

    I spent most of the day racing mp and have been able to run all max except smoke on very low (still sli killer for me) cube res med 6 faces and pp effects on ultra. Frame capped at 61 and it never once dropped off that trying quite a few different tracks. This is on triples at 7680x1440 8xaa sxss 16xaf.

    Was struggling a bit last driver build same settings and so I was mostly running no pp effects as 6x faces were causing a slowdown. But quite likelynissues were caused by instability caused by the hdd which made me turn down the cpu and gpu clocks a bit for reasons I didnt know. Then once I found the hdd to be the issue all back to normal.

    Id still like to be able to turn cube faces down and still run pp effects. But with sli it needs 6 faces otherwise it breaks it.
  20. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    Really? That's strange. After verified this AF-issue with some official tracks (tried Silverstone and Imola), I could say, that the AF-slider in the ingame graphics-options simply has no effect, AF is always off! Only forced by Nvidia-driver I have AF ingame.
    It's not that obvious on these tracks like it is on Transfagarasan, but you can clearly see the difference in comparison Screenshots.
    I don't know since when ingame-AF doesn't work, maybe with the introduction of the new graphics-engine. :rolleyes:

    AA works ingame and couldn't be forced from the Nvidia-driver (greyed out).
  21. Pallam

    Pallam Gamer

    20-30 FPS more, and better quality at all.
    Perfect work from Nvidia :D

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