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New to pc

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by rebster60, May 16, 2020.

  1. rebster60

    rebster60 Rookie

    Hi all
    New to ac and new to pc. Could anyone advise me if this setup would be good for ac please
    CPU AMD Ryzen 2600 (6 x 3.4 GHZ - Turbo 6 x 3.9 GHZ)
    RAM 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHZ
    Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti – 4 GB
    Storage 240 GB SSD - R/W 520/450 MB/s
    Motherboard Asus A320M-K
    Power Supply Corsair VS 550W
    Operating System Windows 10 Home 64 BIT
    WIFI 300 MB PCI-E Wireless Card
    Network 10/100/1000 GB Ethernet Lan
    Case Force RGB Gaming Case
    CPU Cooling AMD Heatsink & Fan
    Monitor Connections 1 x HDMI
    1 x DVI
    1 x DisplayPort
    USB Ports 6 x USB2
    Sound On-Board 8 Channel 7.1 Surround Sound
    Dimensions 223mm x 500mm x 474mm (W x H x D)
  2. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Racer

    GFX card will struggle - wait until the 3000 series is out and pickup a 2060 or above, whatever is in your price range. CPU and RAM is fine.

    Btw, when you post specs, add the moniotor and resolution. Fairly important to be able to determine if the system can push the amount of pixels the monitor has.
  3. BartZie

    BartZie Gamer

    It will run OK. Don't expect 4k res with massive FPS but it'll definitely be playable. Get the game and start racing. If you like it, which you probably will, upgrade your rig as you can. Warning, you'll be consumed by it ;)
  4. rebster60

    rebster60 Rookie

    Hi. thanks for the replies. I already like the sim. I am migrating from a f1 league on Xbox platform, over to pc.
  5. rebster60

    rebster60 Rookie

    Small update
    Had a bit of a problem getting it all set up. But have got it running now. The problem I’m having, is that I am using a 4K tv. The actual cockpit size is fine, but all the side apps are really small that I can not read them.
    Can anyone help me with the best settings so that it looks like a normal screen. I don’t have a monitor just a 42” uhd tv. Gfx is a FTC 1050ti
    Many thanks for any help.
    If more info is need, please explain as I am really new to gaming on pc.
  6. vortex19

    vortex19 Simracer

    Unless you really mean ACC rather than AC, you’d be better asking this in the AC forums.
  7. rebster60

    rebster60 Rookie

    Whoops so sorry yes it’s ac embarrassed
  8. The GPU will need to be upgraded.
    Performance-wise a 1050ti is closer to, if not right below, a GTX 770. Otherwise rest is fine... dont know AMD much tho.

    You will want to run 1080p or less if needed... you could test 1080p resolution and try 4k with 50% Resolution Scaling to see what looks better.
    You could also test disabling scaling (and settings for that) under the AssettoCorsa.exe (or whatever) properties/compatibility.

    4K is unlikely but make use of what you have.
    AC is performance friendly but ACC is anything but - in case you ever get curious.
    ACC 1080p
    = 980/1060 or better,​
    ACC 1440p
    = 980ti/1070 or better,​
    ACC 4K
    = 1080ti/2080 or better​
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  9. BartZie

    BartZie Gamer

    Agreed. I am on 1070. Running 2560x1440 with most settings maxed at 60FPS
    Last edited: May 26, 2020

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