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New update?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Keisuke, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Keisuke

    Keisuke Gamer

    Just got a new update on xbox one, 346Mb is the size what did it do anybody know?

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  3. MrKipling43

    MrKipling43 Rookie

    Me too. Was coming on here to find an answer!

    No patch notes in News on the game. Hoping it's sorted the FPS issue!
    RockDodger and Keisuke like this.
  4. Keisuke

    Keisuke Gamer

    Yeah I'm guessing its a performance update but It doesn't give us an option yet to download the prestige pack
  5. RockDodger

    RockDodger Rookie

    No idea.. but im hoping its a patch for the fps issues.. fingers crossed
  6. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    Is it also on PS4? You can see update notes on PS4.
  7. hobieone

    hobieone Gamer

    I have yet to see patch notes for the ps4 either
  8. boskapongen

    boskapongen Gamer

    R u sure? Are you in USA/Canada region? if so its probably the day 1 update....
  9. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    No update available on PS4, 1.01 is the latest version.
  10. AyrtJ97

    AyrtJ97 Rookie

    Well, at least for Xbox it seems there is a new update also in Europe, so it can't be just the day 1 patch. Or maybe Microsoft has made us re-download it
  11. Keisuke

    Keisuke Gamer

    I'm from the UK and the day 1 patch came out ages ago, according to people on wheels it feels slightly better haven't done much with my controller
  12. FrontLeader

    FrontLeader Rookie

    Performance still bad...
  13. I received the update today and noticed immediately that FFB is much stronger (better) using the Mad Catz Pro Racing FFB Wheel. Not sure if there was anything else that changed.
    Johnnyjoejones likes this.
  14. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    Since the new update the automatic DOR system does work correct now.
    Thanks Kunos for the quick update :)
  15. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    Still nothing on PS4.
  16. Keisuke

    Keisuke Gamer

    What is automatic DOR?
  17. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    DOR = degrees of rotation. Most normal cars has a DOR of 900°, the steering wheel turns 900° from full lock till full lock while race cars have a shorter DOR, from 270* for F1 cars till 720° for touring cars. So automatic means all the cars in AC have the correct DOR without to change it manually on your TX wheel (in my case).
  18. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    So, eg on a GT3 car, does your physical wheel automatically stop at the correct degrees (Soft Lock), or is it in sync with the virtual wheel but only stops at its full rotation while the virtual wheel stops before?
  19. cameronpeens

    cameronpeens Rookie

    Noooo I have the thrustmaster spring back wheel and it only now goes to like 120 and the steering sucks now, the car wheels dont turn all the way now can anyone help!??
  20. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    There's no soft lock, your wheel only stops at full rotation while the virtual wheel stops at the correct DOR as also the wheels of your car stops at the correct DOR.
    The only thing you have to do is set your DOR at 900° at your TX wheel (4 blips).
  21. cameronpeens

    cameronpeens Rookie

    Before the update i had 900' of rotation on spring back and everything was fine now it only turns half way and now the car can barely turn

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