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New Online League Management Platform for Assetto Corsa (Survey)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by John Natch, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. John Natch

    John Natch Rookie

    Dear Fellow Sim Racers!

    We are working on an online league management platform for Assetto Corsa series games.

    At Nascent-Works we are passionate about sim-racing. We have experienced all the pain-points of organizing AC online racing tournaments first-hand. We want to improve this experience for all AC players.

    Please answer this short survey regarding your current online racing experience: https://forms.gle/WfgKz2cNMX8cZotq9

    This will help us to decide on platform features.

    I would be super grateful if you shared the survey with your racing friends.

    Kind regards,

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    HAMALO Rookie

    Please can someone help me when am hosting a server and a player is driving like an idiot, how do i kick that driver out??

    Please help
  4. John Natch

    John Natch Rookie

    If anyone on this forum has ideas for the platform or just want to share their tournament hosting experience (and maybe the survey does not fully encompass this), please do it in this forum thread.

    Everyone's feedback is very welcome. Especially the tournament organizers!

    We want to build the platform along the lines of feedback from sim-racing community. Sure, we are sim-racing ourselves, but the responses to the survey has already given us some valuable insights.

    Let's keep in touch!
  5. John Natch

    John Natch Rookie

    Just wanted to notify that we will be closing the survey on May 5th. Thanks to everyone for their input!!!

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